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      Computer Graphics News
      December 3, 2020

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      Hidden 15th-Century Text on Medieval Manuscripts

      Students have discovered lost text on 15th-century manuscript leaves using an imaging system they developed as freshmen. By using ultraviolet-fluorescence imaging, the students revealed that a ...

      Parental Restrictions on Tech Use Have Little Lasting Effect Into Adulthood

      A new study of more than 1,200 individuals found that time spent with digital technology during adolescence has little impact on long-term use, suggesting that worries about widespread tech addiction ...

      Upgraded Radar Can Enable Self-Driving Cars to See Clearly No Matter the Weather

      A new kind of radar could make it possible for self-driving cars to navigate safely in bad weather. Electrical engineers developed a clever way to ...

      Computer Scientists Launch Counteroffensive Against Video Game Cheaters

      Computer scientists have devised a new weapon against video game players who cheat. The researchers developed their approach for detecting cheaters using the popular first-person shooter game ...
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      How Mobile Apps Grab Our Attention

      Researchers have done the first empirical study on how users pay visual attention to mobile app ...

      3D Camera Quickly Merges Depth, Spectral Data

      The Hyperspectral Stripe Projector captures spectroscopic and 3D imaging data for applications like machine vision, crop monitoring, self-driving cars and corrosion ...

      Physicists Develop Printable Organic Transistors

      Scientists have come a step closer to the vision of a broad application of flexible, printable electronics. The team has succeeded in developing powerful vertical organic transistors with two ...

      A Computer Predicts Your Thoughts, Creating Images Based on Them

      Researchers have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking ...

      World's Smallest Ultrasound Detector Created

      Researchers have developed the world's smallest ultrasound detector. It is based on miniaturized photonic circuits on top of a silicon chip. With a size 100 times smaller than an average human ...

      Netflix: A Zebra Among Horses

      Netflix is often criticized as a Hollywood-style entertainment behemoth crushing all competition and diminishing local content, but an academic says that's a simplistic view. A media studies ...

      Experiments Reveal Why Human-Like Robots Elicit Uncanny Feelings

      Experiments reveal a dynamic process that leads to the uncanny valley, with implications for both the design of robots and for understanding how we perceive one another as ...

      New Perception Metric Balances Reaction Time, Accuracy

      Researchers have developed a new metric for evaluating how well self-driving cars respond to changing road conditions and traffic, making it possible for the first time to compare perception systems ...

      Virtual Tourism Could Offer New Opportunities for Travel Industry, Travelers

      A new proposal for virtual travel, using advanced mathematical techniques and combining livestream video with existing photos and videos of travel hotspots, could help revitalize an industry that has ...

      Intelligent Software Tackles Plant Cell Jigsaw Puzzle

      Scientists have developed a machine learning-based algorithm to study the morphogenesis of plants at a cellular level. So far it was impossible to solve this evolving and changing ...

      Digital Contact Tracing Alone May Not Be Miracle Answer for COVID-19

      In infectious disease outbreaks, digital contact tracing alone could reduce the number of cases, but not as much as manual contract tracing, new research ...

      To Perceive Faces, Your Brain Relies on a Process Similar to Face Recognition Systems

      Imagine if every time you looked at a face, one side of the face always appeared distorted as if it were melting, resembling a painting by Salvador Dalí. This is the case for people with ...

      Engaging Undergrads Remotely With an Escape Room Game

      Researchers describe an alternative way to engage students: a virtual game, modeled on an escape room, in which teams solve chemistry problems to progress and ...

      Digital Content on Track to Equal Half 'Earth's Mass' by 2245

      As we use resources to power massive computer farms and process digital information, our technological progress is redistributing Earth's matter from physical atoms to digital information. ...

      Understanding Why Some Children Enjoy TV More Than Others

      New research shows that children's own temperament could be driving the amount of TV they watch. The research shows how the brain responses of 10-month-old babies watching a clip from ...

      How Thoughts Could One Day Control Electronic Prostheses, Wirelessly

      The current generation of neural implants record enormous amounts of neural activity, then transmit these brain signals through wires to a computer. But, so far, when researchers have tried to create ...

      Recovering Data: Neural Network Model Finds Small Objects in Dense Images

      In efforts to automatically capture important data from scientific papers, computer scientists have developed a method that can accurately detect small, geometric objects such as triangles within ...

      'Deepfakes' Ranked as Most Serious AI Crime Threat

      Fake audio or video content has been ranked by experts as the most worrying use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for crime or terrorism, according to a new ...

      Blackjack: Can a Quantum Strategy Help Bring Down the House?

      Now researchers have shown that the weird, quantum effects of entanglement could theoretically give blackjack players even more of an edge, albeit a small one, when playing against the ...

      Sharing a Secret...the Quantum Way

      Researchers have demonstrated a record setting quantum protocol for sharing a secret amongst many ...

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