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      Addiction News
      December 2, 2020

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      Drug Eases Recovery for Those With Severe Alcohol Withdrawal

      Scientists say a drug originally developed to treat high blood pressure can reduce severe withdrawal symptoms for patients diagnosed with alcohol use ...

      Cannabis Strength Soars Over Past Half Century

      Largest study on how cannabis has changed over time finds increased strength putting consumers at greater risk of ...

      'Diseases of Despair' Have Soared Over Past Decade in US

      'Diseases of despair', such as substance abuse, alcohol dependency, and suicidal thoughts and behaviours, have soared in the US over the past decade, reveals an analysis of health insurance claims ...

      A Potential Game-Changer to Reverse Alcohol Intoxication

      Researchers present a proof of concept of a simple method that could become a game-changer in rescue therapy for severe alcohol intoxication, as well as just 'sobering ...
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      Smartphone Screen Time Linked to Preference for Quicker but Smaller Rewards

      In a new study, people who spent more time on their phones -- particularly on gaming or social media apps -- were more likely to reject larger, delayed rewards in favor of smaller, immediate ...

      'Alarming' COVID-19 Study Shows 80 Percent of Respondents Report Significant Symptoms of Depression

      A new national survey, looking at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted young U.S. adults' loneliness, reveals 'significant depressive symptoms' in 80 percent of ...

      Excessive Alcohol Consumption During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      The full impact of COVID-19 on alcohol use is not yet known, but rates have been rising during the first few months of the pandemic. There's an urgent need for public health and medical ...

      Sleep-Deprived Mice Find Cocaine More Rewarding

      Sleep deprivation may pave the way to cocaine addiction. Too-little sleep can increase the rewarding properties of cocaine, according to new ...

      Alcohol Use Changed Right After COVID-19 Lockdown

      One in four adults reported a change in alcohol use almost immediately after stay-at-home orders were issued: 14 percent reported drinking more alcohol and reported higher levels of stress and ...

      Cannabis Use Appears to Encourage, Not Replace, Non-Medical Opioid Use

      Contrary to some claims, people in the US may not be substituting cannabis for opioids, New research examined the direction and strength of association between cannabis and opioid use among adults ...

      Millimeter-Precision Drug Delivery to the Brain

      Focused ultrasound waves help researchers to deliver drugs to the brain with pinpoint accuracy, in other words only to where their effect is desired. This method is set to enable treatment of ...

      Internet Gaming Youth Not More Prone to Psychiatric Disorders

      Children who show addiction-like gaming signs are not any more susceptible to mental health problems than their non-gaming peers. Some even experience less anxiety than others, according to ...

      Pandemic Sets Off Future Wave of Worsening Mental Health Issues

      Long after a COVID-19 vaccination is developed and years after the coronavirus death toll is tallied, the impact on mental health will linger, continuing to inflict damage if not addressed, according ...

      Low Level Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Can Impact Child's Brain Development

      A new study finds any alcohol use during pregnancy, even low levels, is associated with subtle, yet significant behavioural and psychological effects in children including anxiety, depression and ...

      New Study Highlights Success of a Mobile Clinical and Outreach Van in Helping People on the Street With Opioid Addiction

      A novel mobile health program has proven to be an effective model for bringing opioid addiction treatment services directly to marginalized individuals, particularly the ...

      Richmond Emergency Room Experienced a Surge in Opioid Overdoses During Pandemic

      Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have released data showing an alarming surge in opioid-related overdoses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonfatal opioid overdose visits to the VCU Medical ...

      Potent Drug Supply Drop, Not Domestic Drug Policies, Likely Behind 2018 OD Death Downturn

      The slight decline in drug overdose deaths in 2018 coincides with Chinese regulations on the powerful opioid carfentanil, rather than the result of domestic U.S. efforts to curb the epidemic, a new ...

      Substance Use Disorders Linked to COVID-19 Susceptibility

      A recent study found that people with substance use disorders (SUDs) are more susceptible to COVID-19 and its complications. The findings suggest that health care providers should closely monitor ...

      Addicted to the Sun? Research Shows It's in Your Genes

      Sun-seeking behavior is linked to genes involved in addiction, behavioral and personality traits and brain function, according to a study of more than 260,000 ...

      Vitamin B1 Deficiency a Key Factor in the Development of Alcohol-Related Dementia

      A research group has now developed a hypothesis whereby iron deposits in the brain -- resulting from alcohol-induced vitamin B1 deficiency -- can be regarded as key factors in cognitive ...

      'One Size Fits All' Medication Approach Doesn't Work in Pregnancy

      New research shows that a blanket approach to prescribing medication during pregnancy may put low birth weight babies at risk for the rest of their ...

      Study of Siblings Finds Moderate Cannabis Use Impacts Cognitive Functioning

      A new study compares adolescent siblings to determine the impact of early and frequent use of marijuana on cognitive function. This study contrasts with previous studies by finding that moderate ...

      Look Beyond Opioids to Solve National Substance Use Epidemic

      A new study published reveals that three-quarters of participants in an inpatient addiction intervention program came into the hospital using more than one substance. The findings suggests that a ...

      Why 'One Day at a Time' Works for Recovering Alcoholics

      'One day at a time' is a mantra for recovering alcoholics, for whom each day without a drink builds the strength to go on to the next. A new brain imaging study shows why the approach ...

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