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      Mathematics News
      December 3, 2020

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      Biophysics: Geometry Supersedes Simulations

      Physicists have introduced a new method that allows biological pattern-forming systems to be systematically characterized with the aid of mathematical analysis. The trick lies in the use of geometry ...

      Forecasting Elections With a Model of Infectious Diseases

      Election forecasting is an innately challenging endeavor, with results that can be difficult to interpret and may leave many questions unanswered after close races unfold. Researchers have now ...

      How Genetic Variation Gives Rise to Differences in Mathematical Ability

      DNA variation in a gene called ROBO1 is associated with early anatomical differences in a brain region that plays a key role in quantity representation, potentially explaining how genetic variability ...

      'Universal Law of Touch' Will Enable New Advances in Virtual Reality

      Seismic waves, commonly associated with earthquakes, have been used by scientists to develop a universal scaling law for the sense of touch. A team used Rayleigh waves to create the first scaling law ...
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      Time to Rethink Predicting Pandemic Infection Rates?

      In a new article, a physicist explains how he combined math in the form of Tchebychev's inequality with a statistical ensemble to understand how macroscopic exponential growth with different ...

      Divide and Conquer: A New Formula to Minimize Mathematics Anxiety

      Mathematics -- it's the subject some kids love to hate. Yet despite its lack of popularity, mathematics is critical for a STEM-capable workforce and vital for current and future productivity. ...

      Study Uses Mathematical Modeling to Identify an Optimal School Return Approach

      A new mathematical model has been developed to identify the number of days students could attend school to allow them a better learning experience while mitigating infections of ...

      New Model Examines How Societal Influences Affect U.S. Political Opinions

      Northwestern University researchers have developed the first quantitative model that captures how politicized environments affect U.S. political opinion formation and ...

      When Does a Second COVID-19 Surge End? Look at the Data

      Using data from all 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, two mathematicians have developed a new method to analyze COVD-19 rates to help policymakers identify demonstrable turning points in ...

      Online Training Helps Preemies

      An international team of researchers has now found that computerized training can support preterm children's academic success. In their randomized controlled study 'Fit for School', ...

      Virtual Tourism Could Offer New Opportunities for Travel Industry, Travelers

      A new proposal for virtual travel, using advanced mathematical techniques and combining livestream video with existing photos and videos of travel hotspots, could help revitalize an industry that has ...

      New Mathematical Method Shows How Climate Change Led to Fall of Ancient Civilization

      A researcher developed a mathematical method that shows climate change likely caused the rise and fall of an ancient civilization. A new article outlines the technique he developed and shows how ...

      Using Math to Examine the Sex Differences in Dinosaurs

      When you only have fossils to go off of, it's hard to tell which dinosaur traits, like size and ornamentation, are related to the animals' sex, and which traits are related to other things ...

      Thermodynamics of Computation: A Quest to Find the Cost of Running a Turing Machine

      Turing machines are widely believed to be universal, in the sense that any computation done by any system can also be done by a Turing machine. In a new article, researchers present their work ...

      U.S. Political Parties Become Extremist to Get More Votes

      New mathematical modeling shows that U.S. political parties are becoming increasingly polarized due to their quest for voters -- not because voters themselves are becoming more ...

      Contagion Model Predicts Flooding in Urban Areas

      Inspired by the same modeling and mathematical laws used to predict the spread of pandemics, researchers have created a model to accurately forecast the spread and recession process of floodwaters in ...

      The Mathematical Magic of Bending Grids

      A mathematical discovery opens up new possibilities for architecture and design: For any desired curved surface a flat grid of straight bars can be calculated that can be folded out to the desired ...

      Mathematicians Unravel a Thread of String Theory

      Mathematicians are exploring a string duality between F-theory and heterotic string theory in eight ...

      Graph Theory: Solution to '3 Utilities Problem' Could Lead to Better Computers

      Researchers thought that they were five years away from solving a math riddle from the 1980's. In reality, and without knowing, they had nearly cracked the problem and had just given away much ...

      Mathematical Tool Helps Calculate Properties of Quantum Materials More Quickly

      Many quantum materials have been nearly impossible to simulate mathematically because the computing time required is too long. Now engineers have demonstrated a way to considerably reduce the ...

      Research Captures How Human Sperm Swim in 3D

      Using state-of-the-art 3D microscopy and mathematics, researchers have reconstructed the movement of the sperm tail in 3D with ...

      Mathematical Patterns Developed by Alan Turing Help Researchers Understand Bird Behavior

      Scientists have used mathematical modelling to understand why flocks of long-tailed tits segregate themselves into different parts of the ...

      Math Shows How Brain Stays Stable Amid Internal Noise and a Widely Varying World

      A new theoretical framework shows that many properties of neural connections help biological circuits produce consistent ...

      Grasshopper Jumping on Bloch Sphere Finds New Quantum Insights

      New research has (pardon the pun) put a new spin on a mathematical analogy involving a jumping grasshopper and its ideal lawn shape. This work could help us understand the spin states of ...

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