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      Physics News
      December 2, 2020

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      Astronomers developed a new method to calibrate detectors to the light from dust in our Galaxy, thereby describing a new physics, with 99.2 percent accuracy, that may show ...

      Quantum Nanodiamonds May Help Detect Disease Earlier

      The quantum sensing abilities of nanodiamonds can be used to improve the sensitivity of paper-based diagnostic tests, potentially allowing for earlier detection of diseases such as HIV, according to ...

      Neutrinos Yield First Experimental Evidence of Catalyzed Fusion Dominant in Many Stars

      Scientists report the detection of neutrinos from the sun, directly revealing for the first time that the carbon-nitrogen-oxygen (CNO) fusion-cycle ...

      Sound Waves Power New Advances in Drug Delivery and Smart Materials

      Sound waves have been part of science and medicine for decades, but the technologies have always relied on low frequencies. Now researchers have revealed how high frequency sound waves could ...
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      Controlling Fully Integrated Nanodiamonds

      Physicists have succeeded in fully integrating nanodiamonds into nanophotonic circuits and at the same time addressing several of these nanodiamonds optically. The study creates the basis for future ...

      Scientists Make Sound-Waves from a Quantum Vacuum at the Black Hole Laboratory

      Researchers have developed a new theory for observing a quantum vacuum that could lead to new insights into the behaviour of black ...

      Light-Controlled Nanomachine Controls Catalysis

      The vision of the future of miniaturization has produced a series of synthetic molecular motors that are driven by a range of energy sources and can carry out various movements. A research group has ...

      Improving Quantum Dot Interactions, One Layer at a Time

      Scientists have found a way to control an interaction between quantum dots that could greatly improve charge transport, leading to more efficient solar ...

      Predicting Forces Between Oddly Shaped Nanoparticles

      Materials scientists have devised a simplified method for calculating the forces that cause nanoparticles to self-assemble. With this new model and graphical user interface, researchers will be able ...

      Breaking the Power and Speed Limit of Lasers

      Researchers have developed a new design of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) that demonstrates record-fast temporal ...

      Mystery Solved: 'New Kind of Electrons'

      Why do certain materials emit electrons with a very specific energy? This has been a mystery for decades - scientists have now found an ...

      Machine Learning Innovation to Develop Chemical Library

      Innovators are using machine learning models to create new options for drug discovery pipelines. Innovators have introduced chemical reactivity flowcharts to help chemists interpret reaction outcomes ...

      Spintronics Advances: Controlling Magnetization Direction of Magnetite at Room Temperature

      Spintronics -- based on the principles of electron charge and magnetic spin -- goes beyond the limits of conventional electronics. However, spintronic devices are yet to see advances, because ...

      A New Understanding of Ionic Interactions With Graphene and Water

      New findings could inform design of environmental technologies behind water purification processes and electric energy ...

      Sensor Experts Invent Supercool Mini Thermometer

      Researchers have invented a miniature thermometer with big potential applications such as monitoring the temperature of processor chips in superconductor-based quantum computers, which must stay cold ...

      Quantifying Quantumness: A Mathematical Project 'of Immense Beauty'

      Large objects behave in accordance with the classical laws of mechanics formulated by Sir Isaac Newton and small ones are governed by quantum mechanics, where an object can behave as both a wave and ...

      Quantum Tunneling Pushes the Limits of Self-Powered Sensors

      Using quantum tunneling, scientists have developed self-powered sensors that can run for more than a ...

      Novel Analytic Approach Enhances Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signal Detection in Previously 'Invisible' Regions

      First introduced into wide use in the middle of the 20th century, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has since become an indispensable technique for examining materials down to their atoms, revealing ...

      New Technology Allows More Precise View of the Smallest Nanoparticles

      Scientists have reported a new optical imaging technology, using a glass side covered with gold nanodiscs that allows them to monitor changes in the transmission of light and determine the ...

      Understanding Astrophysics With Laser-Accelerated Protons

      Bringing huge amounts of protons up to speed in the shortest distance in fractions of a second -- that's what laser acceleration technology, greatly improved in recent years, can do. An ...

      Looking Inside the Glass

      Scientists used electron spectroscopy to probe the coordination structures formed by the silicon atoms in aluminosilicate glass. This work may lead to innovations in the touchscreen and solar panel ...

      New Method Brings Physics to Deep Learning to Better Simulate Turbulence

      Deep learning, also called machine learning, reproduces data to model problem scenarios and offer solutions. However, some problems in physics are unknown or cannot be represented in detail ...

      Genetic Code Evolution and Darwin's Evolution Theory Should Consider DNA an 'Energy Code'

      Darwin's theory of evolution should be expanded to include consideration of a DNA stability 'energy code' -- so-called 'molecular Darwinism' -- to further account for the ...

      Quantum Algorithm Breakthrough

      Physicists report the development of a quantum algorithm with the potential to study a class of many-electron quantums system using quantum ...

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