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      Telecommunications News
      December 3, 2020

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      Ultrathin Spray-Applied MXene Antennas Are Ready for 5G

      New antennas so thin that they can be sprayed into place are also robust enough to provide a strong signal at bandwidths that will be used by fifth-generation (5G) mobile devices. Performance results ...

      System Brings Deep Learning to 'Internet of Things' Devices

      A new system brings machine learning to microcontrollers. The advance could enhance the function and security of devices connected to the Internet of Things ...

      A New Spin on Atoms Gives Scientists a Closer Look at Quantum Weirdness

      A team of researchers has developed a new way to control and measure atoms that are so close together no optical lens can distinguish ...

      Extreme Events in Quantum Cascade Lasers

      Based on a quantum cascade laser (QCL) emitting mid-infrared light, the researchers developed a basic optical neuron system operating 10,000× faster than biological ...
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      Breaking the Power and Speed Limit of Lasers

      Researchers have developed a new design of vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) that demonstrates record-fast temporal ...

      Miniature Antenna Enables Robotic Teaming in Complex Environments

      A new, miniature, low-frequency antenna with enhanced bandwidth will enable robust networking among compact, mobile robots in complex ...

      Scientists Take New Spin on Quantum Research

      Researchers discovered a way to further enhance quantum systems to provide soldiers with more reliable and secure capabilities on the ...

      Affordable and Scalable Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor

      Scientists have developed a highly sensitive, accurate and affordable carbon-based nitrogen dioxide sensor. The gas sensor could provide accurate readings of the nitrogen dioxide levels in the local ...

      What Violin Synchronization Can Teach Us About Better Networking in Complex Times

      A new study suggests by using a model of violin synchronization in a network of violin players, there are ways to drown out distractions and miscommunications that could be used as a model for human ...

      Implantable Transmitter Provides Wireless Option for Biomedical Devices

      Engineers have developed a fully implantable radio-frequency transmitter chip for wireless sensor nodes and biomedical ...

      Faster LEDs for Wireless Communications from Invisible Light

      Researchers have solved a major problem for optical wireless communications - the process by which light carries information between cell phones and other devices. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) pulse ...

      Randomness Theory Could Hold Key to Internet Security

      Researchers identified a problem that holds the key to whether all encryption can be broken -- as well as a surprising connection to a mathematical concept that aims to define and measure ...

      New Technology Speeds Up Organic Data Transfer

      An international research team developed visible light communication (VLC) setup capable of a data rate of 2.2 Mb/s by employing a new type of organic light-emitting diodes ...

      No Association Found Between Exposure to Mobile Devices and Brain Volume Alterations in Adolescents

      A new study of 2,500 Dutch children is the first to explore the relationship between brain volume and different doses of radiofrequency electromagnetic ...

      Using Cellular Networks to Detect at-Risk Areas for Spread of COVID-19

      In the fight against COVID-19, researchers have developed a new, non-invasive strategy to identify areas at greatest risk for spreading the disease. The team is drawing on data from existing cellular ...

      Strainoptronics: A New Way to Control Photons

      Researchers discovered a new way to engineer optoelectronic devices by stretching a two-dimensional material on top of a silicon photonic ...

      Adding Noise for Completely Secure Communication

      How can we protect communications against 'eavesdropping' if we don't trust the devices used in the process? This is one of the main questions in quantum cryptography research. ...

      Record-High Data Transmission Using a Soliton Crystal

      Researchers have achieved world record-high data transmission over 75 km of standard optical fiber using a powerful class of micro-comb called soliton ...

      World's Fastest Internet Speed from a Single Optical Chip

      A research team has recorded the world's fastest internet speed from a single optical chip of 44.2 Terabits per ...

      Researchers Boost Microwave Signal Stability a Hundredfold

      Researchers have used state-of-the-art atomic clocks, advanced light detectors, and a measurement tool called a frequency comb to boost the stability of microwave signals 100-fold. This marks a giant ...

      Light, Sound, Action: Extending the Life of Acoustic Waves on Microchips

      Data centres and digital information processors are reaching their capacity limits and producing heat. Foundational work here on optical-acoustic microchips opens door to low-heat, low-energy, fast ...

      Researchers Solve 'Link Discovery' Problem for Terahertz Data Networks

      A team of researchers has demonstrated a way to help devices to find each other in the ultra-fast terahertz data networks of the ...

      Photonic Microwave Generation Using on-Chip Optical Frequency Combs

      Using integrated photonic chips, scientists have demonstrated laser-based microwave generators. These microwave signals, as well as their optical carriers, could be used in radars, satellite ...

      Quantum Entanglement Offers Unprecedented Precision for GPS, Imaging and Beyond

      Engineers have demonstrated for the first time that it's possible to connect a network of sensors through quantum entanglement. The experiment opens a door to unprecedented levels of sensitivity ...

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