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      Hacking News
      December 2, 2020

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      Scientists have generated a huge true random number using DNA synthesis. It is the first time that a number of this magnitude has been created by ...

      Computer Scientists Launch Counteroffensive Against Video Game Cheaters

      Computer scientists have devised a new weapon against video game players who cheat. The researchers developed their approach for detecting cheaters using the popular first-person shooter game ...

      A Question of Reality

      Physicists have published a review that explores Bell's inequalities and his concepts of reality and explains their relevance to quantum information and its ...

      Revolutionary Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for Safer Online Communication

      The world is one step closer to having a totally secure internet and an answer to the growing threat of cyber-attacks, thanks to a team of international scientists who have created a unique prototype ...
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      Individuals May Legitimize Hacking When Angry With System or Authority

      New research has found that when individuals feel that a system or authority is unresponsive to their demands, they are more likely to legitimize hacker activity at an organization's ...

      How Do People Prefer Coronavirus Contact Tracing to Be Carried Out?

      New research shows that people prefer coronavirus contact tracing to be carried out by a combination of apps and ...

      Consumers Don't Fully Trust Smart Home Technologies

      Smart home technologies are marketed to enhance your home and make life easier. However, consumers are not convinced that they can trust the privacy and security of these technologies, a new study ...

      Recognizing Fake Images Using Frequency Analysis

      They look deceptively real, but they are made by computers: so-called deep-fake images are generated by machine learning algorithms, and humans are pretty much unable to distinguish them from real ...

      'Knock Codes' for Smartphone Security Are Easily Predicted

      Smartphone owners who unlock their devices with knock codes aren't as safe as they think, according to new ...

      Power of DNA to Store Information Gets an Upgrade

      A team of interdisciplinary researchers has discovered a new technique to store in DNA information - in this case 'The Wizard of Oz,' translated into Esperanto - with unprecedented accuracy ...

      Spintronics: Faster Data Processing Through Ultrashort Electric Pulses

      Physicists have developed a simple concept that could improve significantly magnetic-based data processing. Using ultrashort electric pulses in the terahertz range, data can be written, read and ...

      Using Cellular Networks to Detect at-Risk Areas for Spread of COVID-19

      In the fight against COVID-19, researchers have developed a new, non-invasive strategy to identify areas at greatest risk for spreading the disease. The team is drawing on data from existing cellular ...

      No Keys to the Kingdom: New Single Sign-on Algorithm Provides Superior Privacy

      Single sign-on systems (SSOs) allow us to login to multiple websites and applications using a single username and password combination. But these are third party systems usually handled by Big Tech ...

      Quantum Physics Provides a Way to Hide Ignorance

      Students can hide their ignorance and answer questions correctly in an exam without their lack of knowledge being detected by teachers -- but only in the quantum ...

      Tool to Protect Children's Online Privacy

      A new study of 100 mobile apps for kids found that 72 violated a federal law aimed at protecting children's online privacy. Researchers developed a tool that can determine whether an Android ...

      Adding Noise for Completely Secure Communication

      How can we protect communications against 'eavesdropping' if we don't trust the devices used in the process? This is one of the main questions in quantum cryptography research. ...

      Do COVID-19 Apps Protect Your Privacy?

      Many mobile apps that track the spread of COVID-19 ask for personal data but don't indicate the information will be ...

      Genetic Barcodes Can Ensure Authentic DNA Fingerprints

      Engineers have demonstrated a method for ensuring that an increasingly popular method of genetic identification called ''DNA fingerprinting'' remains secure against inadvertent ...

      Physicists Develop World's Best Quantum Bits

      A team of researchers has set a new record for preparing and measuring the quantum bits, or qubits, inside of a quantum computer without error. The techniques they have developed make it easier to ...

      Identifying Light Sources Using Artificial Intelligence

      Identifying sources of light plays an important role in the development of many photonic technologies, such as lidar, remote sensing, and microscopy. Traditionally, identifying light sources as ...

      Scientists Take Steps to Create a 'Racetrack Memory,' Potentially Enhancing Data Storage

      A team of scientists has taken steps to create a new form of digital data storage, a ''Racetrack Memory,'' which opens the possibility to both bolster computer power and lead to ...

      Beyond Encryption: Protecting Consumer Privacy While Keeping Survey Results Accurate

      Data privacy laws require encryption and, in some cases, transforming the original data to 'protected data' before it's released to external ...

      Critical 'Starbleed' Vulnerability in FPGA Chips Identified

      Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are flexibly programmable computer chips that are considered very secure components in many applications. Scientists have now discovered that a critical ...

      Cybersecurity, Tech Infrastructure Requires International Trust

      Researchers use the field of incident response to shed light on how experts -- and nations -- can more effectively combat cyber-warfare when they foster trust and transcend ...

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