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      December 3, 2020

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      Prostate Cancer: Immunotherapy Offers Hope

      An antibody for treating advanced prostate cancer improves progression-free survival in patients with metastasized, castration-resistant prostate cancer. This is the finding of the long-term analyses ...

      Breakthrough Discovery to Transform Prostate Cancer Treatment

      A novel formulation of the prostate cancer drug abiraterone acetate - currently marketed as Zytiga - will dramatically improve the quality of life for people suffering from prostate cancer, as ...

      Protein That Hinders Advancement of Prostate Cancer Identified

      Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have discovered that blocking a specific protein, may be a promising strategy to prevent the spread of castration-resistant prostate cancer ...

      Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality Have Declined in Most Countries

      Prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates are decreasing or stabilizing in most parts of the world, with the United States recording the biggest drop in incidence, according to new ...
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      Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging Identifies Surgical Margin Status in Radical Prostatectomy

      A new intraoperative imaging technique, Cerenkov luminescence imaging (CLI), can accurately assess surgical margins during radical prostatectomy, according to a first-in-human research. The ...

      Novel Insights of How Prostate Cancer Causes Secondary Tumors

      An increased awareness on a molecular level of what mechanisms prostate cancer cells use to become mobile and start spreading may in the long run provide new opportunities for treatment of aggressive ...

      Inherited Origin of Prostate Cancer in Families

      Researchers have identified haplotypes, ancestral fragments of DNA, that are associated with hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) in a first-of-its-kind genomic study made possible by the study of ...

      New Computational Tools Identify Alternative Splicing Changes in Aggressive Cancers

      A multi-institutional group of researchers has linked a strong cancer driver gene to changes in proteins that regulate alternative splicing. The researchers created new computational tools and ...

      Study Examines Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions

      A five-year follow-up study of more than 2,000 US men who received prostate cancer treatment is creating a road map for future patients regarding long-term bowel, bladder and sexual function in order ...

      Targeted Screening Could Prevent One in Six Prostate Cancer Deaths

      The study modeled the harms and benefits of introducing four-yearly PSA screening for all men aged 55 to 69 versus more targeted checks for those at higher risk of the disease. The researchers ...

      Reducing the Side-Effects of Prostate Hormone Therapy With Exercise

      A prescription of short-term exercise for patients with advanced prostate cancer could help to reduce the side-effects of hormone therapy, according to new research. The trial aimed to reduce the ...

      Being Active Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

      Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK , yet we still don't know all of its causes. The largest ever study to use genetics as a measurement for physical activity to look at ...

      New Strategies Against Bone Metastases from Prostate Cancer

      A study suggests a new approach, or, possibly two new approaches against prostate cancer bone metastases: While targeted therapies and anti-cancer immunotherapies have not been especially successful ...

      Novel MRI-Guided Ultrasound Treatment Destroys Prostate Cancer

      A novel MRI-guided procedure that uses therapeutic ultrasound effectively treats prostate cancer with minimal side effects, according to a new study. Researchers said the incision-free technique ...

      Omega-3 Shows Protection Against Heart Disease-Related Death, Without Prostate Cancer Risk

      A research team identified 87 patients who were part of the Intermountain INSPIRE Registry and had developed prostate cancer. These patients were also tested for plasma levels of docosahexaenoic acid ...

      Driver Found for More Deadly Prostate Cancer

      A transcription factor that aids neuron function also appears to enable a cell conversion in the prostate gland that can make an already recurrent cancer even more deadly, scientists ...

      High Levels of Two Hormones in the Blood Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

      Men with higher levels of 'free' testosterone and a growth hormone in their blood are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to research presented at the 2019 NCRI ...

      Large, Long-Term Study Suggests Link Between Eating Mushrooms and a Lower Risk of Prostate Cancer

      Results from the first long-term cohort study of more than 36,000 Japanese men over decades suggest an association between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate ...

      Biomarker in Urine May Offer Noninvasive Detection of Prostate Cancer

      A research study has identified a novel prostate cancer gene fusion involving the KLK4 protein coding gene and KLKP1 pseudogene. This unique biomarker can be detected in the urine samples of patients ...

      First Prostate Cancer Therapy to Target Genes Delays Cancer Progression

      For the first time, prostate cancer has been treated based on the genetic makeup of the cancer, resulting in delayed disease progression, delayed time to pain progression, and potentially extending ...

      Men With Prostate Cancer Can Be Spared Radiotherapy After Surgery, Study Suggests

      Men with prostate cancer can be spared radiotherapy after surgery, according to new results. The study answers a longstanding question about whether the benefits of radiotherapy after surgery ...

      Fathering Children by Assisted Reproduction Linked to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer

      Men who became fathers through assisted reproduction techniques seem to be at higher risk for prostate cancer and early onset prostate cancer compared with men achieving fatherhood ...

      Promising Prostate Cancer Drug Candidates Identified

      Cancer researchers have identified some promising drug candidates by using high-throughput screening methods to test tens of thousands of ...

      Potential Therapeutic Target for Prostate Cancers With PTEN Mutation

      PTEN, a tumor suppressor gene mutated in about 20% of prostate cancers, relies on another gene, ARID4B, to ...

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