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      Solar Energy News
      December 3, 2020

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      Researchers Overcome Barriers for Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Harvesting Materials

      Inspired by nature, researchers can demonstrate a synthetic strategy to stabilize bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials. Their findings ...

      New Green Materials Could Power Smart Devices Using Ambient Light

      Researchers have developed environmentally friendly materials that could harvest enough energy from indoor light to power wireless smart ...

      Making a Case for Organic Rankine Cycles in Waste Heat Recovery

      Researchers say that cascaded organic Rankine cycle systems could improve the way in which environmentally-friendly power is generated from waste ...

      'Transparent Solar Cells' Can Take Us Towards a New Era of Personalized Energy

      Solar power has shown immense potential as a futuristic, 'clean' source of energy. No wonder environmentalists worldwide have been looking for ways ...
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      How to Design Organic Solar Cell Materials

      Scientists have recently scrutinized organic solar cells and derived design rules for light-absorbing dyes that can help to make these cells more efficient, while tailoring the absorption spectrum of ...

      Material Properties for Longer-Lasting, More Efficient Solar Cells

      Researchers are helping to understand the fundamental processes in a material known as perovskites, work that could lead to more efficient solar cells that also do a better job of resisting ...

      Powering the Future: New Insights Into How Alkali-Metal Doped Flexible Solar Cells Work

      A group of scientists has discovered that the amount of alkali metal introduced into crystals of flexible thin-film solar cells influences the path that charge carriers take to traverse between ...

      Turning Streetwear Into Solar Power Plants

      Researchers have developed a material that works like a luminescent solar concentrator and can even be applied to textiles. This opens up numerous possibilities for producing energy directly where it ...

      Colorful Perovskites: Thermochromic Window Technologies

      Scientists report a breakthrough in developing a next-generation thermochromic window that not only reduces the need for air conditioning but simultaneously generates ...

      Tough Love: Intense Glare Helps Next-Gen Solar Tech Through Awkward Phase

      Researchers have shown that high-intensity light will reverse light-induced phase segregation in mixed-halide perovskites, enabling bandgap control and maximizing efficiency for potential ...

      Detecting Early-Stage Failure in Electric Power Conversion Devices

      Researchers used acoustic emission during power cycling tests to monitor in real time the complete failure process--from the earliest stages -- in silicon carbide Schottsky diodes. This development ...

      Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

      Scientists have revealed the significant improvements they are making in perovskite-based solar ...

      New Solar Panel Design Could Lead to Wider Use of Renewable Energy

      Researchers say the breakthrough could lead to the production of thinner, lighter and more flexible solar panels that could be used to power more homes and be used in a wider range of ...

      Team Extracts More Energy from Sunlight With Advanced Solar Panels

      Researchers working to maximize solar panel efficiency said layering advanced materials atop traditional silicon is a promising path to eke more energy out of sunlight. A new study shows that by ...

      Teaching an Old Spectroscope New Tricks

      Researchers have improved a method for probing semiconducting crystals with light to detect defects and impurities. The details of their 'omnidirectional photoluminescence (ODPL) ...

      Blocking Vibrations That Remove Heat Could Boost Efficiency of Next-Gen Solar Cells

      A study of a solar-energy material with a bright future revealed a way to slow phonons, the waves that transport heat. The discovery could improve novel hot-carrier solar cells, which convert ...

      Chemical Innovation Stabilizes Best-Performing Perovskite Formulation

      Researchers have successfully overcome a limiting problem with stabilizing the best-performing formulation of metal-halide perovskite films, a key player in a range of applications, including solar ...

      Untapped Potential Exists for Blending Hydropower, Floating Solar Panels

      Hybrid systems of floating solar panels and hydropower plants may hold the technical potential to produce a significant portion of the electricity generated annually across the globe, according to a ...

      Air Pollution Leads to Increase in Electricity Usage

      High levels of air pollution are forcing people inside to consume more electricity, subsequently causing even greater environmental problems by increasing greenhouse gas ...

      Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells With Enhanced Stability and Minimized Lead Leakage

      While the power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells (PVSCs) has already greatly improved in the past decade, the problems of instability and potential environmental impact are yet to be ...

      NASA's IRIS Spots Nanojets: Shining Light on Heating the Solar Corona

      Researchers report the first ever clear images of nanojets -- bright thin lights that travel perpendicular to the magnetic structures in the solar atmosphere, called the corona -- in a process that ...

      Researcher Analyzes the Use of Solar Energy at US Airports

      By studying 488 public airports in the United States, researchers found that 20% of them have adopted solar photovoltaic (PV), commonly known as solar panels, over the last ...

      Mirror-Like Photovoltaics Get More Electricity out of Heat

      New heat-harnessing 'solar' cells that reflect 99% of the energy they can't convert to electricity could help bring down the price of storing renewable energy as heat, as well as ...

      Theoretically, Two Layers Are Better Than One for Solar-Cell Efficiency

      Solar cells have come a long way, but inexpensive, thin film solar cells are still far behind more expensive, crystalline solar cells in efficiency. Now, a team of researchers suggests that using two ...

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