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      Wind Energy News
      December 3, 2020

      Top Headlines

      Supersized Wind Turbines Generate Clean Energy--and Surprising Physics

      As wind energy scales up, researchers study the fluid dynamics ...

      Small Finlets on Owl Feathers Point the Way to Less Aircraft Noise

      Researchers reveals how the microstructure of small finlets on owl feathers enable silent ...

      Generating Renewable Hydrogen Fuel from the Sea

      The power of the sun, wind and sea may soon combine to produce clean-burning hydrogen fuel, according to researchers. The team integrated water purification technology into a new proof-of-concept ...

      This Tiny Device Can Scavenge Wind Energy from the Breeze You Make When You Walk

      Most of the wind available on land is too gentle to push commercial wind turbine blades, but now researchers have designed a kind of 'tiny wind ...
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      Earlier Headlines

      The Science of Windy Cities

      Researchers model urban airflows to help improve the design of drones, skyscrapers, and natural ventilation ...

      Countries Transitioning to Zero Carbon Should Look at More Than Technology Cost

      A 'one-size-fits-all' approach to producing cleaner energy based on cost alone could create social inequalities, finds a new ...

      Analysis of Renewable Energy Points Toward More Affordable Carbon-Free Electricity

      A study identifies long-term storage technologies that would enhance the affordability and reliability of renewable ...

      Harnessing Wind Data to Help Meet Energy Needs in Florida

      A new study shows how upcoming technological advances could make wind energy a hot commodity in the Sunshine ...

      Offshore Wind Power Now So Cheap It Could Pay Money Back to Consumers

      The latest round of offshore wind farms to be built in the UK could reduce household energy bills by producing electricity very ...

      Renewable Energy Transition Makes Dollars and Sense

      Ne research has disproved the claim that the transition to renewable electricity systems will harm the global ...

      Why Stakeholders in 'Wind Energy Vs Biological Conservation' Conflict Have Low Mutual Trust

      Each year, wind turbines are responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of airborne animals such as bats. To find a constructive way out of this ''green-green'' dilemma, ...

      Simulating Wind Farm Development

      Engineers have devised a model to describe how, in the process of establishing wind farms, interactions between developers and landowners affect energy production ...

      New System Uses Wind Turbines to Defend the US National Grid from Power Cuts

      A 'smart' system that controls the storage and release of energy from wind turbines will reduce the risk of power cuts and support the increase of wind energy use world-wide, say ...

      Wind Farms on the Black Sea Coast Could Endanger Bat Populations in Eastern Europe

      The Via Pontica, an important migration route for birds in Eastern Europe, runs along the Black Sea coast of Romania and Bulgaria. Bats also use this route. In this region, numerous wind farms have ...

      US Wind Plants Show Relatively Low Levels of Performance Decline as They Age

      Wind plants in the United States remain relatively efficient over time, with only a 13% drop in performance over 17 years, researchers report. Their study also suggests that a production tax credit ...

      Solar and Wind Energy Sites Mapped Globally for the First Time

      Researchers have mapped the global locations of major renewable energy sites, providing a valuable resource to help assess their potential environmental ...

      Supercomputing Future Wind Power Rise

      First detailed study of scenarios for how wind energy can expand to 20 percent of total US electrical supply by 2030. Results showed expansion of installed capacity makes small impact on efficiency ...

      Using Fiber Optics to Advance Safe and Renewable Energy

      Fiber optic cables, it turns out, can be incredibly useful scientific sensors. Researchers have studied them for use in carbon sequestration, groundwater mapping, earthquake detection, and monitoring ...

      Designing Lightweight Glass for Efficient Cars, Wind Turbines

      A new machine-learning algorithm for exploring lightweight, very stiff glass compositions can help design next-gen materials for more efficient vehicles and wind turbines. Glasses can reinforce ...

      Water Splitting Advance Holds Promise for Affordable Renewable Energy

      A team has developed a less expensive water electrolysis system that works under alkaline conditions but still produces hydrogen at comparable rates to the currently used system that works under ...

      Drones Can Now Scan Terrain and Excavations Without Human Intervention

      Drones can now scan terrain and excavations without human intervention. New research has allowed artificial intelligence to take over the human-controlled drones currently being used for the task. ...

      Quadrupling Turbines, US Can Meet 2030 Wind-Energy Goals

      The United States could generate 20% of its electricity from wind within 10 years, without requiring any additional land, according to new ...

      Could Water Solve the Renewable Energy Storage Challenge?

      Seasonally pumped hydropower storage could provide an affordable way to store renewable energy over the long-term, filling a much needed gap to support the transition to renewable energy, according ...

      An Early Warning System for Damage in Composite Materials

      A team has developed a tool to monitor changes in widely used composite materials known as fiber reinforced polymers (FRPs), which can be found in everything from aerospace and infrastructure to wind ...

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