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      December 2, 2020

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      Telomere Shortening Protects Against Cancer

      Researchers have found the first evidence that telomere shortening is not just a sign of aging, but a key component of the body's cancer prevention ...

      Mothers' Stress May Lead to Preterm Births, Faster Aging in Children

      Why do some people age faster than others? A new study indicates that a mother's stress prior to giving birth may accelerate her child's biological aging later in life. A second study from the same ...

      Experimental Vaccine for Deadly Tickborne Virus Effective in Cynomolgus Macaques

      An experimental vaccine developed in Europe to prevent infection by Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV) has protected cynomolgus macaques ...

      HIV-Like Virus Edited out of Primate Genome

      Taking a major step forward in HIV research, scientists have successfully edited SIV - a virus closely related to HIV, the cause of AIDS - from the genomes of non-human ...
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      Scientists Reverse Age-Related Vision Loss, Eye Damage from Glaucoma in Mice

      Researchers at Harvard Medical School have successfully reversed age-related vision loss in animals as well as eye damage stemming from with a condition mimicking human glaucoma, a leading cause of ...

      CRISPR Tagging Improves Accuracy of Model Cells Grown from Stem Cells

      CRISPR tags are being used to identify all of the transcription factors necessary to turn a pluripotent stem cell into a suitable adult cell for research, and possible future cell therapies. An ...

      Study Revealing the Secret Behind a Key Cellular Process Refutes Biology Textbooks

      New research has identified and described a cellular process that, despite what textbooks say, has remained elusive to scientists until now -- precisely how the copying of genetic material that, once ...

      Scientists Develop New Gene Therapy for Eye Disease

      Scientists have developed a new gene therapy approach that offers promise for one day treating an eye disease that leads to a progressive loss of vision and affects thousands of people across the ...

      Quantum Nanodiamonds May Help Detect Disease Earlier

      The quantum sensing abilities of nanodiamonds can be used to improve the sensitivity of paper-based diagnostic tests, potentially allowing for earlier detection of diseases such as HIV, according to ...

      Researchers Uncover the Unique Way Stem Cells Protect Their Chromosome Ends

      Telomeres are specialized structures at the end of chromosomes which protect our DNA and ensure healthy division of cells. According to a new study, the mechanisms of telomere protection are ...

      New Insights on Health Effects of Long-Duration Space Flight

      Among the new findings, the research team found that chronic oxidative stress during spaceflight contributed to the telomere elongation they observed. They also found that astronauts had shorter ...

      Genetic Study Shows That the Risk of Pre-Eclampsia Is Related to Blood Pressure and BMI

      An international study has revealed that the genetic risk of pre-eclampsia - a potentially dangerous condition in pregnancy - is related to blood pressure and body mass ...

      Gut Hormones' Regulation of Fat Production Abnormal in Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease

      Gut hormones play an important role in regulating fat production in the body. One key hormone, released a few hours after eating, turns off fat production by regulating gene expression in the liver, ...

      CRISPRi Screens Reveal Sources of Metabolic Robustness in E. Coli

      Metabolic robustness, the ability of a metabolic system to buffer changes in its environment, is not always a welcome feature for microbiologists: it interferes with metabolic engineering or prevents ...

      Potential Treatment Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Causing Gonorrhea and Meningitis

      A team has demonstrated the effectiveness of an inexpensive molecule to fight antibiotic-resistant strains of the bacteria responsible for gonorrhea and meningococcal meningitis. These two infections ...

      Pediatric Genomic COVID-19 Study Suggests Potential Link Between SARS-CoV-2 Mutations and Disease Severity

      Scientists have just published the largest pediatric COVID-19 study to date, suggesting a possible link between specific viral mutations and severity of the ...

      Mother's Touch Lingers in Her Child's Genes

      Mothers leave their mark on their children in many ways - and researchers have discovered a protein called SMCHD1 is involved in this 'imprinting' process. SMCHD1 switches certain genes ...

      New Connection Between Alzheimer's Dementia and Dlgap2

      A research team has discovered that Dlgap2, a gene that helps facilitate communication between neurons in the nervous system, is associated with the degree of memory loss in mice and risk for ...

      Unique Schwann Cells: The Eyes Have It

      Neuroscience researchers are finding genetic properties of Schwann cells in the cornea that may unlock a better understanding of their role in healing, sensory function, preserving vision, and even ...

      Helicates Meet Rotaxanes to Create Promise for Future Disease Treatment

      A new approach to treating cancers and other diseases that uses a mechanically interlocked molecule as a 'magic bullet' has been ...

      Folding of SARS-CoV2 Genome Reveals Drug Targets -- And Preparation for 'SARS-CoV3'

      Researchers report having observed the RNA folding structures of the SARS-CoV2 genome with which the virus controls the infection process. Since these structures are very similar among various beta ...

      Ribosome Assembly: The Final Trimming Step

      Ribosomes synthesize all the proteins in cells. Studies mainly done on yeast have revealed much about how ribosomes are put together, but a team now reports that ribosome assembly in human cells ...

      Altered 'Coat' Disguises Fatal Brain Virus from Neutralizing Antibodies

      A genetic modification in the 'coat' of a brain infection-causing virus may allow it to escape antibodies, according to researchers. They say testing people for this and other viral ...

      New Findings Speed Progress Towards Affordable Gene Therapy

      In a promising advance for affordable, personalized medicine, researchers have used metal-organic frameworks to successfully deliver the genetic snipping tool CRISPR/Cas9 into human cancer ...

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