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      Autism News
      December 2, 2020

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      Fish Give Insight on Sound Sensitivity in Autism

      Scientists used zebrafish that carry the same genetic mutations as humans with Fragile X syndrome and autism, and discovered the neural networks and pathways that produce the hypersensitivities to ...

      Happiness and the Evolution of Brain Size

      Serotonin can act as a growth factor for the stem cells in the fetal human brain that determine brain ...

      Nerves That Sense Touch May Play Role in Autism

      Autism is considered a disorder of the brain. But a new study suggests that the peripheral nervous system, the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations, may play a role as ...

      Breakthrough Discovery in Gene Causing Severe Nerve Conditions

      Researchers have made a breakthrough genetic discovery into the cause of a spectrum of severe neurological ...
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      National Autism Indicators Report: Health and Health Care of Individuals With Autism

      Researchers highlight a holistic picture of what health and health care look like across the life course for people on the autism ...

      For Toddlers With Autism, More Intervention Hours Are Not Necessarily Better

      Two prominent early intervention models for toddlers with autism show a very similar impact, whether delivered at 15-hours or 25-hours per week intensities, a study has ...

      Children With Autism, ADHD Have More Doctor and Hospital Visits During Infancy

      Children who are later diagnosed with autism and/or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder visit doctors and hospitals more often in their first year of life than non-affected children, suggesting ...

      Multiple Neurodevelopmental Conditions May Lead to Worse Educational Outcomes

      Scottish children with multiple neurodevelopmental conditions experience greater school absenteeism and exclusion, poorer exam attainment and increased unemployment, according to a ...

      Telehealth Trains Parents to Improve Behavior Skills of Children With Autism

      Training parents of children with autism spectrum disorder virtually about early behavioral intervention is an accessible and effective approach during the coronavirus pandemic or in other instances ...

      Cell in Zebrafish Critical to Brain Assembly, Function

      New research documents the presence of astrocytes in zebrafish, a milestone that will open new avenues of research into a star-shaped type of glial cell in the brain that is critical for nearly every ...

      Guilt by Dissociation: Study Sheds Light on Serotonin in Autism

      A study on serotonin, a mood-regulating molecule in the brain that regulates many brain synapses, is helping to unravel the puzzle surrounding its role in autism. The activity and regulation of the ...

      Misfiring Brain Cells May Cause Swallowing Woes in Children With Developmental Disorders

      Misfiring brain cells that control key parts of the mouth and tongue may be creating swallowing difficulties in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, according to neuroscientists. Problems ...

      Brain Protein Linked to Seizures, Abnormal Social Behaviors

      A team has found a new mechanism responsible for the abnormal development of neuronal connections in the mouse brain that leads to seizures and abnormal social ...

      Shedding Light on Split-Second Decision Making

      A little understood region of the cerebellum plays a critical role in making split-second 'go -- no go' decisions, according to a new ...

      Researchers Discover a Specific Brain Circuit Damaged by Social Isolation During Childhood

      Researchers have identified specific sub-populations of brain cells in the prefrontal cortex, a key part of the brain that regulates social behavior, that are required for normal sociability in ...

      Physiological Test for Autism Proves Effective Independent of Co-Occurring Conditions

      Developing a physiological test for diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one that measures certain components in the blood, has the potential to be a paradigm shift for diagnosing ASD. ...

      Genetic Link Between Cattle Temperament and Autism in Humans

      Researchers have discovered that cattle share an overlap of genes with humans that are critical in brain function and response to fear stimuli. The results open the way for research conducted on ...

      Overlooked 'Housekeeping' Gene Plays Unexpected Role in Seizures

      Molecules known as tRNAs are often overlooked in studies of disease processes. Researchers have found that a mutation in a tRNA gene called n-Tr20 -- expressed only in the brain -- can disrupt the ...

      Autistic People's Nerve Cells Differ Before Birth

      A new study now shows in human brain cells that autism, a neurodevelopmental condition, can now be traced back to prenatal development, even though the disorder is not diagnosed until at least 18 ...

      Measuring Social Networks of Young Adults With Autism

      While social isolation is a core challenge associated with autism, researchers have laid the groundwork to show how interpersonal relationships, and the resources they provide, could impact autistic ...

      Autism-Cholesterol Link

      A new study identifies a subtype of autism arising from a cluster of genes that regulate cholesterol metabolism and brain ...

      Future Mental Health Care May Include Diagnosis Via Brain Scan and Computer Algorithm

      Most of modern medicine has physical tests or objective techniques to define much of what ails us. Yet, there is currently no blood or genetic test, or impartial procedure that can definitively ...

      Pregnant Mother's Immunity Tied to Behavioral, Emotional Challenges for Kids With Autism

      Children with autism born to mothers who had immune conditions during their pregnancy are more likely to have behavioral and emotional problems, a new study has found. Offspring sex may also interact ...

      Early Neural Activity Associated With Autism

      Researchers have found evidence of signature brain activity in infants that predicted ASD symptoms later at 18 months ...

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