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      Organic Chemistry News
      December 3, 2020

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      A Shapeshifting Material Based on Inorganic Matter

      By embedding titanium-based sheets in water, a group led by scientists has created a material using inorganic materials that can be converted from a hard gel to soft matter using temperature changes, ...

      How Does the Spider Spin Its Self-Assembled Silk?

      Researchers report on a new model for spider silk assembly. The key to spider silk 'spinning' is a combination of acidification and a process known as liquid-liquid phase separation, or ...

      Getting to the Core of Nuclear Speckles

      Scientists have identified the molecules that form the scaffold of nuclear speckles. The two proteins in question are SON and SRRM2, which are present in different variations throughout the entire ...

      Research Creates Hydrogen-Producing Living Droplets, Paving Way for Alternative Future Energy Source

      Scientists have built tiny droplet-based microbial factories that produce hydrogen, instead of oxygen, when exposed to daylight in ...
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      Using Strain to Control Oxynitride Properties

      Scientists have stumbled onto a simple method for controlling the introduction of defects, called 'vacancy layers', into perovskite oxynitrides, leading to changes in their physical ...

      CRISPRi Screens Reveal Sources of Metabolic Robustness in E. Coli

      Metabolic robustness, the ability of a metabolic system to buffer changes in its environment, is not always a welcome feature for microbiologists: it interferes with metabolic engineering or prevents ...

      Enzymatic Photocaging for the Study of Gene Regulation Through DNA Methylation

      The addition and removal of methyl groups on DNA plays an important role in gene regulation. In order to study these mechanisms more precisely, a team has developed a new method by which specific ...

      Super-Resolution 'Street View' Microscopy Hits the SPOT

      An advanced technique called SPOT is giving researchers a opportunities to study the sophisticated world of lipid dynamics within ...

      Researchers Overcome Barriers for Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Harvesting Materials

      Inspired by nature, researchers can demonstrate a synthetic strategy to stabilize bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials. Their findings could be a significant breakthrough in functionalizing ...

      Folding of SARS-CoV2 Genome Reveals Drug Targets -- And Preparation for 'SARS-CoV3'

      Researchers report having observed the RNA folding structures of the SARS-CoV2 genome with which the virus controls the infection process. Since these structures are very similar among various beta ...

      Supramolecular Chemistry: Self-Constructed Folded Macrocycles With Low Symmetry

      The synthesis and self-organization of biological macromolecules is essential for life on earth. Chemists now report the spontaneous emergence of complex ring-shaped macromolecules with low degrees ...

      Biofriendly Protocells Pump Up Blood Vessels

      Researchers have prepared synthetic protocells coated in red blood cell fragments for use as nitric oxide generating bio-bots within blood ...

      Scientists have generated a huge true random number using DNA synthesis. It is the first time that a number of this magnitude has been created by biochemical ...

      Light-Controlled Nanomachine Controls Catalysis

      The vision of the future of miniaturization has produced a series of synthetic molecular motors that are driven by a range of energy sources and can carry out various movements. A research group has ...

      A Sulfur Molecule to Block the Coronavirus

      Some viruses can get inside cells via a mechanism that involves sulfur organic molecules. Chemists have discovered effective inhibitors and blocked the uptake of ...

      Vibrations of Coronavirus Proteins May Play a Role in Infection

      New research finds vibrations of the protein spikes on coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, play a crucial part in allowing the virus to penetrate human cells. The findings could help determine how ...

      Algae Breathe Life Into 3D Engineered Tissues

      3D bioprinted algae can be harnessed as a sustainable source of oxygen for human cells in engineered vascularized tissues, researchers report. They embedded the bioprinted photosynthetic algae, along ...

      New Semiconductor Coating May Pave Way for Future Green Fuels

      Hydrogen gas and methanol for fuel cells or as raw materials for the chemicals industry, for example, could be produced more sustainably using sunlight, a new study shows. In this study, researchers ...

      A DNA-Based Nanogel for Targeted Chemotherapy

      Current chemotherapy regimens slow cancer progression and save lives, but these powerful drugs affect both healthy and cancerous cells. Now, researchers have designed DNA-based nanogels that only ...

      New Technique Seamlessly Converts Ammonia to Green Hydrogen

      Researchers have developed a highly effective, environmentally friendly method for converting ammonia into hydrogen. The new technique is a major step forward for enabling a zero-pollution, ...

      Faster Detection of Photocatalyst-Generated Oxygen Has Big Implications for Clean Energy

      In the future, hydrogen produced from sunlight and water using photocatalysts could provide a source of clean energy. Researchers have developed a method to detect the oxygen produced from this ...

      A More Sensitive Way to Detect Circulating Tumor Cells

      Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women, and metastasis from the breast to other areas of the body is the leading cause of death in these patients. Detecting circulating tumor ...

      Machine Learning Innovation to Develop Chemical Library

      Innovators are using machine learning models to create new options for drug discovery pipelines. Innovators have introduced chemical reactivity flowcharts to help chemists interpret reaction outcomes ...

      A New Understanding of Ionic Interactions With Graphene and Water

      New findings could inform design of environmental technologies behind water purification processes and electric energy ...

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