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      Energy and Resources News
      December 3, 2020

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      Shuttering Fossil Fuel Power Plants May Cost Less Than Expected

      Decarbonizing US electricity production will require both construction of renewable energy sources and retirement of power plants now operated by fossil fuels. A generator-level model suggests that ...

      Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Duty Vehicles Could Contribute Significantly to Achieving Climate Goals

      A partial transition of German road transport to hydrogen energy is among the possibilities being discussed to help meet national climate targets. ...

      Research Creates Hydrogen-Producing Living Droplets, Paving Way for Alternative Future Energy Source

      Scientists have built tiny droplet-based microbial factories that produce hydrogen, instead of oxygen, when exposed to daylight in ...

      Supersized Wind Turbines Generate Clean Energy--and Surprising Physics

      As wind energy scales up, researchers study the fluid dynamics ...
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      Novel Chemical Process a First Step to Making Nuclear Fuel With Fire

      Developing safe and sustainable fuels for nuclear energy is an integral part of an energy security ...

      Green Hydrogen: Buoyancy-Driven Convection in the Electrolyte

      Hydrogen produced by using solar energy could contribute to a climate neutral energy system of the future. But there are hurdles on the way from laboratory scale to large-scale implementation. A team ...

      New Semiconductor Coating May Pave Way for Future Green Fuels

      Hydrogen gas and methanol for fuel cells or as raw materials for the chemicals industry, for example, could be produced more sustainably using sunlight, a new study shows. In this study, researchers ...

      New Technique Seamlessly Converts Ammonia to Green Hydrogen

      Researchers have developed a highly effective, environmentally friendly method for converting ammonia into hydrogen. The new technique is a major step forward for enabling a zero-pollution, ...

      System Can Sterilize Medical Tools Using Solar Heat

      Autoclaves, which are used to sterilize medical tools, require a steady supply of hot, pressurized steam. Researchers have come up with a way to generate that steam passively, using just the power of ...

      Faster Detection of Photocatalyst-Generated Oxygen Has Big Implications for Clean Energy

      In the future, hydrogen produced from sunlight and water using photocatalysts could provide a source of clean energy. Researchers have developed a method to detect the oxygen produced from this ...

      A New Understanding of Ionic Interactions With Graphene and Water

      New findings could inform design of environmental technologies behind water purification processes and electric energy ...

      Scientists Defy Nature to Make Insta-Bling at Room Temperature

      An international team of scientists has defied nature to make diamonds in minutes in a laboratory at room temperature - a process that normally requires billions of years, huge amounts of pressure ...

      Oil Droplet 'Predators' Chase Oil Droplet Prey

      Oil droplets can be made to act like predators, chasing down other droplets that flee like prey mimicking behavior seen among living ...

      In Retrospect, the Burning of Wood in District Heating Plants Has Resulted in Climate Saving

      A new report shows that the burning of wood is significantly more climate friendly than coal and slightly more climate friendly than natural gas over the long run. For the first time, researchers ...

      Convenient Antioxidant Capacity Measurement of Food

      Japanese researchers have developed a system to quickly and easily measure the antioxidant capacity of food. The new electrochemical system uses Bicontinuous Microemulsion (BME), where a mixture of ...

      New Tool Predicts Geological Movement and the Flow of Groundwater in Old Coalfields

      A remote monitoring tool can help authorities manage public safety and environmental issues in recently abandoned coal mines. The tool uses satellite radar imagery to capture millimeter-scale ...

      Zinc-Ion Hybrid Capacitors With Ideal Anions in the Electrolyte Show Extra-Long Performance

      Metal-ion hybrid capacitors combine the properties of capacitors and batteries. One electrode uses the capacitive mechanism, the other the battery-type redox processes. Scientists have now ...

      How to Improve Natural Gas Production in Shale

      A new hydrocarbon study contradicts conventional wisdom about how methane is trapped in rock, revealing a new strategy to more easily access the valuable energy ...

      Advancing Fusion Energy Through Improved Understanding of Fast Plasma Particles

      Scientists have developed a unique program to track the zig-zagging dance of hot, charged plasma particles that fuel fusion ...

      Environmentally Friendly Method Could Lower Costs to Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries

      A new process for restoring spent cathodes to mint condition could make it more economical to recycle lithium-ion batteries. The process, developed by nanoengineers, is more environmentally friendly ...

      Prototype Fuel Gauge for Orbit

      Liquids aren't as well behaved in space as they are on Earth. Inside a spacecraft, microgravity allows liquids to freely slosh and float about. This behavior has made fuel quantity in satellites ...

      Catalyzing a Zero-Carbon World by Harvesting Energy from Living Cells

      Scientists have achieved a breakthrough in converting energy-deficient metabolites to a biorenewable resource thanks to a versatile ...

      Identifying the Microscopic Mechanism of Vibrational Energy Harvesters

      The Japanese research team elucidated the microscopic mechanism in which amorphous silica becomes negatively charged as a vibrational energy harvester, which is anticipated to achieve self-power ...

      Tips for Making Nanographene

      Nanographene is a material that is anticipated to radically improve solar cells, fuel cells, LEDs and more. Typically the synthesis of this material has been imprecise and difficult to control. For ...

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