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      Fertility News
      December 3, 2020

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      Pregnancy Complications Linked to Heightened Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke in Later Life

      Pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes) and pre-term birth are linked to a ...

      Research Identifies Sperm Biomarker Associated With Couples' Pregnancy Probability

      Researchers have identified a single-measure biomarker in sperm mitochondrial DNA that may predict male reproductive health and pregnancy ...

      Donor-Conceived Adults Have Higher Incidence of Immunology Diseases

      Adults conceived through sperm donation reported higher frequencies of allergies, type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune conditions. Donor sperm conceived adults had seven times more type 1 diabetes ...

      Placenta Is Initiated First, as Cells of a Fertilized Egg Divide and Specialize

      The first stages of placental development take place days before the embryo starts to form in human pregnancies. The finding highlights the ...
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      Scientists Discover Possible Genetic Target for Treating Endometriosis

      Researchers have identified a potential genetic target for treating an especially painful and invasive form of ...

      A Key Player Behind Parental Chromosome Matching During Meiosis

      Researchers have clarified how homologous chromosome pairing -- a process necessary for sperm and egg formation where paternally- and maternally-derived chromosomes match and exchange genetic ...

      How an Egg Cell's 'Operating Manual' Sets the Stage for Fertility

      Scientists have revealed in unprecedented detail the genetic instructions immature egg cells go through step by step as they mature into functionality. Their findings improve our understanding of how ...

      Suspension of Fertility Treatments During COVID-19 Has Mental Health Impacts

      The suspension of fertility treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a variety of psychological impacts on women whose treatments were cancelled, but there are several protective factors that ...

      Partner Selection Ultimately Happens in the Woman's Reproductive Tract

      The female reproductive tract has the final say in human mate choice, according to new ...

      Opioid Use Linked to Pregnancy Loss, Lower Chance of Conception, Study Suggests

      Opioid use among women trying to conceive may be associated with a lower chance of pregnancy, suggests a new study. Moreover, opioid use in early pregnancy may be associated with a greater chance of ...

      Research Captures How Human Sperm Swim in 3D

      Using state-of-the-art 3D microscopy and mathematics, researchers have reconstructed the movement of the sperm tail in 3D with ...

      Completing the Set: 'Coupon-Collection Behavior' Reduces Sex-Ratio Variation Among Families

      A new analysis of sibling records from more than 300,000 individuals suggests that some parents continue to reproduce until they have children of both ...

      Why the 'Wimpy' Y Chromosome Hasn't Evolved out of Existence

      The Y chromosome has shrunken drastically over 200 million years of evolution. Even those who study it have used the word 'wimpy' to describe it, and yet it continues to stick around. An ...

      New Test Offers Clarity for Couples Struggling to Conceive

      A male fertility test could help predict which men might need treatment and which couples might have success with different forms of assisted ...

      No NELL2, No Sperm Motility; Novel Protein Is Essential for Male Fertility

      An international team of researchers has identified a chain of events that matures the sperm and triggers their motility. The findings have implications for diagnostic and therapeutic research in ...

      Response to Stimulation in IVF May Predict Longer Term Health Risks

      A follow-up study of almost 20,000 young women who had a first cycle of IVF in Denmark between 1995 and 2014 indicates that those who responded poorly to treatment, with few eggs collected, are at a ...

      Women's Egg Quality Dependent on Metabolic Factors

      Increasing the levels of a chemical found in all human cells could boost a woman's fertility and help select the best eggs for ...

      'Biologically Relevant' Levels of a Fertility Hormone Are Detected in Human Hair Samples

      The prospect of a non-invasive test of ovarian reserve is a little closer following results from a study showing that measurement of a fertility hormone can be accurately taken from a sample of human ...

      A Novel Sperm Selection Technology to Increase Success Rates of in Vitro Fertilization

      Motile sperm are difficult to collect with a conventional cell sorter because they are vulnerable to physical damage. A research collaboration has developed a technique using a cell sorter with ...

      Bioengineered Uteri Support Pregnancy

      Scientists were able to show that bioengineered uteri in an animal model developed the native tissue-like structures needed to support normal reproductive ...

      The Rate We Acquire Genetic Mutations Could Help Predict Lifespan, Fertility

      Differences in the rate that genetic mutations accumulate in healthy young adults could help predict remaining lifespan in both sexes and the remaining years of fertility in women, according to ...

      Mild Thyroid Dysfunction Affects One in Five Women With a History of Miscarriage or Subfertility

      Mild thyroid abnormalities affect up to one in five women with a history of miscarriage or subfertility which is a prolonged time span of trying to become ...

      Novel Switch Protein That 'Turns On' Sperm for Fertilization

      Researchers have discovered a signaling cascade in which the testicular protein NELL2 travels through the lumen to induce differentiation of the epididymis, secretion of the protease OVCH2, and ...

      DNA Crossovers Can Drive Healthy, Abnormal Sperm, Egg Cell Division

      Human genetic diversity wouldn't be possible without DNA crossovers in egg and sperm cells. Two studies provide new insights into how crossovers go right -- and wrong, leading to infertility, ...

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