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      Racial Issues News
      December 3, 2020

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      Effects of Poverty on Childhood Development Seen in Children as Young as 5

      Researchers have found that health inequities can be measured in children as young as 5 years old. The research contributes to a growing body of literature finding that children of color who are also ...

      Even If You Want To, You Can't Ignore How People Look or Sound

      Your perceptions of someone you just met are influenced in part by what they look like and how they sound. But can you ignore how someone looks or how they sound if you're told it is not relevant? ...

      'You All Look Alike to Me' Is Hard-Wired in Us, Research Finds

      We are hard-wired to process -- or not process -- facial differences based on race. And that process occurs in the earliest filters of our thought process, according to newly published ...

      Mortality Rates Rising for Gens X and Y, Too

      Declining life expectancies in the US include Gen X and Y Americans, in addition to the older Baby Boomers. But the causes of premature mortality vary by race, gender and ethnicity, according to a ...
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      Racial Attitudes in a Community Affect COVID-19 Numbers

      Implicit racial attitudes within a community can effectively explain racial disparities seen in rates of COVID-19 in the United States, according to a new ...

      Discrimination Increases Against Asian and Asian American Population, Affecting Health

      Reports of racial discrimination against Asians and Asian-Americans have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, coinciding with an increase in reported negative ...

      Discrimination Contributes to Poorer Heart Health for LGBTQ Adults

      The majority of LGBTQ adults report experiencing discrimination from a health care professional. Compared to cisgender heterosexual adults, LGBTQ populations experience multi-level, psychological and ...

      During Pandemic, Racism Puts Additional Stress on Asian Americans

      People of Asian ancestry face yet another set of challenges posed by racism and xenophobia which has soared during the COVID-19 ...

      Children Notice Race Several Years Before Adults Want to Talk About It

      Adults in the United States believe children should be almost 5 years old before talking with them about race, even though some infants are aware of race and preschoolers may have already developed ...

      Having a Doctor Who Shares the Same Race May Ease Patient's Angst

      When doctors are the same race as their patients, it can sometimes forge a sense of comfort that helps to reduce anxiety and pain, particularly for Black patients, new research ...

      When It Comes to Supporting Candidates, Ideology Trumps Race and Gender

      Voters who express prejudice against minorities and women are still more likely to support candidates who most closely align with their ideologies, regardless of the race or sex of such candidates, ...

      Why Is Stroke So Deadly for People of African Descent?

      An international team of scientists has completed the largest analysis of stroke-risk genes ever undertaken in people of African ...

      COVID-Related Discrimination Disproportionately Impacts Racial Minorities, Study Shows

      A new study reveals that discrimination against people thought to have COVID-19, even if they weren't infected, peaked in April and has since declined. Particularly against Asian Americans, ...

      Context Reduces Racial Bias in Hate Speech Detection Algorithms

      When it comes to accurately flagging hate speech on social media, context matters, says a new study aimed at reducing errors that could amplify racial ...

      Prospective Teachers Misperceive Black Children as Angry

      New research finds that prospective teachers appear more likely to misperceive Black children as angry than white children, which may undermine the education of Black ...

      Showing Pro-Diversity Feelings Are the Norm Makes Individuals More Tolerant

      Showing people how their peers feel about diversity in their community can make their actions more inclusive, make members of marginalized groups feel more like they belong, and even help close ...

      More Than 80 Percent of Americans Report Nation's Future Is Significant Source of Stress

      More than 8 in 10 Americans (83 percent) say the future of our nation is a significant source of stress, according to the American Psychological Association's most recent survey ...

      The Brain's Facial Recognition Area Doesn't Differentiate Outgroup Members

      A quirk in how the brain processes faces makes it harder to tell members of a racial outgroup apart, according to new ...

      Police Stop Fewer Black Drivers at Night When a 'Veil of Darkness' Obscures Their Race

      After analyzing 95 million traffic stop records, filed by officers with 21 state patrol agencies and 35 municipal police forces from 2011 to 2018, researchers concluded that 'police stops and ...

      Want to Live Longer? Stay in School, Study Suggests

      A multi-institution study has attempted to tease out the relative impact of two variables most often linked to life expectancy -- race and education -- by combing through data about 5,114 black and ...

      Children Associate White, but Not Black, Men With 'Brilliant' Stereotype, New Study Finds

      The stereotype that associates being 'brilliant' with white men more than white women is shared by children regardless of their own race, finds a team of psychology researchers. By ...

      Does Being a 'Superwoman' Protect African American Women's Health?

      A new study explores whether different facets of being a strong black woman, which researchers sometimes refer to as 'superwoman schema,' ultimately protect women from the negative health ...

      Many Injured US Adult Cyclists Not Wearing a Helmet

      Men and ethnic minorities are less likely to wear cycle helmets and more likely to suffer from head and neck injuries in accidents, according to new ...

      Experience of Being a Minority Puts US Teens at Higher Risk of Anxiety, Depression

      Puerto Rican teens growing up as minorities in the South Bronx are more likely to experience anxiety and depression than their peers growing up as a majority in Puerto Rico, even under similar ...

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