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      Optics News
      December 3, 2020

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      Nanomaterials Enable Dual-Mode Heating and Cooling Device

      Engineers have demonstrated a dual-mode heating and cooling device for building climate control that, if widely deployed in the U.S., could cut HVAC energy use by nearly 20 percent. The invention ...
      Astronomers developed a new method to calibrate detectors to the light from dust in our Galaxy, thereby describing a new physics, with 99.2 percent accuracy, that may show ...

      A Shapeshifting Material Based on Inorganic Matter

      By embedding titanium-based sheets in water, a group led by scientists has created a material using inorganic materials that can be converted from a hard gel to soft matter using temperature changes, ...

      New Findings on Nature's UV Sunscreens

      Research has provided a new insight into the behavior of nature's own UV sunscreens when they are exposed to other parts of the light ...
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      Safe Ultraviolet Light Could Be Used to Sterilize High-Risk COVID-19 Environments

      Research is paving the way for a new solution to kill aerosolized COVID-19 in enclosed environments such as hospitals and long-term care facilities. Computational modelling has shown that low dose ...

      Taking a Shine to Polymers: Fluorescent Molecule Betrays the Breakdown of Polymer Materials

      Scientists have come up with a simple method to evaluate the strength and performance of polymer materials. They hope that their work will enable scientists and engineers to better evaluate the ...

      Enzymatic Photocaging for the Study of Gene Regulation Through DNA Methylation

      The addition and removal of methyl groups on DNA plays an important role in gene regulation. In order to study these mechanisms more precisely, a team has developed a new method by which specific ...

      AI System Discovers Useful New Material

      When the words 'artificial intelligence' (AI) come to mind, your first thoughts may be of super-smart computers, or robots that perform tasks without needing any help from humans. Now, a ...

      Laser Technology: New Trick for Infrared Laser Pulses

      For a long time, scientists have been looking for simple methods to produce infrared laser pulses. Now a new method has been presented that does not require large experimental setups; it can be ...

      Controlling Fully Integrated Nanodiamonds

      Physicists have succeeded in fully integrating nanodiamonds into nanophotonic circuits and at the same time addressing several of these nanodiamonds optically. The study creates the basis for future ...

      Researchers Overcome Barriers for Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Harvesting Materials

      Inspired by nature, researchers can demonstrate a synthetic strategy to stabilize bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials. Their findings could be a significant breakthrough in functionalizing ...

      Scientists Make Sound-Waves from a Quantum Vacuum at the Black Hole Laboratory

      Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into the behaviour of black ...

      Light-Controlled Nanomachine Controls Catalysis

      The vision of the future of miniaturization has produced a series of synthetic molecular motors that are driven by a range of energy sources and can carry out various movements. A research group has ...

      Improving Quantum Dot Interactions, One Layer at a Time

      Scientists have found a way to control an interaction between quantum dots that could greatly improve charge transport, leading to more efficient solar ...

      Breaking the Power and Speed Limit of Lasers

      Researchers have developed a new design of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) that demonstrates record-fast temporal ...

      Existing UV Light Technology Has Potential to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission Indoors

      A recent study has shown that a UV light technology already used to prevent the spread of other airborne diseases in buildings has the potential to be effective against ...

      Faster Detection of Photocatalyst-Generated Oxygen Has Big Implications for Clean Energy

      In the future, hydrogen produced from sunlight and water using photocatalysts could provide a source of clean energy. Researchers have developed a method to detect the oxygen produced from this ...

      New Electronic Chip Delivers Smarter, Light-Powered AI

      New tech combines the core software needed to drive AI with image-capturing hardware - in one electronic chip. The light-driven prototype device imitates the way the human brain processes visual ...

      Order from Chaos: Seemingly Random Photonic Crystals Greatly Improve Laser Scanning

      Engineers have developed a new beam scanning device utilizing photonic crystals, eliminating the use of mechanical mirrors. The team found that modulating the shape and position of the lattice allows ...

      Could Your Vacuum Be Listening to You?

      A team of researchers demonstrated that popular robotic household vacuum cleaners can be remotely hacked to act as ...

      Quantifying Quantumness: A Mathematical Project 'of Immense Beauty'

      Large objects behave in accordance with the classical laws of mechanics formulated by Sir Isaac Newton and small ones are governed by quantum mechanics, where an object can behave as both a wave and ...

      New Technology Allows More Precise View of the Smallest Nanoparticles

      Scientists have reported a new optical imaging technology, using a glass side covered with gold nanodiscs that allows them to monitor changes in the transmission of light and determine the ...

      Understanding Astrophysics With Laser-Accelerated Protons

      Bringing huge amounts of protons up to speed in the shortest distance in fractions of a second -- that's what laser acceleration technology, greatly improved in recent years, can do. An ...

      Highly Sensitive Detection of Circularly Polarized Light Without a Filter

      Scientists developed a photodiode using a crystalline film composed of lead perovskite compounds with organic chiral molecules to detect circularly polarized light without a filter. It is expected as ...

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