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      Spintronics News
      December 3, 2020

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      A New Candidate Material for Quantum Spin Liquids

      Using a unique material, scientists have been able to design and study an unusual state of matter, the Quantum Spin Liquid. The work has significant implications for future technologies, from quantum ...

      Breakthrough Quantum-Dot Transistors Create a Flexible Alternative to Conventional Electronics

      Researchers have created fundamental electronic building blocks out of tiny structures known as quantum dots and used them to assemble functional ...

      Odds Are Good for Unique 2D Compound

      Engineers make 2D materials for valleytronics, a platform for information processing and storage that relies on the manipulation of electrons' positions in energetic ...

      Reviewing Multiferroics for Future, Low-Energy Data Storage

      Big data and exponential demands for computations are driving an unsustainable rise in global ICT energy use. A new study reviews the use of the 'multiferroic' material bismuth-ferrite, which allows ...
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      Spintronics Advances: Controlling Magnetization Direction of Magnetite at Room Temperature

      Spintronics -- based on the principles of electron charge and magnetic spin -- goes beyond the limits of conventional electronics. However, spintronic devices are yet to see advances, because ...

      Connecting Two Classes of Unconventional Superconductors

      The understanding of unconventional superconductivity is one of the most challenging and fascinating tasks of solid-state physics. Different classes of unconventional superconductors share that ...

      Stacking and Twisting Graphene Unlocks a Rare Form of Magnetism

      A team of researchers has discovered that a variety of exotic electronic states, including a rare form of magnetism, can arise in a three-layer graphene ...

      Diamonds Are a Quantum Scientist's Best Friend

      New research details the phenomenon of what is called 'triplet superconductivity' in diamond. Triplet superconductivity occurs when electrons move in a composite spin state rather than as a ...

      Experiments With Twisted 2D Materials Catch Electrons Behaving Collectively

      A team reports that carefully constructed stacks of graphene -- a 2D form of carbon -- can exhibit highly correlated electron properties. The team also found evidence that this type of collective ...

      Spin Clean-Up Method Brings Practical Quantum Computers Closer to Reality

      Researchers create a quantum algorithm that removes spin contaminants while making chemical calculations on quantum computers. This allows for predictions of electronic and molecular behavior with ...

      New Possibilities for Working With Quantum Information

      The spin of particles can be manipulated by a magnetic field. This principle is the basic idea behind magnetic resonance imaging as used in hospitals. A surprising effect has now been discovered in ...

      New Design Principles for Spin-Based Quantum Materials

      A new design criteria for enhancing the spin lifetime of a class of quantum materials could support Internet of Things devices and other resource-intensive ...

      Self-Induced Ultrafast Demagnetization Limits the Amount of Light Diffracted from Magnetic Samples at Soft X-Ray Energies

      Free electron X-ray lasers deliver intense ultrashort pulses of x-rays, which can be used to image nanometer-scale objects in a single shot. When the x-ray wavelength is tuned to an electronic ...

      Reviewing the Quantum Material 'Engine Room'

      An Australian collaboration reviews the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), one of the most fascinating and important recent discoveries in condensed-matter physics. QAHE allows zero-resistance ...

      New Way of Controlling Conductivity of Materials at the Nanoscale

      A new discovery is an important step towards smaller, more advanced electronics. And maybe more environmentally friendly gadgets, ...

      Quirky Response to Magnetism Presents Quantum Physics Mystery

      Scientists describe the quirky behavior of one such magnetic topological insulator. The new article includes experimental evidence that intrinsic magnetism in the bulk of manganese bismuth telluride ...

      New Technology Lets Quantum Bits Hold Information for 10,000 Times Longer Than Previous Record

      Quantum bits, or qubits, can hold quantum information much longer now thanks to efforts by an international research team. The researchers have increased the retention time, or coherence time, to 10 ...

      Nanoearthquakes Control Spin Centers in SiC

      Researchers have demonstrated the use of elastic vibrations to manipulate the spin states of optically active color centers in SiC at room temperature. They show a non-trivial dependence of the ...

      Storing Information in Antiferromagnetic Materials

      Researchers have now not only been able to show that information storage in antiferromagnetic materials is fundamentally possible, but also to measure how efficiently information can be written ...

      Ultrafast Electrons in Magnetic Oxides: A New Direction for Spintronics?

      Special metal oxides could one day replace semiconductor materials that are commonly used today in processors. Now, for the first time, researchers were able to observe how electronic charge ...

      A Stepping Stone for Measuring Quantum Gravity

      A group of theoretical physicists have proposed a 'table-top' device that could measure gravity waves. However, their actual aim is to answer one of the biggest questions in physics: is ...

      Mathematical Tool Helps Calculate Properties of Quantum Materials More Quickly

      Many quantum materials have been nearly impossible to simulate mathematically because the computing time required is too long. Now engineers have demonstrated a way to considerably reduce the ...

      Simple Mod Makes Quantum States Last 10,000 Times Longer

      A team of scientists has announced the discovery of a simple modification that allows quantum systems to stay operational -- or 'coherent' -- 10,000 times longer than ...

      New Advance in Superconductors With 'Twist' in Rhombohedral Graphite

      An international research team has revealed a nanomaterial that mirrors the 'magic angle' effect originally found in a complex human-made structure known as twisted bilayer graphene -- a ...

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