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      Albert Einstein News
      December 3, 2020

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      Scientists Make Sound-Waves from a Quantum Vacuum at the Black Hole Laboratory

      Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into the behaviour of black ...

      Timekeeping Theory Combines Quantum Clocks and Einstein's Relativity

      Cool research story with connections to atomic clocks, Einstein and quantum mechanics. The research shows the 'spooky' interference that can impact even the most sophisticated ...
      Researchers have proposed a novel method for finding dark matter, the cosmos' mystery material that has eluded detection ...

      Scientists Find Upper Limit for the Speed of Sound

      Scientists have discovered the fastest possible speed of ...
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      Weak Equivalence Principle Violated in Gravitational Waves

      New research proves theoretically that the Weak Equivalence Principle can be violated by quantum particles in gravitational waves - the ripples in spacetime caused by colossal events such as merging ...

      Quantum Paradox Experiment May Lead to More Accurate Clocks and Sensors

      More accurate clocks and sensors may result from a recently proposed experiment, linking an Einstein-devised paradox to quantum mechanics. A physicist said the international collaboration aimed to ...

      Quantum Vacuum: Less Than Zero Energy

      According to quantum physics, energy can be 'borrowed' -- at least for some time. Energies lower than zero are possible, much like a bank account that can be overdrawn. There are, however, ...

      Laser Prototype for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detector

      Researchers have announced a prototype for a laser at the heart of the first space-based gravitational wave observatory, known as the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) ...

      The Magic Wavelength of Cadmium

      Researchers experimentally determined a property of cadmium called the magic wavelength which is considered essential for the development of the most accurate clocks ever envisaged. The researchers ...

      Scientists Detect the Ringing of a Newborn Black Hole for the First Time

      Physicists have 'heard' the ringing of an infant black hole for the first time, and found that the pattern of this ringing does, in fact, predict the black hole's mass and spin -- more ...

      Providing a Solution to the Worst-Ever Prediction in Physics

      A physicist has proposed a new approach to solving one of the biggest theoretical problems in physics: the cosmological ...

      Physicists Mash Quantum and Gravity and Find Time, but Not as We Know It

      Researchers say they have discovered 'a new kind of quantum time order'. The discovery arose from an experiment the team designed to bring together elements of the two big -- but ...

      Lab-Based Dark Energy Experiment Narrows Search Options for Elusive Force

      An experiment to test a popular theory of dark energy has found no evidence of new forces, placing strong constraints on related ...

      Researchers Find Quantum Gravity Has No Symmetry

      Using holography, researchers have found when gravity is combined with quantum mechanics, symmetry is not ...

      Development of a Displacement Sensor to Measure Gravity of Smallest Source Mass Ever

      One of the most unknown phenomena in modern physics is gravity. Its measurement and laws remain somewhat of an enigma. Researchers have revealed important information about a new aspect of the nature ...

      Testing the Symmetry of Space-Time by Means of Atomic Clocks

      According to Einstein the speed of light is always the same. But according to theoretical models of quantum gravitation, this uniformity of space-time does not apply to particles. Physicists have now ...

      New Way to Sense Earthquakes Could Help Improve Early Warning Systems

      Every year earthquakes worldwide claim hundreds or even thousands of lives. Forewarning allows people to head for safety and a matter of seconds could spell the difference between life and death. ...

      Listening to Quantum Radio

      Researchers have created a quantum circuit that enables them to listen to the weakest radio signal allowed by quantum mechanics. This new quantum circuit opens the door to possible future ...

      New NASA Mission Could Find More Than 1,000 Planets

      A NASA telescope that will give humans the largest, deepest, clearest picture of the universe since the Hubble Space Telescope could find as many as 1,400 new planets outside Earth's solar ...

      How Cosmic Events Give Insight Into Fundamental Properties of Matter

      The option to measure the gravitational waves of two merging neutron stars has offered the chance to answer some of the fundamental questions about the structure of matter. At the extremely high ...

      Physicists Uncover the Topological Origin of Surface Electromagnetic Waves

      In work that provides insights for several areas of wave physics -- Maxwell electromagnetism, topological quantum states, and plasmonics/metamaterials -- scientists showed that the well-known surface ...

      How Does a Quantum Particle See the World?

      Researchers have demonstrated that whether an object (in our example, the ball) shows quantum features depends on the reference frame. The physical laws, however, are still independent of ...

      Bose-Einstein Condensates Cannot Currently Detect Gravitational Waves

      The gravitational waves created in the depths of space indeed reach Earth. Their effects, however, are so small that they could only be observed so far using kilometer-long measurement facilities. ...

      Bringing Balance to the Universe: New Theory Could Explain Missing 95 Percent of the Cosmos

      New research could shed light on the 'missing' dark matter and dark energy that make up 95 percent of our universe and yet are wholly invisible to ...

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