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      December 2, 2020

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      A Growth Mindset of Interest Can Spark Innovative Thinking

      Researchers find that viewing interests as developable, not fixed, can help people make connections among diverse fields that others might miss, with implications for innovation. Their research ...

      New Study Outlines Steps Higher Education Should Take to Prepare a New Quantum Workforce

      A new study outlines ways colleges and universities can update their curricula to prepare the workforce for a new wave of quantum technology jobs. ...

      Job Interest Not a Big Predictor of Job Satisfaction

      Interest in an occupation matters, but not as much as you might think when it comes to job satisfaction. While it's not a strong predictor of satisfaction, a researcher found that it may help in your ...

      Screen Time Can Change Visual Perception -- And That's Not Necessarily Bad

      The coronavirus pandemic has shifted many of our interactions online, with Zoom video calls replacing in-person classes, work meetings, conferences and other events. Will all that screen time damage ...
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      Burnout Can Exacerbate Work Stress, Further Promoting a Vicious Circle

      Work stress and burnout are mutually reinforcing; surprisingly, the effect of work stress on burnout is much smaller than the effect of burnout on work ...

      More Economic Worries Mean Less Caution About COVID-19

      Workers experiencing job and financial insecurity are less likely to follow the CDC's guidelines for COVID-19, such as physical distancing, limiting trips from home and washing hands, according ...

      Corporations Directing Our Attention Online More Than We Realize

      It's still easy to think we're in control when browsing the internet, but a new study argues much of that is 'an illusion.' Corporations are 'nudging' us online more ...

      Researchers Take a Stand on Algorithm Design for Job Centers: Landing a Job Isn't Always the Right Goal

      Algorithms that assess the risk of citizens becoming unemployed are currently being tested in a number of Danish municipalities. But according to a new study, gaining employment is not the only ...

      Individuals May Legitimize Hacking When Angry With System or Authority

      New research has found that when individuals feel that a system or authority is unresponsive to their demands, they are more likely to legitimize hacker activity at an organization's ...

      How Initiatives Empowering Employees Can Backfire

      Strategies meant to motivate people in the workplace may have unintended consequences -- depending on who's in charge. Recent research shows that empowerment initiatives aren't necessarily ...

      Blue-Light Glasses Improve Sleep and Workday Productivity, Study Finds

      During the pandemic, the amount of screen time for many people working and learning from home as well as binge-watching TV has sharply increased. New research finds that wearing blue-light glasses ...

      And the Winner Is ... Dependent on Judging Accountability

      Research shows that status and personal relationships are key to winning awards -- but only when decision-makers are less accountable and protected from ...

      Pandemic-Related Stress Leads to Less Employee Engagement

      As COVID-19 cases surged this spring, the pandemic led some people more than others to ponder their own mortality. A new study in China and the United States suggests that these people were the ones ...

      Men Less Likely to See Food as National Security Issue Amid Pandemic, Study Finds

      On average, men not only showed less empathy toward temporary agricultural laborers but also were less likely to see food supply and production as national security issues, according to a new ...

      Lack of Support Prolongs Unemployment

      Unemployed persons whose appointment with the responsible caseworker at the employment office is canceled unexpectedly remain unemployed for an average of twelve days ...

      What New Research Reveals About Rude Workplace Emails

      A new study finds that rude emails at work can lead to significant distress for employees. Researchers say that 'active' email rudeness is overloaded with strong negative emotions. By ...

      Researchers Examine COVID-19 Impact on Manufacturing

      A new study finds that manufacturing response to COVID-19 has been largely reactive and uncoordinated, and many firms' crisis communication plans do not include managing an infectious-disease ...

      Keeping a Gratitude Journal Reduces Gossip, Incivility in Workplace

      Gratitude interventions in the workplace can help employee well-being and managers can use these efforts to foster more respectful behavior in their ...

      Who Is the Weakest Link? A Better Understanding of Global Supply Chains

      The COVID-19 pandemic has caused 'kinks' in the movement of goods and services around the globe, but how important a role do multinational companies play in local economies and supply ...

      Pandemic Accelerated Remote Work, a Trend Likely to Remain

      The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly changed workplaces and the nature of work itself, according to a new article published by an international panel of management ...

      Teamwork Can Make the 5G Dream Work: A Collaborative System Architecture for 5G Networks

      Scientists explain how collaboration between cloud and network service providers could enable advanced 5G ...

      Affirmative Action Incentivizes High Schoolers to Perform Better, New Research Shows

      Affirmative action is a contentious issue across the globe, hotly debated in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria and Brazil, as well as in the United States. While the direct ...

      Heating Our Climate Damages Our Economies: Study Reveals Greater Costs Than Expected

      Rising temperatures due to our greenhouse gas emissions can cause greater damages to our economies than previous research suggested, a new study ...

      COVID-19 Pandemic Likely to Cause Sales Tax Loss for Ohio Municipalities

      Small municipalities in Ohio that rely on retail sales taxes from apparel, vehicle sales, restaurants and tourism could see as much as a 50 percent decline in tax revenue because of the COVID-19 ...

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