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      Early Humans News
      December 3, 2020

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      True Origin of Oldest Evidence of Animals

      Scientists have resolved a longstanding controversy surrounding the origins of complex life on Earth. The studies found molecular fossils extracted from 635-million-year-old rocks aren't the earliest ...

      Lurking in Genomic Shadows: How Giant Viruses Fuel the Evolution of Algae

      Biologists have recently discovered that endogenous viral elements that originate from giant viruses are much more common in chlorophyte green algae than previously ...

      New Genome Alignment Tool Empowers Large-Scale Studies of Vertebrate Evolution

      Three new articles present major advances in understanding the evolution of birds and mammals, made possible by new methods for comparing the genomes ...

      Newly Discovered Fossil Shows Small-Scale Evolutionary Changes in an Extinct Human Species

      Males of the extinct human species Paranthropus robustus were thought to be substantially larger than females -- much like the size differences seen ...
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      Cognitive Elements of Language Have Existed for 40 Million Years

      Humans are not the only beings that can identify rules in complex language-like constructions -- monkeys and great apes can do so, too, a new study has shown. Researcher used a series of experiments ...

      Past Tropical Forest Changes Drove Megafauna and Hominin Extinctions

      Researchers have discovered that Southeast Asia, today renowned for its lush rainforests, was at various points in the past covered by sweeping grasslands. The expansion and reduction of these ...

      Evolution of the Y Chromosome in Great Apes Deciphered

      New analysis of the DNA sequence of the male-specific Y chromosomes from all living species of the great ape family helps to clarify our understanding of how this enigmatic chromosome ...

      Mud-Slurping Chinless Ancestors Had All the Moves

      Researchers have revealed our most ancient ancestors were ecologically diverse, despite lacking jaws and paired ...

      Rodent Ancestors Combined Portions of Blood and Venom Genes to Make Pheromones

      Experts who study animal pheromones have traced the evolutionary origins of genes that allow mice, rats and other rodents to communicate through smell. The discovery is a clear example of how new ...

      The Ancient Neanderthal Hand in Severe COVID-19

      Genetic variants that leave their carrier more susceptible to severe COVID-19 are inherited from Neanderthals, a new study ...

      Study Traces the Evolution of Gill Covers

      Scientists have identified a key modification to the genome that led to the evolution of gill covers more than 430 million years ...

      Y Chromosomes of Neanderthals and Denisovans Now Sequenced

      An international research team led by Martin Petr and Janet Kelso of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, has determined Y chromosome sequences of three ...

      Placing Barthelonids on the Tree of Life

      Researchers have categorized barthelonids, a group of microscopic anaerobic flagellates, as an early branching Metamonada lineage based on their genetic identity and mitochondrial evolutionary ...

      Tail Regeneration in Lungfish Provides Insight Into Evolution of Limb Regrowth

      Researchers find that the molecular mechanisms underlying tail regeneration in West African lungfish are similar to those seen in amphibians, suggesting the trait evolved in a common ...

      Computational Study of Famous Fossil Reveals Evolution of Locomotion in 'Ruling Reptiles'

      Scientists used three-dimensional computer modelling to investigate the hindlimb of Euparkeria capensis -- a small reptile that lived in the Triassic Period 245 million years ago -- and inferred that ...

      Archaeology Uncovers Infectious Disease Spread 4000 Years Ago

      New bioarchaeology research has shown how infectious diseases may have spread 4000 years ago, while highlighting the dangers of letting such diseases run ...

      Ancient Human Footprints in Saudi Arabia Give Glimpse of Arabian Ecology 120000 Years Ago

      Using high resolution paleoecological information obtained from fossilized footprints, a new study presents ~120 thousand-year-old human and animal footprints from an ancient lake bed in northern ...

      An Evolutionary Roll of the Dice Explains Why We're Not Perfect

      Scientists have found that chance events can be more important than natural selection in defining the genome of species like humans and other ...

      New Fossil Ape Discovered in India

      A 13-million-year-old fossil unearthed in northern India comes from a newly discovered ape, the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon. The discovery fills a major void in the ape fossil ...

      Ancient Bony Fish Forces Rethink of How Sharks Evolved

      Sharks' non-bony skeletons were thought to be the template before bony internal skeletons evolved, but a new fossil discovery suggests ...

      New Neural Network Differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age Toolkits

      The change from Middle Stone Age (MSA) to Later Stone Age (LSA) marks a major cultural change amongst our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but distinguishing between these two industrial complexes is not ...

      Termite-Fishing Chimpanzees Provide Clues to the Evolution of Technology

      Unlike chimpanzees in East and West Africa, who use a single tool to extract termites, chimpanzees in Central Africa's Congo Basin use tool sets -- puncturing sticks or perforating twigs plus ...

      Remains of 17th Century Bishop Support Neolithic Emergence of Tuberculosis

      Researchers present analysis of the highest quality ancient Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome to date, suggesting the pathogen is much younger than previously ...

      Ancient Genomes Suggest Woolly Rhinos Went Extinct Due to Climate Change, Not Overhunting

      Although overhunting led to the demise of some prehistoric megafauna after the last ice age, a new study found that the extinction of the woolly rhinoceros may have been caused by climate change. By ...

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