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      December 3, 2020

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      Cluster of Alaskan Islands Could Be Single, Interconnected Giant Volcano

      A small group of volcanic islands in Alaska's Aleutian chain might be part of a single, undiscovered giant volcano, say scientists. If the researchers' suspicions are correct, the newfound volcanic ...

      Cereal, Olive and Vine Pollen Reveal Market Integration in Ancient Greece

      By analyzing sediment cores taken from six sites in southern Greece, an international team of researchers identified trends in cereal, olive, and vine pollen indicating structural changes in ...

      Large Predatory Fish Thrive on WWII Shipwrecks Off North Carolina Coast

      Results of an expedition to a sunken U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer a detailed glimpse into unexpected 'islands of ...

      Bronze Age Travel Routes Revealed Using Pioneering Research Method

      Archaeologists have reconstructed the ancient seasonal migration routes of Bronze Age herders in Xinjiang, north-western China. Their research was the result of innovative methodology. To determine ...
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      X-Ray Imaging of a Beetle's World in Ancient Earthenware

      Using X-rays, a researcher has imaged 28 impressions of maize weevils on pottery shards from the late Jomon period (around 3,600 years ago) excavated from the Yakushoden site in Miyazaki Prefecture. ...

      Archaeology Uncovers Infectious Disease Spread 4000 Years Ago

      New bioarchaeology research has shown how infectious diseases may have spread 4000 years ago, while highlighting the dangers of letting such diseases run ...

      Raids and Bloody Rituals Among Ancient Steppe Nomads

      Traces of violence on 1700 year old skeletons allow researchers to reconstruct warfare and sacrifices of nomads in Siberia. An international and interdisciplinary team of anthropologists, ...

      Ancient Earthquake May Have Caused Destruction of Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri

      Researchers have uncovered new evidence that an earthquake may have caused the destruction and abandonment of a flourishing Canaanite palatial site about 3,700 years ...

      To Recreate Ancient Recipes, Check out the Vestiges of Clay Pots

      UC Berkeley archaeologists have discovered that unglazed ceramic cookware can retain the residue of not just the last supper cooked, but earlier meals as well, opening a window onto gastronomic ...

      Drone Survey Reveals Large Earthwork at Ancestral Wichita Site in Kansas

      A new study using multisensor drones has revealed a large circular earthwork at what may be Etzanoa, an archaeological site near Wichita, Kansas. Archaeologists speculate that the site was visited by ...

      Atlantic Sturgeon in the King's Pantry -- Unique Discovery in Baltic Shipwreck from 1495

      Researchers can now reveal what the Danish King Hans had planned to offer when laying claim to the Swedish throne in 1495: A two-meter-long Atlantic sturgeon. The well-preserved fish remains were ...

      Ancient Carved Shell Llama Offering Found in Lake Titicaca

      A llama carved from a spondylus shell and a cylindrical laminated gold foil object were the contents of a carved stone box -- an offering -- found at the bottom of Lake Titicaca. The offering, found ...

      Accelerated Bone Deterioration in Last 70 Years at Famous Mesolithic Peat Bog in Peril

      Alarming results from a 2019 survey of well-known archaeological site Ageröd reveal drastic bone and organic matter deterioration since the site's initial excavations in the 1940s, suggesting ...

      Foxes Have Been Eating Humans' Leftovers for 42,000 Years

      The diets of ancient foxes were influenced by humans, and these small carnivores might be tracers of human activity over ...

      Breakthrough in Studying Ancient DNA from Doggerland That Separates the UK from Europe

      Scientists have studied sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) from sediment deposits in the southern North Sea, an area which has not previously been linked to a tsunami that occurred 8150 years ...

      Hyksos, 15th Dynasty Rulers of Ancient Egypt, Were an Internal Takeover

      The Hyksos, who ruled during the 15th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, were not foreign invaders, but a group who rose to power from within, according to a new ...

      New Method Solves Old Mystery: Hafnium Isotopes Clinch Origin of High-Quality Roman Glass

      Archaeological glass contains information about the movement of goods and ancient economies, yet the understanding of critical aspects of the ancient glass industry is fragmentary. Until now, it has ...

      First Confirmed Underwater Aboriginal Archaeological Sites Found Off Australian Coast

      Ancient submerged Aboriginal archaeological sites await underwater rediscovery off the coast of Australia, according to a ...

      New Zealand's Ancient Monster Penguins Had Northern Hemisphere Doppelgangers

      New Zealand's monster penguins that lived 62 million years ago had doppelgangers in Japan, the USA and Canada, a new study has ...

      Non-Tobacco Plant Identified in Ancient Pipe for First Time

      People in what is now Washington State were smoking Rhus glabra, a plant commonly known as smooth sumac, more than 1,400 years ago. The discovery marks the first-time scientists have identified ...

      Massive Prehistoric Circle Near Stonehenge

      Archaeologists have discovered a major new prehistoric monument only a short distance away from Stonehenge. Fieldwork and analysis have revealed evidence for 20 or more massive, prehistoric shafts, ...

      Seafood Helped Prehistoric People Migrate out of Africa

      A study has examined fossil reefs near to the now-submerged Red Sea shorelines that marked prehistoric migratory routes from Africa to Arabia. The findings suggest this coast offered the resources ...

      Origins of the Beloved Guinea Pig

      New research sheds light on guinea pig domestication and how and why the small, furry animals became distributed around the ...

      Radiocarbon Dating Pins Date for Construction of Uyghur Complex to the Year 777

      Dating archaeological objects precisely is difficult, even when using techniques such as radiocarbon dating. Using a recently developed method, based on the presence of sudden spikes in carbon-14 ...

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