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      Ozone Holes News
      December 3, 2020

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      Killer Electrons in Strumming Northern and Southern Lights

      Wisps of pulsating aurora lights are a rare, yet magical sight. Now, scientists suggest they could be associated with destruction of part of the ...

      Clean Air Act Saved 1.5 Billion birds

      US pollution regulations meant to protect humans from dirty air are also saving birds. So concludes a new continent-wide study. Study authors found that improved air quality under a federal program ...

      Shift in Atmospheric Rivers Could Affect Antarctic Sea Ice, Glaciers

      Weather systems responsible for transporting moisture from the tropics to temperate regions in the Southern Hemisphere have been gradually shifting toward the South Pole for the past 40 years, a ...

      Unexpected Wildfire Emission Impacts Air Quality Worldwide

      During wildfires, nitrous acid plays a leading role -- spiking to levels significantly higher than scientists expected, driving increased ozone pollution and harming air quality, according to a new ...
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      Ozone Breaks Down THC Deposited on Surfaces from Thirdhand Cannabis Smoke

      Researchers have discovered that ozone -- a component of outdoor and indoor air -- can react with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis, on glass or cotton surfaces to ...

      Climate Pledges 'Like Tackling COVID-19 Without Social Distancing'

      Current global pledges to tackle climate change are the equivalent of declaring a pandemic without a plan for social distancing, researchers ...

      Detecting Soil-Surface Ozone Early Can Help Prevent Damage to Grapes and Apples

      Farmers and fruit growers report that climate change is leading to increased ozone concentrations on the soil surface in their fields and orchards, which can cause irreversible plant damage, reduce ...

      Lockdown Saw Modest Drop in China Air Pollution, Study Finds

      Large improvements of air quality in China during the COVID-19 lockdown have been widely reported, but new research reveals that the two pollutants most harmful to human health, fine particulate ...

      Nearly Half of US Breathing Unhealthy Air; Record-Breaking Air Pollution in Nine Cities

      Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of air pollution on lung health is of heightened concern. A new report finds nearly half of the nation's population -- 150 million people -- lived with and ...

      Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Levels Hit Record Low in March

      Ozone levels above the Arctic reached a record low for March, researchers report. An analysis of satellite observations show that ozone levels reached their lowest point on March 12 at 205 Dobson ...

      International Ozone Treaty Stops Changes in Southern Hemisphere Winds

      The Montreal Protocol of 1987 phased out production of ozone-destroying substances such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Beginning around 2000, concentrations of those chemicals in the stratosphere ...

      Emissions of Several Ozone-Depleting Chemicals Are Larger Than Expected

      Researchers have found that much of the current emission of these gases likely stems from large CFC 'banks' -- old equipment such as building insulation foam, refrigerators and cooling ...

      Can Poor Air Quality Make You Gain Weight?

      A new study links air pollution to changes in the human gut microbiome which could fuel diabetes, obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis and Crohn's ...

      Treating Wastewater With Ozone Could Convert Pharmaceuticals Into Toxic Compounds

      With water scarcity intensifying, wastewater treatment and reuse are gaining popularity. But some methods for killing microbes in wastewater create disinfection byproducts (DBPs) that could be ...

      All Things Considered, Wooden Pallets Are More Eco-Friendly Than Plastic Pallets

      Weighing in on a debate that has raged for decades, researchers, after conducting a series of ultra-detailed comparisons, have declared that shipping pallets made of wood are slightly more ...

      Another Reason to Reduce Human-Made Ozone: To Cool a Warming Planet

      Researchers highlight the importance of a new analysis based on Earth system modelling, showing that cleaning up ozone precursors within specific economic sectors can increase the mitigation ...

      Cutting Road Transport Pollution Could Help Plants Grow

      Cutting emissions of particular gases could improve conditions for plants, allowing them to grow faster and capture more carbon, new research ...

      Despite Less Ozone Pollution, Not All Plants Benefit

      Policies and new technologies have reduced emissions of precursor gases that lead to ozone air pollution, but despite those improvements, the amount of ozone that plants are taking in has not ...

      Brazilian Wildfire Pollution Worsens Air Quality in Distant Cities

      Wildfires in south eastern Brazil produce airborne pollution that worsens air quality in major cities such as Sao Paulo -- cancelling out efforts to improve the urban environment and posing health ...

      Iodine May Slow Ozone Layer Recovery

      Air pollution and iodine from the ocean contribute to damage of Earth's ozone ...

      Shutdown of Coal-Fired Plants in US Saves Lives and Improves Crop Yields

      The decommissioning of coal-fired power plants in the continental United States has reduced nearby pollution and its negative impacts on human health and crop yields, according to a new ...

      Planetary Boundaries: Interactions in Earth System Amplify Human Impacts

      Transgressing one planetary boundary can amplify human impacts on another one. For the first time, an international team of scientists now quantified some of the planetary-scale interactions in the ...

      Nitrous Oxide, a Greenhouse Gas, Is on the Rise

      A new study from an international group of scientists finds we are releasing more of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide into the atmosphere than previously ...

      New AI Deep Learning Model Allows Earlier, More Accurate Ozone Warnings

      Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence-based ozone forecasting system, which would allow local areas to predict ozone levels 24 hours in ...

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