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      Memory News
      December 2, 2020

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      Memories of Past Events Retain Remarkable Fidelity Even as We Age

      Even though people tend to remember fewer details about past events as time goes by, the details they do remember are retained with remarkable fidelity, according to a new study. This finding holds ...

      Why Experiences Are Better Gifts for Older Children

      What should we get for our kids this holiday? As children get older, giving them something they can experience (live through) instead of material things makes them happier, according to new ...

      Sleep Loss Hijacks Brain's Activity During Learning

      Sleep is crucial for consolidating our memories, and sleep deprivation has long been known to interfere with learning and memory. Now a new study shows that getting only half a night's sleep - as ...
      A 'molecular volume knob' regulating electrical signals in the brain helps with learning and memory, according to a new ...
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      Does Air Pollution Affect Mental Health Later in Life?

      In a study of women aged 80 years and older, living in locations with higher exposures to air pollution was associated with increased depressive ...

      Gut Hormone Blocks Brain Cell Formation and Is Linked to Parkinson's Dementia

      A gut hormone, ghrelin, is a key regulator of new nerve cells in the adult brain, a research team has discovered. It could help pave the way for new drugs to treat dementia in patients with ...

      Why Writing by Hand Makes Kids Smarter

      New brain research shows that writing by hand helps children learn more and remember better. At the same time, schools are going more and more digital, and a European survey shows that Norwegian ...

      Gene Links Short-Term Memory to Unexpected Brain Area

      A new study in mice identifies a gene that is critical for short-term memory but functions in a part of the brain not traditionally associated with ...

      Sport and Memory Go Hand in Hand

      If sport is good for the body, it also seems to be good for the brain. By evaluating memory performance following a sport session, neuroscientists demonstrate that an intensive physical exercise ...

      Amyloid Deposits Not Associated With Depression in the Elderly

      Researchers have suspected that amyloid beta deposits might also underlie the cognitive decline seen in older people with depression, however a new study has found that abnormal amyloid beta deposits ...

      Complications from Diabetes Linked to Worse Memory, IQ in Children

      A new study uncovered that even one severe episode of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is linked to cognitive problems; and among children with a previous ...

      Exercise Improves Learning and Memory in Young Adults

      Just a single exercise workout has positive effects on learning and memory in young adults, according to a recent review of published ...

      Research Unravels What Makes Memories So Detailed and Enduring

      Researchers report a breakthrough in understanding how memories can be so distinct and long-lasting without getting muddled ...

      Study Sheds Light on Brain Mechanism Activated by Uncertainty

      A new study examined the brain's reactions in conditions of uncertainty and stressful conflict in an environment of risks and opportunities. The researchers identified the areas of the brain ...

      Understanding the Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

      Scientists have developed a new theory as to how hearing loss may cause dementia and believe that tackling this sensory impairment early may help to prevent the ...

      New Electronic Skin Can React to Pain Like Human Skin

      New pain-sensing prototype mimics the body's near-instant feedback response and reacts to painful sensations with the same lighting speed that nerve signals travel to the brain. It's a ...

      New Form of Brain Analysis Engages Whole Brain for the First Time

      A new method of brain imaging analysis offers the potential to greatly improve the effectiveness of noninvasive brain stimulation treatment for Alzheimer's, obsessive compulsive disorder, ...

      How 'Swapping Bodies' With a Friend Changes Our Sense of Self

      A new study shows that, when pairs of friends swapped bodies in a perceptual illusion, their beliefs about their own personalities became more similar to their beliefs about their friends' ...

      Unlocking the Mysteries of the Brain

      A research team highlights the mechanisms underlying memory and learning capacity -- specifically, how our brains process, store and integrate ...

      Why Babies Don't Always Remember What They Have Learned

      If and how babies recall what they have learned depends on their mood: what they've learned when feeling calm is inaccessible when they're acitive and vice versa. This was shown in a study ...

      Brain Remapping Dysfunction Causes Spatial Memory Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease

      A research group elucidated the brain circuit mechanism that cause of spatial memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease. In the future, improving brain remapping function may reverse spatial ...

      Naming Guides How 12-Month-Old Infants Encode and Remember Objects

      Even for infants just beginning to speak their first words, the way an object is named guides infants' encoding, representation and memory for that object, according to new research. Encoding ...

      Researchers Discover Protective Factor Against Psychological Trauma

      The endogenous regulation of a specific gene is associated with a reduced risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder following a terrifying experience. In particular, traumatic memories of the ...

      New Diagnostic Criteria Shine Light on Early Dementia Mimics

      Experts estimate up to one third of people attending specialist memory clinics in the UK could have a condition that is commonly mistaken for early dementia. ...

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