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      Infant and Preschool Learning News
      December 3, 2020

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      Parents Shouldn't Worry About Their Baby's Inconsistent Sleep Patterns

      New parents often expect their baby to start sleeping through the night around the time they reach six months of age. But according to a new study parents should view sleep consolidation as a ...

      Mothers' Stress May Lead to Preterm Births, Faster Aging in Children

      Why do some people age faster than others? A new study indicates that a mother's stress prior to giving birth may accelerate her child's biological aging later in life. A second study from the same ...

      Cut Chores and Kill Chill Time: New Advice to Boost Children's Academic Achievement

      Determining a child's best daily balance of sleep, activity and relaxation can be a challenge, but if you're hoping to improve their academic ...
      Humans are born with a part of the brain that is prewired to be receptive to seeing words and letters, setting the stage at birth for people to learn how to read, a new study ...
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      How We Learn Words and Sentences at the Same Time

      How people work out the meanings of new words has been revealed by researchers, who say this is similar to the way in which young children learn language. The researchers said: ''A lot of ...

      Study Finds Surprising Diversity in Early Child Care

      A new study of kindergarteners in one Midwestern state identified seven different pathways the children took in their early education and care before arriving at school. The researchers were ...

      Conflicts in Kindergarten Can Reduce Children's Interest in Reading and Math

      Teacher-perceived conflict predicts lower interest and pre-academic skills in math and literacy among kindergarteners, a new study ...

      Starting Kindergarten on the Right Foot

      Going into kindergarten already well-prepared gives a child advantagesgives a child many advantages later in life and lowers costs for society in the long term, researchers in Canada ...

      War Songs and Lullabies Behind Origins of Music

      Love is not the primary reason humans developed music. A new evolutionary theory of the origins of music argues more evidence supports music coming from the need for groups to impress allies and ...

      Babies' Random Choices Become Their Preferences

      Though researchers have long known that adults build unconscious biases over a lifetime of making choices between things that are essentially the same, a new study finding that even babies engage in ...

      Parental Touch Reduces Pain Responses in Babies' Brains

      Being held by a parent with skin-to-skin contact reduces how strongly a newborn baby's brain responds to a painful medical jab, a new study ...

      Perfectionists May Be More Prone to Helicopter Parenting

      The negative effects of over-parenting on children are well documented, but less is known about why certain people become helicopter parents. A new study suggests perfectionism is one ...

      Scientists Show How Brain Flexibility Emerges in Infants

      Cognitive flexibility, which refers to the brain's ability to switch between mental processes in response to external stimuli and different task demands, seems to begin developing during the ...

      Children Notice Race Several Years Before Adults Want to Talk About It

      Adults in the United States believe children should be almost 5 years old before talking with them about race, even though some infants are aware of race and preschoolers may have already developed ...

      Why Babies Don't Always Remember What They Have Learned

      If and how babies recall what they have learned depends on their mood: what they've learned when feeling calm is inaccessible when they're acitive and vice versa. This was shown in a study ...

      Toddlers Who Use Touchscreens Show Attention Differences

      New research from the TABLET project recruited 12-month-old infants who had different levels of touchscreen ...

      Naming Guides How 12-Month-Old Infants Encode and Remember Objects

      Even for infants just beginning to speak their first words, the way an object is named guides infants' encoding, representation and memory for that object, according to new research. Encoding ...

      Half of Parents Report Butting Heads With Child's Grandparent Over Parenting

      Nearly half of parents describe disagreements with one or more grandparent about their parenting, with one in seven going so far as to limit the amount of time their child sees certain ...

      Early Neural Activity Associated With Autism

      Researchers have found evidence of signature brain activity in infants that predicted ASD symptoms later at 18 months ...

      Understanding Why Some Children Enjoy TV More Than Others

      New research shows that children's own temperament could be driving the amount of TV they watch. The research shows how the brain responses of 10-month-old babies watching a clip from ...

      Child Sleep Problems Associated With Impaired Academic and Psychosocial Functioning

      A new study has found that sleep disturbances at any age are associated with diminished well-being by the time the children are 10 or 11 years old. The findings suggest health care providers should ...

      Helicopter Parents Should Step Back and Watch, Study Recommends

      Researchers conducted the world's first data-driven study of parenting classes based on the Respectful Approach intervention. The Respectful Approach, modeled on Resources for Infant Educators ...

      Big Brains and Dexterous Hands

      Primates with large brains can master more complex hand movements than those with smaller brains. However, fine motor skills such as using tools can take time to learn, and humans take the longest of ...

      Troubling Connection Between Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination and Health of Mothers, Babies

      Perceived pregnancy discrimination indirectly relates to increased levels of postpartum depressive symptoms for mothers and lower birth weights, lower gestational ages and increased numbers of doctor ...

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