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      November 27, 2020

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      Empathy and Perspective Taking: How Social Skills Are Built

      Being able to feel empathy and to take in the other person's perspective are two abilities through which we understand what is going on in the other's mind. But it is still unclear what exactly they ...

      Positive Student-Teacher Relationships Benefit Students' Long-Term Health, Study Finds

      Teens who have good, supportive relationships with their teachers enjoy better health as adults, according to new research. Perhaps surprisingly, ...

      How'd We Get So Picky About Friendship Late in Life? Ask the Chimps

      When humans age, they tend to favor small circles of meaningful, already established friendships rather than seek new ones. People are also more likely to lean toward positive relationships rather ...

      Marriage or Not? Rituals Help Dating Couples Decide Relationship Future

      Rituals such as those centered around holidays and other celebrations play an important part in human relationships. When dating couples engage in rituals together, they learn more about each other. ...
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      War Songs and Lullabies Behind Origins of Music

      Love is not the primary reason humans developed music. A new evolutionary theory of the origins of music argues more evidence supports music coming from the need for groups to impress allies and ...

      Discrimination Contributes to Poorer Heart Health for LGBTQ Adults

      The majority of LGBTQ adults report experiencing discrimination from a health care professional. Compared to cisgender heterosexual adults, LGBTQ populations experience multi-level, psychological and ...

      Same-Gender Couples Interact Better Than Heterosexual Couples, Study Finds

      Same-gender couples have higher-quality interactions with one another than heterosexual couples in Southern California, a new study finds. The study also holds that couples with two men have the ...

      Certain Coping Strategies Can Help Offset Pandemic's Mental Health Hits

      The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to negative mental health effects for many in the U.S., according to new Penn State research. But the researchers also found that some coping ...

      Romantic Partners Influence Each Other's Goals

      Over the long-term, what one partner in a two-person relationship wishes to avoid, so too does the other partner -- and what one wants to achieve, so does the other. These effects can be observed ...

      Exposure to Workplace Sexual Harassment Linked to an Increased Risk of Suicidal Behavior

      Workers who have been exposed to sexual harassment in their workplace are at greater risk of suicide and attempting suicide, a new study ...

      Teens Who Think Their Parents Are Loving Are Less Likely to Be Cyberbullies

      Adolescents who perceive their parents to be loving and supportive are less likely to engage in cyberbullying, according to a new ...

      Fear of Missing out Impacts People of All Ages

      The social anxiety that other people are having fun without you, also known as FoMO, is more associated with loneliness, low self-esteem and low self-compassion than with age, according to a recent ...

      How Are Information, Disease, and Social Evolution Linked?

      In all social animals, gaining valuable information requires physical contact among individuals, an action that risks spreading contagion. New research describes the opposing evolutionary forces that ...

      Your in-Laws' History of Drinking Problems Could Lead to Alcohol Issues of Your Own

      A study of more than 300,000 couples in Sweden finds marriage to a spouse who grew up exposed to parental alcohol misuse increases a person's likelihood of developing a drinking ...

      Measuring Social Networks of Young Adults With Autism

      While social isolation is a core challenge associated with autism, researchers have laid the groundwork to show how interpersonal relationships, and the resources they provide, could impact autistic ...

      Social Connection Is the Strongest Protective Factor for Depression

      Researchers have identified a set of modifiable factors from a field of over 100 that could represent valuable targets for preventing depression in adults. The team named social connection as the ...

      Teens' Social Media Use Does Not Raise Risk for Depression, Study Finds

      New findings refute popular wisdom and may provide relief to parents and educators concerned with adolescents' heavy use of social media -- particularly during the COVID-19 ...

      Jealous Feelings Can Act as a Tool to Strengthen Friendships

      Jealousy can be important for maintaining friendships, which are crucial to physical and emotional health. A study found feelings of jealousy were sensitive to the value of the friendship and ...

      Strong Relationships in Adulthood Won't 'Fix' Effects of Early Childhood Adversity

      Harsh conditions in early life are a fundamental cause of adult stress, and according to new research on wild baboons, this effect is not explained by a lack of social support in ...

      Laughter Acts as a Stress Buffer -- And Even Smiling Helps

      People who laugh frequently in their everyday lives may be better equipped to deal with stressful events - although this does not seem to apply to the intensity of ...

      Arguments Between Couples: Our Neurons Like Mediation

      When couples argue, mediation improves the outcome of the confrontation. But that's not all: mediation is also linked to heightened activity in key regions of the brain belonging to the reward ...

      Brain Cell Types Identified That May Push Males to Fight and Have Sex

      Two groups of nerve cells may serve as ''on-off switches'' for male mating and aggression, suggests a new study in rodents. These neurons appear to send signals between two parts ...

      When It Comes to Happiness, What's Love Got to Do With It?

      Researchers have conducted one of the first studies of its kind to quantify the happiness of married, formerly married and single people at the end of their lives to find out just how much love and ...

      Older Adults Feel Stressed, Yet Resilient in the Time of COVID-19

      America's oldest citizens say they've been through worse, but many older adults are feeling the stress of COVID-19 and prolonged social distancing measures, according to a new ...

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