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      K-12 Education News
      December 3, 2020

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      Air Pollution Spikes Linked to Lower Test Scores for Salt Lake County Third Graders

      More frequent exposure to air pollution spikes were associated with reduced test scores for third graders in Salt Lake County. Schools with a higher ...

      Study Shows Strong Links Between Music and Math, Reading Achievement

      A music educator thought that if he could just control his study for the myriad factors that might have influenced previous ones - race, income, education, etc. -- he could disprove the notion of a ...

      Cut Chores and Kill Chill Time: New Advice to Boost Children's Academic Achievement

      Determining a child's best daily balance of sleep, activity and relaxation can be a challenge, but if you're hoping to improve their academic ...

      Positive Student-Teacher Relationships Benefit Students' Long-Term Health, Study Finds

      Teens who have good, supportive relationships with their teachers enjoy better health as adults, according to new research. Perhaps surprisingly, ...
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      Teacher Quality Scores Change Depending on Students, School

      School districts across the U.S. are increasingly using student test scores to rate the effectiveness of teachers, but a new study found that the scores have less to do with individual teachers and ...

      Study Finds Surprising Diversity in Early Child Care

      A new study of kindergarteners in one Midwestern state identified seven different pathways the children took in their early education and care before arriving at school. The researchers were ...

      Remote Learning Adds Pressure for Teachers Who Work Second Shift as Mothers

      The transition to remote learning coupled with an unequal distribution of second-shift responsibilities has placed teachers who are also mothers under immense stress, according to new ...

      Trees Set Sixth-Graders Up for Success

      The transition to middle school is undeniably tough for many sixth-graders, even in the best of times. Mounting academic demands, along with changes in peer dynamics and the onset of puberty, result ...

      Conflicts in Kindergarten Can Reduce Children's Interest in Reading and Math

      Teacher-perceived conflict predicts lower interest and pre-academic skills in math and literacy among kindergarteners, a new study ...

      Starting Kindergarten on the Right Foot

      Going into kindergarten already well-prepared gives a child advantagesgives a child many advantages later in life and lowers costs for society in the long term, researchers in Canada ...

      AI Teachers Must Be Effective and Communicate Well to Be Accepted

      The increase in online education has allowed a new type of teacher to emerge -- an artificial one. But just how accepting students are of an artificial instructor remains to be seen. That's why ...

      Does Classroom Indoor Environmental Quality Affect Teaching and Learning?

      What impact does a classroom's indoor environment have on teaching, learning, and students' academic achievement in colleges and universities? This is the question researchers set out to ...

      Which Is More Creative, the Arts or the Sciences?

      An expert in creativity and innovation is calling for schools and universities to increase their emphasis on teaching creativity, as new research shows it is a core competency across all disciplines ...

      New Education 'Hubs' for Deaf Children Needed to Replace Social Spaces Lost When Specialist Schools Close

      New dedicated hubs for deaf children are needed around the country to provide new social spaces, education and support, an expert has ...

      Research Explores the Link Between Wages, School and Cognitive Ability in South Africa

      Using data sets that only became available in recent years, researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York analyzed the wage impact of cognitive skills in South ...

      Study: More Than Half of US Students Experience Summer Learning Losses Five Years in a Row

      Following U.S. students across five summers between grades 1 and 6, a little more than half (52 percent) experienced learning losses in all five summers, according to a large national study. Students ...

      Prospective Teachers Misperceive Black Children as Angry

      New research finds that prospective teachers appear more likely to misperceive Black children as angry than white children, which may undermine the education of Black ...

      Achievement Isn't Why More Men Are Majoring in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

      Researchers have found that the reason there are more undergraduate men than women majoring in physics, engineering and computer science is not because men are higher achievers. On the contrary, the ...

      Using LEGO to Test Children's Ability to Visualize and Rotate 3D Shapes in Space

      Researchers have developed a test that uses children's ability to assemble LEGO pieces to assess their spatial visualization ability. Spatial visualization is the ability to visualize 3D shapes ...

      Classes Set by Ability Are Hitting Children's Self-Confidence

      The way a vast amount of schools are setup, with classes grouping children based on their ability, is severely affecting pupil's ...

      Early-Life Education Improves Memory in Old Age -- Especially for Women

      Education appears to protect older adults, especially women, against memory loss, according to a new ...

      New Linguistic Findings on the Prevalence of 'LOL'

      A new study involving a scientific analysis of the prevalence of 'LOL' in students' text messages demonstrates important potential applications for classroom ...

      Surging Numbers of First-Generation Learners Being Left Behind in Global Education

      'First-generation learners' -- a substantial number of pupils around the world who represent the first generation in their families to receive an education - are also significantly more ...

      Parents With Degrees Give Their Children Significant Advantage in Math

      Children of parents with a degree are almost a year of schooling ahead in math by the age 11 than peers whose parents have just GCSEs, a new study has ...

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