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      Electronics News
      December 3, 2020

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      Self-Repairing Gelatin-Based Film Could Be a Smart Move for Electronics

      Dropping a cell phone can sometimes cause superficial cracks to appear. But other times, the device can stop working altogether because fractures develop in the material that stores data. Now, ...

      Game Changer in Thermoelectric Materials Could Unlock Body-Heat Powered Personal Devices

      A breakthrough improvement in ultra-efficient thermoelectric materials, which can convert heat into electricity and vice versa, has great potential ...

      More Skin-Like, Electronic Skin That Can Feel

      A research team has developed a multimodal ion-electronic skin that distinguishes temperature from mechanical stimuli. This skin can detect various movements and is applicable in fields including ...

      Printable, High-Performance Solid-State Electrolyte Films for Next-Generation Batteries

      A team has developed a new method of printing and sintering a variety of solid-state electrolyte thin films called 'printing and radiative ...
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      Spintronics Advances: Controlling Magnetization Direction of Magnetite at Room Temperature

      Spintronics -- based on the principles of electron charge and magnetic spin -- goes beyond the limits of conventional electronics. However, spintronic devices are yet to see advances, because ...

      Carbyne: An Unusual Form of Carbon

      Which photophysical properties does carbyne have? New research has led to a greater understanding of the properties of this unusual form of ...

      Solar Cells: Mapping the Landscape of Caesium Based Inorganic Halide Perovskites

      Scientists have printed and explored different compositions of caesium based halide perovskites. In a temperature range between room temperature and 300 Celsius, they observe structural phase ...

      Zinc-Ion Hybrid Capacitors With Ideal Anions in the Electrolyte Show Extra-Long Performance

      Metal-ion hybrid capacitors combine the properties of capacitors and batteries. One electrode uses the capacitive mechanism, the other the battery-type redox processes. Scientists have now ...

      Ultra-Fast Polymer Modulators That Can Take the Heat

      Researchers have demonstrated a silicon-polymer hybrid modulator that can efficiently and reliably transmit data at 200 Gbit/s over an extremely wide range of temperatures from 25 °C to 110 °C. Use ...

      New Family of Quasiparticles in Graphene-Based Materials

      After years of dedicated research a group of pioneering scientists have again revealed a phenomenon that is 'radically different from textbook physics' and this work has led to the ...

      Key Advance for Printing Circuitry on Wearable Fabrics

      Electronic shirts that keep the wearer comfortably warm or cool, as well as medical fabrics that deliver drugs, monitor the condition of a wound and perform other tasks, may one day be manufactured ...

      Smaller Than Ever: Exploring the Unusual Properties of Quantum-Sized Materials

      Scientists have synthesized sub-nanometer particles with precisely controlled proportions of indium and tin using specific macromolecular templates called dendrimers. Through a screening process ...

      Antiferromagnetic Material's Giant Stride Towards Application

      The quest for high throughput intelligent computing paradigms - for big data and artificial intelligence - and the ever-increasing volume of digital information has led to an intensified demand for ...

      'Smart Wrap' Implant May Help People Better Control Their Bladders

      An implantable smart wrap that fits safely and securely around the bladder may one day help people who have under-active bladders, a condition that hinders patients from urinating regularly and ...

      Turning Heat Into Electric Power With Efficient Organic Thermoelectric Material

      Thermoelectric materials can turn a temperature difference into electricity. Organic thermoelectric materials could be used to power wearable electronics or sensors; however, the power output is ...

      Making 3D Nanosuperconductors With DNA

      A platform for making 3D superconducting nano-architectures with a prescribed organization could find application in quantum computing and ...

      Implantable Sensor Could Measure Bodily Functions -- And Then Safely Biodegrade

      Sensors that monitor a patient's condition during and after medical procedures can be expensive, uncomfortable and even dangerous. Now, an international team of researchers has designed a highly ...

      'Electronic Skin' Promises Cheap and Recyclable Alternative to Wearable Devices

      Researchers are developing a wearable electronic device that's 'really wearable' -- a stretchy and fully-recyclable circuit board that's inspired by, and sticks onto, human ...

      Optimizing the Design of New Materials

      A new approach combines statistical inference, optimization theory, and computational materials physics to design new materials without large amounts of existing ...

      Scientists Design Magnets With Outstanding Properties

      An international team has discovered a novel way to design magnets with outstanding physical properties, which could make them complementary to, or even competitive with traditional inorganic ...

      Swirl Power: How Gentle Body Movement Will Charge Your Mobile Phone

      Scientists have discovered a way to generate electricity from nylon - the stretchy fabric used widely in sportswear and other shape-hugging apparel - raising hopes that the clothes on our backs will ...

      Large-Area Flexible Organic Photodiodes Can Compete With Silicon Devices

      The performance of flexible large-area organic photodiodes has advanced to the point that they can now offer advantages over conventional silicon photodiode technology, particularly for applications ...

      Scientists Work to Shed Light on Standard Model of Particle Physics

      Scientists mapped the magnetic field inside a vacuum with unprecedented accuracy. Results will be used in an experiment to shed light on the Standard Model of particle ...

      Utilizing a 'Krafty' Waste Product: Toward Enhancing Vehicle Fuel Economy

      Researchers have chemically modified Kraft lignin -- ordinarily considered in the paper industry to be a waste product -- and used it to produce quality carbon fiber. When optimized in the future as ...

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