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      Controlled Substances News
      December 3, 2020

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      Cannabis Strength Soars Over Past Half Century

      Largest study on how cannabis has changed over time finds increased strength putting consumers at greater risk of ...

      Steroid Inhalers/pills for Asthma Linked to Heightened Risk of Brittle Bones and Fractures

      Taking steroid inhalers or tablets to treat asthma or control flare-ups is linked to a heightened risk of brittle bones (osteoporosis) and increased ...

      Cannabis Reduces OCD Symptoms by Half in the Short-Term

      People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) report that the severity of symptoms was reduced by about half within four hours of smoking cannabis. After smoking cannabis, users with OCD reported ...

      More Young Adults Are Abstaining from Alcohol

      Fewer college-age Americans drink alcohol, compared to nearly 20 years ago, according to a new ...
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      Certain CBD Oils No Better Than Pure CBD at Inhibiting Certain Cancer Cell Lines

      Cannabidiol (CBD) oils are equally or less effective at inhibiting the growth of certain cancer cells compared to pure CBD, according to researchers. The results of their recent study indicate that ...

      Nucleus Accumbens Recruited by Cocaine, Sugar Are Different

      In a study using genetically modified mice, researchers found that the nucleus accumbens recruited by cocaine use are largely distinct from nucleus accumbens recruited by sucrose, or table sugar. ...

      Cannabis Use Appears to Encourage, Not Replace, Non-Medical Opioid Use

      Contrary to some claims, people in the US may not be substituting cannabis for opioids, New research examined the direction and strength of association between cannabis and opioid use among adults ...

      Cannabis Data Lacking, but Machine Learning Could Help

      Everyone's heard of THC and CBD. But many other active compounds in cannabis interact to influence its effects. A new study confirms that those compounds are seldom tested for, and strain name ...

      Pandemic Sets Off Future Wave of Worsening Mental Health Issues

      Long after a COVID-19 vaccination is developed and years after the coronavirus death toll is tallied, the impact on mental health will linger, continuing to inflict damage if not addressed, according ...

      Finding Cortisone Alternatives With Fewer Side Effects

      Researchers are examining the beneficial effects of cortisone in order to lay the groundwork for the development of similar drugs with fewer side ...

      Look Beyond Opioids to Solve National Substance Use Epidemic

      A new study published reveals that three-quarters of participants in an inpatient addiction intervention program came into the hospital using more than one substance. The findings suggests that a ...

      Rates of E-Cigarette and Marijuana Use Not Associated With Vaping-Related Lung Injuries, Study Finds

      Higher rates of e-cigarette and marijuana use in U.S. states did not result in more e-cigarette or vaping-related lung injuries (known as EVALI), a new study from the Yale School of Public Health ...

      Cannabinoids May Affect Activity of Other Pharmaceuticals

      Cannabinoid-containing products may alter the effects of some prescription drugs, according to researchers. They published information that could help medical professionals make safe prescribing ...

      Common Blood Test Identifies Benefits and Risks of Steroid Treatment in COVID-19 Patients

      A new study confirms the findings of the large scale British trial of steroid use for COVID-19 patients and advances the research by answering several key questions: Which patients are most likely to ...

      Cannabis Shows Potential for Mitigating Sickle Cell Disease Pain

      Cannabis appears to be a safe and potentially effective treatment for the chronic pain that afflicts people with sickle cell disease, according to a new clinical ...

      A Complex Gene Program Initiates Brain Changes in Response to Cocaine

      Researchers used single-nucleus RNA sequencing to compare transcriptional responses to acute cocaine in 16 unique cell populations from the brain nucleus accumbens. The atlas is part of a major study ...

      Study Says Inhalers OK to Use Amid COVID-19 Concerns

      Researchers find that the benefits of inhalers for asthma sufferers outweigh the risks of contracting coronavirus, following concerns raised after WHO warned that steroids could reduce ...

      Marijuana Use While Pregnant Boosts Risk of Children's Sleep Problems

      As many as 7% of moms-to-be use marijuana while pregnant, and that number is rising fast as more use it to quell morning sickness. But new research suggests such use could have a lasting impact on ...

      Researchers Flush out Worrying Trend of Designer Drug Use

      In a sign that designer drugs are becoming more prevalent in Australia, synthetic cathinones -- commonly known as 'bath salts' -- have been detected in the nation's wastewater in the ...

      Marijuana Concentrates Spike THC Levels but Don't Boost Impairment

      A study of 121 regular users of legal market cannabis found that higher potency does not necessarily mean greater intoxication. It also found that while balance and memory are impaired immediately ...

      Cannabis Temporarily Relieves PTSD Symptoms, Study Suggests

      People suffering from post-traumatic distress disorder report that cannabis reduces the severity of their symptoms by more than half, at least in the short term, according to a recent ...

      Some People Are Easily Addicted to Drugs, but Others Are Not

      Researchers have discovered that dopamine D2 receptors (DRD2s) in cholinergic interneurons (ChINs) play a crucial role in cocaine ...

      New Molecule Stops Drug Cravings in Mice, With Fewer Side Effects

      Researchers have developed a synthetic molecule that selectively controls the physiological rewards of cocaine in mice. It also may represent a new class of small-molecule drugs that are more ...

      Legal Cannabis Hemp Oil Effectively Treats Chronic Neuropathic Pain

      Researchers examine the effectiveness of consuming hemp oil extracted from the whole cannabis plant using a chronic neuropathic pain animal model. Researchers showed that legal cannabis hemp oil ...

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