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      December 3, 2020

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      Computer-Aided Creativity in Robot Design

      RoboGrammar is a new system that automates and optimizes robot design. The system creates arthropod-inspired robots for traversing a variety of terrains. It could spawn more inventive robot forms ...

      AI Helps Scientists Understand Brain Activity Behind Thoughts

      Researchers have developed artificial intelligence (AI) models that help them better understand the brain computations that underlie ...

      Biophysics: Geometry Supersedes Simulations

      Physicists have introduced a new method that allows biological pattern-forming systems to be systematically characterized with the aid of mathematical analysis. The trick lies in the use of geometry ...

      Showing Robots How to Drive a Car...in Just a Few Easy Lessons

      Researchers have designed a system that lets robots autonomously learn complicated tasks from a very small number of demonstrations -- even imperfect ones. While current state-of-art methods need at ...
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      AI Model Uses Retinal Scans to Predict Alzheimer's Disease

      A form of artificial intelligence designed to interpret a combination of retinal images was able to successfully identify a group of patients who were known to have Alzheimer's disease, ...

      For Neural Research, Wireless Chip Shines Light on the Brain

      Researchers have developed a chip that is powered wirelessly and can be surgically implanted to read neural signals and stimulate the brain with both light and electrical current. The technology has ...

      Computer Vision App Allows Easier Monitoring of Diabetes

      A computer vision technology developed by engineers has now been developed into a free mobile phone app for regular monitoring of glucose levels in people with ...

      Weather-Proof Chip Aims to Take Self-Driving Tech, Wireless Communications to Next Level

      A new device can overcome challenges like bad weather to deliver more secure, reliable communications. This could aid military communications in challenging areas, improve the ability of self-driving ...

      Physics Can Assist With Key Challenges in Artificial Intelligence

      Two challenges in the field of artificial intelligence have been solved by adopting a physical concept introduced a century ago to describe the formation of a magnet during a process of iron bulk ...

      Sensor for Smart Textiles Survives Washing Machine, Cars and Hammers

      If the smart textiles of the future are going to survive all that we throw at them, their components are going to need to be resilient. Now, researchers have developed an ultra-sensitive, seriously ...

      Do Spoilers Harm Movie Box-Office Revenue?

      Spoiler reviews have a positive and statistically significant relationship with box office ...

      Know When to Unfold 'Em: Applying Particle Physics Methods to Quantum Computing

      Borrowing a page from high-energy physics and astronomy textbooks, a team of physicists and computer scientists has successfully adapted and applied a common error-reduction technique to the field of ...

      Nervous Systems of Insects Inspire Efficient Future AI Systems

      Study explores functions of fruit fly's nervous system in food seeking / results valuable for the development and control of artificial ...

      A New Spin on Atoms Gives Scientists a Closer Look at Quantum Weirdness

      A team of researchers has developed a new way to control and measure atoms that are so close together no optical lens can distinguish ...

      AI Teachers Must Be Effective and Communicate Well to Be Accepted

      The increase in online education has allowed a new type of teacher to emerge -- an artificial one. But just how accepting students are of an artificial instructor remains to be seen. That's why ...

      Corporations Directing Our Attention Online More Than We Realize

      It's still easy to think we're in control when browsing the internet, but a new study argues much of that is 'an illusion.' Corporations are 'nudging' us online more ...

      Researchers Take a Stand on Algorithm Design for Job Centers: Landing a Job Isn't Always the Right Goal

      Algorithms that assess the risk of citizens becoming unemployed are currently being tested in a number of Danish municipalities. But according to a new study, gaining employment is not the only ...

      Graphene-Based Memory Resistors Show Promise for Brain-Based Computing

      As progress in traditional computing slows, new forms of computing are coming to the forefront. A team of engineers is attempting to pioneer a type of computing that mimics the efficiency of the ...

      Toward Ultrafast Computer Chips That Retain Data Even When There Is No Power

      An international team of researchers has created a new technique for magnetization switching -- the process used to 'write' information into magnetic memory -- that is nearly 100 times ...

      Random Effects Key to Containing Epidemics

      Scientists have discovered why dividing a large population into multiple subpopulations that do not intermix can help contain outbreaks without imposing contact restrictions within those local ...

      Theoreticians Show Which Quantum Systems Are Suitable for Quantum Simulations

      Researchers have shown a way to simulate the quantum physical properties of complex solid state systems. This is done with the help of complex solid state systems that can be studied ...

      Kid Influencers Are Promoting Junk Food Brands on YouTube -- Garnering More Than a Billion Views

      Kids with wildly popular YouTube channels are frequently promoting unhealthy food and drinks in their videos, warn ...

      AI Detects Hidden Earthquakes

      Tiny movements in Earth's outermost layer may provide a Rosetta Stone for deciphering the physics and warning signs of big quakes. New algorithms that work a little like human vision are now ...

      New Tool Can Diagnose Strokes With a Smartphone

      A new tool could diagnose a stroke based on abnormalities in a patient's speech ability and facial muscular movements, and with the accuracy of an emergency room physician -- all within minutes ...

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