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      Hurricanes and Cyclones News
      December 3, 2020

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      Once in a Lifetime Floods to Become Regular Occurrences by End of Century

      Superstorm Sandy brought flood-levels to the New York region that had not been seen in generations. Now, due to the impact of climate change, researchers have found that 100-year and 500-year flood ...
      Climate change is causing hurricanes that make landfall to take more time to weaken, reports a new study. Researchers showed that hurricanes that develop over warmer oceans ...

      Effective Government Saves Lives in Cyclones, Other Disasters

      Effective national and local governments are associated with fewer deaths from tropical cyclone disasters -- even in countries with similar levels of wealth and ...

      New Dataset Provides County-Level Exposure Numbers for Tropical Cyclones, Human Health

      The new open source data set can be used for epidemiological research on tropical ...
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      Loggerhead Turtles Record a Passing Hurricane

      Caught in an Atlantic hurricane, satellite-tagged loggerhead turtles changed their dive behavior and movement patterns as the storm passed. The tags also recorded changes in the ...

      Amateur Drone Videos Could Aid in Natural Disaster Damage Assessment

      It wasn't long after Hurricane Laura hit the Gulf Coast Thursday that people began flying drones to record the damage and posting videos on social media. Those videos are a precious resource, ...

      Hurricanes Could Be Up to Five Times More Likely in the Caribbean If Tougher Targets Are Missed

      Global warming is dramatically increasing the risk of extreme hurricanes in the Caribbean, but meeting more ambitious climate change goals could up to halve the likelihood of such disasters in the ...

      Contagion Model Predicts Flooding in Urban Areas

      Inspired by the same modeling and mathematical laws used to predict the spread of pandemics, researchers have created a model to accurately forecast the spread and recession process of floodwaters in ...

      New Study Reveals Strength of the Deep Ocean Circulation in the South Atlantic

      Oceanographers have for the first time described the daily variability of the circulation of key deep currents in the South Atlantic ...

      Atlantic Hurricanes Linked to Weather System in East Asia

      Climate researchers have found a link between hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean - and threaten the United States - and a weather system in East Asia. A jet stream originating in East Asia ...

      'Extremely Active' Hurricane Season Possible for Atlantic Basin

      Atmospheric and oceanic conditions are primed to fuel storm development in the Atlantic, leading to what could be an 'extremely active' season, according to ...

      How Hurricane Lane Brought Fire and Rain to Hawaiian Islands

      Researchers detail the compounding hazards -- fire and rain -- produced by Hurricane Lane in August ...

      Greater Flood Risks in Coastal Region of China

      New research has revealed that the observed average moving speed (or translation speed) of tropical cyclones making landfall over the coast of China dropped by 11% between 1961 and 2017. These ...

      Future Texas Hurricanes: Fast Like Ike or Slow Like Harvey?

      Climate change will intensify winds that steer hurricanes north over Texas in the final 25 years of this century, increasing the odds for fast-moving storms like 2008's Ike compared to ...

      Hurricane Season Combined With COVID-19 Pandemic Could Create Perfect Storm

      When extreme climate conditions interact with stressors to social systems, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the consequences could be severe unless experts from diverse backgrounds work together to ...

      Vital Buffers Against Climate Change Are Just Offshore

      A new study finds that about 31 million people worldwide live in coastal regions that are 'highly vulnerable' to future tropical storms and sea-level rise driven by climate change. But in ...

      Lessening Water Quality Problems Caused by Hurricane-Related Flooding

      June 1 is the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic, and with 2020 predicted to be particularly active, residents in coastal regions are keeping watchful eyes on the weather. Flooding is often ...

      Cyclones Can Damage Even Distant Reefs

      Big and strong cyclones can harm coral reefs as far as 1000 kilometers away from their paths, new research shows. A new study sounds a warning about the way strong cyclone winds build extreme seas ...

      Long-Term Data Show Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger

      In almost every region of the world where hurricanes form, their maximum sustained winds are getting stronger. That is according to a new study involving an analysis of nearly 40 years of hurricane ...

      Climate Change Threatens Progress in Cancer Control

      Climate change threatens prospects for further progress in cancer prevention and control, increasing exposure to cancer risk factors and impacting access to cancer care, according to a new ...

      Even Small Disturbances Can Trigger Catastrophic Storms

      Researchers used numerical models that started with simple conditions to better understand exactly how hurricanes ...

      Climate Change Has Been Influencing Where Tropical Cyclones Rage

      While the global average number of tropical cyclones each year has not budged from 86 over the last four decades, climate change has been influencing the locations of where these deadly storms occur, ...

      When Natural Disasters Strike Locally, Urban Networks Spread the Damage Globally

      Disasters that occur in one place can trigger costs in cities across the world due to the interconnectedness of the global urban trade network. In fact, these secondary impacts can be three times ...

      Human-Caused Warming Will Cause More Slow-Moving Hurricanes, Warn Climatologists

      Hurricanes moving slowly over an area can cause more damage than faster-moving storms, and rising global temperatures will likely cause more mid-latitude hurricanes to slow down, said a team of ...

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