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      December 3, 2020

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      Why Spending a Long Time on Your Phone Isn't Bad for Mental Health

      General smartphone usage is a poor predictor of anxiety, depression or stress say researchers, who advise caution when it comes to digital detoxes. Researchers measured the time spent on smartphones ...

      Parental Restrictions on Tech Use Have Little Lasting Effect Into Adulthood

      A new study of more than 1,200 individuals found that time spent with digital technology during adolescence has little impact on long-term use, suggesting that worries about widespread tech addiction ...

      Ecotourism Fans May Be in It for the Social Posts

      A new study suggests ecotourism's altruistic attractions may be overshadowed by another benefit: photos for social ...

      Birdwatching from Afar: Amazing New AI-Enabled Camera System to Target Specific Behaviors

      Researchers have developed an innovative animal-borne data-collection system assisted by artificial intelligence to track previously unobserved ...
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      AI Model Uses Retinal Scans to Predict Alzheimer's Disease

      A form of artificial intelligence designed to interpret a combination of retinal images was able to successfully identify a group of patients who were known to have Alzheimer's disease, ...

      Computer Vision App Allows Easier Monitoring of Diabetes

      A computer vision technology developed by engineers has now been developed into a free mobile phone app for regular monitoring of glucose levels in people with ...

      With Deep Learning Algorithms, Standard CT Technology Produces Spectral Images

      Engineers have demonstrated how a deep learning algorithm can be applied to a conventional computerized tomography (CT) scan in order to produce images that would typically require a higher level of ...

      How Mobile Apps Grab Our Attention

      Researchers have done the first empirical study on how users pay visual attention to mobile app ...

      Screen Time Can Change Visual Perception -- And That's Not Necessarily Bad

      The coronavirus pandemic has shifted many of our interactions online, with Zoom video calls replacing in-person classes, work meetings, conferences and other events. Will all that screen time damage ...

      3D Camera Quickly Merges Depth, Spectral Data

      The Hyperspectral Stripe Projector captures spectroscopic and 3D imaging data for applications like machine vision, crop monitoring, self-driving cars and corrosion ...

      A Computer Predicts Your Thoughts, Creating Images Based on Them

      Researchers have developed a technique in which a computer models visual perception by monitoring human brain signals. In a way, it is as if the computer tries to imagine what a human is thinking ...

      Solar Storm Forecasts for Earth Improved With Help from the Public

      Scientists used observations recorded by members of the public to increase accuracy of computer model predictions of when harmful CMEs will hit ...

      Engineers Produce a Fisheye Lens That's Completely Flat

      Engineers have designed a wide-angle lens that is completely flat. It is the first flat fisheye lens to produce crisp, 180-degree panoramic ...

      All-Optical Method Sets Record for Ultrafast High-Spatial-Resolution Imaging: 15 Trillion Frames Per Second

      Scientists have recently developed an all-optical ultrafast imaging system with high spatial and temporal resolutions, as well as a high frame rate. Because the method is all-optical, it's free ...

      Virtual Tourism Could Offer New Opportunities for Travel Industry, Travelers

      A new proposal for virtual travel, using advanced mathematical techniques and combining livestream video with existing photos and videos of travel hotspots, could help revitalize an industry that has ...

      Tool Transforms World Landmark Photos Into 4D Experiences

      Using publicly available tourist photos of world landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome or Top of the Rock in New York City, researchers have developed a method to create maneuverable 3D images ...

      Virtual Imaging Trials Optimize CT, Radiography for COVID-19

      A new article looks at the use of virtual imaging trials in effective assessment and optimization of CT and radiography acquisitions and analysis tools to help manage the coronavirus disease ...

      'Selfies' Could Be Used to Detect Heart Disease

      Sending a 'selfie' to the doctor could be a cheap and simple way of detecting heart disease, according to researchers. Their study is the first to show that it's possible to use a deep ...

      Digital Contact Tracing Alone May Not Be Miracle Answer for COVID-19

      In infectious disease outbreaks, digital contact tracing alone could reduce the number of cases, but not as much as manual contract tracing, new research ...

      Future Mental Health Care May Include Diagnosis Via Brain Scan and Computer Algorithm

      Most of modern medicine has physical tests or objective techniques to define much of what ails us. Yet, there is currently no blood or genetic test, or impartial procedure that can definitively ...

      Digital Content on Track to Equal Half 'Earth's Mass' by 2245

      As we use resources to power massive computer farms and process digital information, our technological progress is redistributing Earth's matter from physical atoms to digital information. ...

      Classifying Galaxies With Artificial Intelligence

      Astronomers have applied artificial intelligence (AI) to ultra-wide field-of-view images of the distant Universe captured by the Subaru Telescope, and have achieved a very high accuracy for finding ...

      Smartphones Prove to Be Time-Saving Analytical Tools

      Scientists use a smartphone camera to easily measure soil density -- a key metric for analyzing our ...

      Winning the Digital Transformation Race: Three Emerging Approaches for Leading Transition

      New research has outlined three new approaches that digital innovators can take to reduce the risk of failure and seize competitive advantage in the ...

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