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      December 3, 2020

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      Gut Microbes: A Key to Normal Sleep

      Researchers used a cocktail of antibiotics to deplete gut microbes in mice. They found that metabolites in the gut differed in these mice compared with controls. In particular, metabolic pathways ...

      Sestrin Makes Fruit Flies Live Longer

      Researchers identify positive effector behind reduced food ...

      Hormone Found to Switch Off Hunger Could Help Tackle Obesity

      A hormone that can suppress food intake and increase the feeling of fullness in mice has shown similar results in humans and non-human primates, says a new ...

      Age Is No Barrier to Successful Weight Loss

      Obese patients over the age of 60 can lose an equivalent amount of weight as younger people using only lifestyle changes, according to a new study that demonstrates that age is no barrier to losing ...
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      Glucosamine May Reduce Overall Death Rates as Effectively as Regular Exercise, Study Suggests

      Glucosamine supplements may reduce overall mortality about as well as regular exercise does, according to a new epidemiological ...

      Eating Dried Fruit May Be Linked With Better Diet Quality and Health Markers

      New research found that people who ate dried fruit were generally healthier than those who did not, and on days when people ate dried fruit they consumed greater amounts of some key nutrients than on ...

      Gut Hormones' Regulation of Fat Production Abnormal in Obesity, Fatty Liver Disease

      Gut hormones play an important role in regulating fat production in the body. One key hormone, released a few hours after eating, turns off fat production by regulating gene expression in the liver, ...

      Dieting and Weight Worries on Rise in Teens

      Significantly higher numbers of Generation Z boys and girls in the UK are dieting to lose weight, and are likely to overestimate their own weight, finds a new ...

      Go (Over) Easy on the Eggs: 'Egg-Cess' Consumption Linked to Diabetes

      Scrambled, poached or boiled, eggs are a popular breakfast food the world over. Yet the health benefits of the humble egg might not be all they're cracked up to be as new research shows that ...

      Gut Check: Teff Grain Boosts Stomach Microbiome Health

      Food scientists confirm that the grain teff helps the stomach and enhances the nutritional value of iron and zinc, according to a new modeling ...

      Vitamin C's Effectiveness Against COVID-19 May Hinge on Vitamin's Natural Transporter Levels

      High doses of vitamin C under study for treating COVID-19 may benefit some populations, but investigators exploring its potential in aging say key factors in effectiveness include levels of the ...

      Sweet Taste Reduces Appetite?

      To date, very little is known about how sweetness perception contributes to satiety. This study provides new insights into the relationship between the sweet taste of sugar, energy intake and the ...

      Veganism: Vitamin B12 Is Well Supplemented, Iodine Is a Matter of Concern

      Those following a vegan diet have an increased risk of iodine ...

      Diet and Lifestyle During Pregnancy Linked to Modifications in Infants' DNA

      A new study has shown pregnant women with obesity could reduce the health risks for their infants through improved diet and more physical ...

      A new global analysis has assessed the height and weight of school-aged children and adolescents across the world. The study revealed that school-aged children's height and weight, which are ...

      Gene in Mice Controls Food Cravings, Desire to Exercise

      National Institutes of Health researchers have discovered a gene in mice that controls the craving for fatty and sugary foods and the desire to exercise. The gene, Prkar2a, is highly expressed in the ...

      Analysis Reveals High Burden of Musculoskeletal Disorders Across the Globe

      Musculoskeletal disorders -- which affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints -- can severely affect individuals' physical and mental health, and they're especially prevalent ...

      Western Diet Impairs Odor-Related Learning and Olfactory Memory in Mice

      Problems with the sense of smell appear to be an early indicator of cognitive decline in people with type 2 diabetes. However, it's unknown whether factors such as diet and obesity play a role ...

      Avoiding Inflammatory Foods Can Lower Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

      Diets high in red and processed meat, refined grains and sugary beverages, which have been associated with increased inflammation in the body, can increase subsequent risk of heart disease and stroke ...

      Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy Linked With Child IQ

      A study showed that mothers' vitamin D levels during pregnancy were associated with their children's IQ, suggesting that higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy may lead to greater childhood ...

      High-Sugar Diet Can Damage the Gut, Intensifying Risk for Colitis

      Mice fed diets high in sugar developed worse colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and researchers examining their large intestines found more of the bacteria that can damage the ...

      Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Protein Alternative for Hungry Humans

      Black soldier fly larvae contains more zinc and iron than lean meat and its calcium content is higher than milk. Less than half a hectare of black soldier fly larvae can produce more protein than ...

      Gut Bacteria Associated With Animal-Based Diet May Mitigate Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

      Researchers have found that a type of common gut bacteria sometimes associated with inflammation, abscesses, bowel disease and cancer has a major silver lining: It seems to help prevent ...

      Artificially Sweetened Drinks May Not Be Heart Healthier Than Sugary Drinks

      Sugary drinks and artificially sweetened beverages are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, which suggests artificially sweetened beverages may not be the healthy alternative they ...

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