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      Nature of Water News
      December 3, 2020

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      Physicists Capture the Sound of a Perfect Fluid

      Physicists have observed sound waves moving through a 'perfect' fluid. The results should help scientists study the viscosity in neutron stars, the plasma of the early universe, and other strongly ...

      New Microscope Technique Reveals Details of Droplet Nucleation

      A new microscopy technique allows researchers to directly observe the process of nucleation, which leads to the formation of droplets and bubbles on surfaces. The advance may facilitate the design of ...

      How Does the Spider Spin Its Self-Assembled Silk?

      Researchers report on a new model for spider silk assembly. The key to spider silk 'spinning' is a combination of acidification and a process known as liquid-liquid phase separation, or ...
      Using X-ray lasers, researchers have been able to follow the transformation between two distinct different liquid states of water. At around minus 63 Celsius, the two liquids ...
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      Lab Closed? Head to the Kitchen

      Studies explore fluids in pancakes, beer, and the kitchen ...

      Breaking the Ice on Melting and Freezing

      Researchers have shared new insights into melting icebergs and lake ice ...

      Green Hydrogen: Buoyancy-Driven Convection in the Electrolyte

      Hydrogen produced by using solar energy could contribute to a climate neutral energy system of the future. But there are hurdles on the way from laboratory scale to large-scale implementation. A team ...

      A New Understanding of Ionic Interactions With Graphene and Water

      New findings could inform design of environmental technologies behind water purification processes and electric energy ...

      Oil Droplet 'Predators' Chase Oil Droplet Prey

      Oil droplets can be made to act like predators, chasing down other droplets that flee like prey mimicking behavior seen among living ...

      Plastic Pollution Is Everywhere. Study Reveals How It Travels

      A study reveals the mechanism by which microplastics, like Styrofoam, and particulate pollutants are carried long distances through soil and other porous media, with implications for preventing the ...

      Researchers Create Armored Emulsions as Tiny Test Tubes for Parallel Reactions

      Bioengineers and mathematicians have invented the first-ever 'armored' emulsions. The armor comes in the form of tiny soft U-shaped cups, about a half-millimeter in length. With a ...

      Cysteine Synthesis Was a Key Step in the Origin of Life

      All proteins are built from the same 20 amino acids. One of these, cysteine, was assumed not to have been present at the origin of life. In a new study, scientists have recreated how cysteine was ...

      Prototype Fuel Gauge for Orbit

      Liquids aren't as well behaved in space as they are on Earth. Inside a spacecraft, microgravity allows liquids to freely slosh and float about. This behavior has made fuel quantity in satellites ...

      Time for a New State of Matter in High-Temperature Superconductors

      Scientists have pointed out how to create a 'time crystal' in an intriguing class of materials, the high-temperature superconductors. They propose to drive these superconducting materials ...

      Folding Proteins Feel the Heat, and Cold

      A new study shows proteins that presumably evolved to avoid water as they fold may actually behave in ways scientists did not ...

      Silicone Surface Mimics Topology, Wettability of a Real Human Tongue

      The tongue helps people taste food, but structures on its surface also help them sense textures -- something that's also very important when savoring a meal. Now, researchers have made a 3D ...

      Modelling Microswimmers for Drug Delivery

      Theoretical physicists have modeled the motion of microscopic, motile bodies - either powered micro-machines or living cells - in viscous liquid drops, using the Navier-Stokes equations. This work ...

      Sticky Electrons: When Repulsion Turns Into Attraction

      Scientists explain what happens at a strange 'border line' in materials science: Under certain conditions, materials change from well-known behavior to different, partly unexplained ...

      A Better Understanding of Coral Skeleton Growth Suggests Ways to Restore Reefs

      Physicists observed reef-forming corals at the nanoscale and identified how they create their skeletons. The results provide an explanation for how corals are resistant to acidifying oceans and ...

      Blue Whirl Flame Structure Revealed With Supercomputers

      Main structure and flow structure of 'blue whirl' flame revealed through supercomputer simulations. Flame simulations entailed four million CPU hours. Further research on blue whirls might ...

      Water Predictions: Telling When a Nanolithography Mold Will Break Through Droplets

      Ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography is powerful method of producing polymer nanostructures by pressing a curable resin onto a mold. However, there are no convenient methods to determine the lifetime ...

      Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes of the Future

      The right indoor lighting can help set the mood, from a soft romantic glow to bright, stimulating colors. But some materials used for lighting, such as plastics, are not eco-friendly. Now, ...

      Desalination: Industrial-Strength Brine, Meet Your Kryptonite

      A thin coating of the 2D nanomaterial hexagonal boron nitride is the key ingredient in a cost-effective technology developed by engineers for desalinating industrial-strength ...

      Squid Jet Propulsion Can Enhance Design of Underwater Robots, Vehicles

      Squids use a form of jet propulsion that is not well understood, especially when it comes to their hydrodynamics under turbulent flow conditions. Discovering their secrets can help create new designs ...

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