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      December 3, 2020

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      Only Dinosaurs Found in Ireland Described for the First Time

      The only dinosaur bones ever found on the island of Ireland have been formally confirmed for the first time by a team of experts. The two fossils are from two different dinosaurs, a four-legged ...

      T. Rex Had Huge Growth Spurts, but Other Dinos Grew Slow and Steady

      By cutting into dinosaur bones and analyzing the growth lines, a team of researchers discovered that T. rex and its closest relatives got big thanks to a huge growth spurt in adolescence, while its ...

      New Analysis Refutes Claim That Dinosaurs Were in Decline Before Asteroid Hit

      New research suggests that dinosaurs were not in decline before the asteroid hit. The study contradicts previous theories and concludes that had the ...
      Paleontologists have described for the first time an almost complete skeleton of a juvenile Plateosaurus and discovered that it looked very similar to its parents even at a ...
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      Newly Discovered Rare Dinosaur Embryos Show Sauropods Had Rhino-Like Horns

      An incredibly rare dinosaur embryo discovered perfectly preserved inside its egg has shown scientists new details of the development and appearance of sauropods which lived 80 million years ...

      First Complete Dinosaur Skeleton Ever Found Is Ready for Its Closeup at Last

      The first complete dinosaur skeleton ever identified has finally been studied in detail and found its place in the dinosaur family tree, completing a project that began more than a century and a half ...

      How Dinosaur Research Can Help Medicine

      The intervertebral discs connect the vertebrae and give the spine its mobility. The disc consists of a cartilaginous fibrous ring and a gelatinous core as a buffer. It has always been assumed that ...

      Dinosaurs' Unique Bone Structure Key to Carrying Weight

      A unique collaboration between paleontologists, mechanical engineers and biomedical engineers revealed that the trabecular bone structure of hadrosaurs and several other dinosaurs is uniquely capable ...

      Ichthyosaur's Last Meal Is Evidence of Triassic Megapredation

      Some 240 million years ago, a dolphin-like ichthyosaur ripped to pieces and swallowed another marine reptile only a little smaller than itself. Then it almost immediately died and was fossilized, ...

      Bird Skull Evolution Slowed After the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

      From emus to woodpeckers, modern birds show remarkable diversity in skull shape and size, often hypothesized to be the result of a sudden hastening of evolution following the mass extinction that ...

      New Species of Dinosaur Discovered on Isle of Wight

      A new study by palaeontologists suggests four bones recently found on the Isle of Wight belong to new species of theropod dinosaur, the group that includes Tyrannosaurus rex and modern-day ...

      New Study Confirms the Power of Deinosuchus and Its 'Teeth the Size of Bananas'

      A new study, revisiting fossil specimens from the enormous crocodylian, Deinosuchus, has confirmed that the beast had teeth 'the size of bananas,' capable to take down even the very largest ...

      Malignant Cancer Diagnosed in a Dinosaur for the First Time

      New research has led to the discovery and diagnosis of an aggressive malignant bone cancer -- an osteosarcoma -- for the first time ever in a dinosaur. No malignant cancers (tumous that can spread ...

      Study Sheds Light on the Evolution of the Earliest Dinosaurs

      Geological evidence suggests the known dinosaur groups diverged early on, supporting the traditional dinosaur family ...

      Biosignatures May Reveal a Wealth of New Data Locked Inside Old Fossils

      Step aside, skeletons -- a new world of biochemical ''signatures'' found in all kinds of ancient fossils is revealing itself to paleontologists, providing a new avenue for ...

      Fossil Jawbone from Alaska Is a Rare Case of a Juvenile Arctic Dromaeosaurid Dinosaur

      A small piece of fossil jawbone from Alaska represents a rare example of juvenile dromaeosaurid dinosaur remains from the Arctic, according to a new ...

      Famous 'Jurassic Park' Dinosaur Is Less Lizard, More Bird

      From movies to museum exhibits, the dinosaur Dilophosaurus is no stranger to pop culture. Many probably remember it best from the movie 'Jurassic Park,' where it's depicted as a ...

      A Tiny Ancient Relative of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs Discovered

      Dinosaurs and pterosaurs may be known for their remarkable size, but a newly described species that lived around 237 million years ago suggests that they originated from extremely small ancestors. ...

      Different Tracks, Same Dinosaurs: Researchers Dig Deeper Into Dinosaur Movements

      Using X-ray-based technology, researchers uncover shared subsurface movement patterns between birds and dinosaurs, adding a new dimension of fossil track ...

      Asteroid Impact, Not Volcanoes, Made the Earth Uninhabitable for Dinosaurs

      Modelling of the Chicxulub asteroid impact 66 million years ago shows it created a world largely unsuitable for dinosaurs to live ...

      Tiny Japanese Dinosaur Eggs Help Unscramble Cretaceous Ecosystem

      A research team has excavated over 1300 eggshell fossils from the Lower Cretaceous Ohyamashimo Formation of Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Over 96% of these fossils, including numerous fragments, four ...

      First Dinosaur Eggs Were Soft Like a Turtle's

      New research suggests that the first dinosaurs laid soft-shelled eggs -- a finding that contradicts established thought. The study analyzed the eggs of two vastly different non-avian dinosaurs and ...

      Tracking Australia's Gigantic Carnivorous Dinosaurs

      North America had the T. rex, South America had the Giganotosaurus and Africa the Spinosaurus - now evidence shows Australia had gigantic predatory ...

      Ancient Crocodiles Walked on Two Legs Like Dinosaurs

      An international research team has been stunned to discover that some species of ancient crocodiles walked on their two hind legs like dinosaurs and measured over three metres in length. University ...

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