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      Biotechnology and Bioengineering News
      November 23, 2020

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      CRISPR Meets Pac-Man: New DNA Cut-and-Paste Tool Enables Bigger Gene Edits

      Gene editing for the development of new treatments, and for studying disease as well as normal function in humans and other organisms, may advance more quickly with a new tool for cutting larger ...

      Engineering Speciation Events in Insects May Be Used to Control Harmful Pests

      This research provides the foundations for scientists to be able to prevent genetically modified organisms from reproducing with wild organisms. ...

      Inheritance in Plants Can Now Be Controlled Specifically

      A new application of the CRISPR/Cas molecular scissors promises progress in crop cultivation. Researchers have succeeded in modifying the sequence of genes on a chromosome using CRISPR/Cas. For the ...

      Antagonistic Genes Modify Rice Plant Growth

      Rice stems lengthen when a newly identified gene activates during flooding. Another gene suppresses lengthening in shorter varieties. The insight could help plant ...
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      Stem Cell Sheets Harvested in Just Two Days

      A team has developed a thermoresponsive nanotopography cell culture ...

      Spider Silk Made by Photosynthetic Bacteria

      A research team in Japan reported that they succeeded in producing the spider silk -- ultra-lightweight, though, biodegradable and biocompatible material -- using photosynthetic bacteria. This study ...

      New Candidate for Raw Material Synthesis Through Gene Transfer

      Cyanobacteria hardly need any nutrients and use the energy of sunlight. Bathers are familiar with these microorganisms as they often occur in waters. A group of researchers has discovered that the ...

      Scientists Solve a Thorny Problem: Applications for Citrus Groves

      ''Why do plants have thorns?'' is an easy question: The thorns help protect against hungry animals that like to munch on the plants. ''Where do thorns come ...

      Light-Activated 'CRISPR' Triggers Precision Gene Editing and Super-Fast DNA Repair

      In a series of experiments using human cancer cell lines, scientists say they have successfully used light as a trigger to make precise cuts in genomic material rapidly, using a molecular scalpel ...

      Researchers Uncover Drivers of Healthy Gut Maintenance

      Researchers have found two genes that regulate the differentiation of stem cells in the small intestine, offering valuable insight into how the body develops and maintains a healthy ...

      Scientists Aim Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Against COVID-19

      Scientists at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry have joined forces with a research team at Stanford to aim a gene-targeting, antiviral agent called PAC-MAN against ...

      Exchange of Arms Between Chromosomes Using Molecular Scissors

      The CRISPR/Cas molecular scissors work like a fine surgical instrument and can be used to modify genetic information in plants. Research teams have now not only exchanged single genes, but recombined ...

      The EU Not Ready for the Release of Gene Drive Organisms Into the Environment

      Gene drive organisms (GDOs) have been suggested as an approach to solve some of the most pressing environmental and public health issues. Currently, it remains unclear what kind of regulations are to ...

      Engineers Develop Precision Injection System for Plants

      A new method developed by engineers may offer a starting point for delivering life-saving treatments to plants ravaged by ...

      Gene-Editing Protocol for Whitefly Pest Opens Door to Control

      Whiteflies are among the most important agricultural pests in the world, yet they have been difficult to genetically manipulate and control, in part, because of their small size. An international ...

      Diabetes Reversed in Mice With Genetically Edited Stem Cells Derived from Patients

      Researchers have used induced pluripotent stem cells produced from the skin of a patient with a rare, genetic form of insulin-dependent diabetes, transformed the stem cells into insulin-producing ...

      Scientists Provide New Insight on How Bacteria Share Drug Resistance Genes

      Researchers have been able to identify and track the exchange of genes among bacteria that allow them to become resistant to drugs, according to a new ...

      Super-Charging Drug Development for COVID-19

      Researchers are using cell-free manufacturing to ramp up production of valinomycin, a promising drug that has proven effective in obliterating SARS-CoV in cellular ...

      Moving Closer to Producing Heparin in the Lab

      Researchers moved one step closer to the ability to make heparin in cultured cells. Heparin is a potent anti-coagulant and the most prescribed drug in hospitals, yet cell-culture-based production of ...

      Insect Wings Hold Antimicrobial Clues for Improved Medical Implants

      Some insect wings such as cicada and dragonfly possess nanopillar structures that kill bacteria upon contact. However, to date, the precise mechanisms that cause bacterial death have been unknown. ...

      Turning Cells Into Computers With Protein Logic Gates

      New artificial proteins have been created to function as molecular logic gates. Like their electronic counterparts in computers, these biochemical tools can be used to program the behavior of complex ...

      A Genetic Nano-Toolkit for the Generation of New Biomaterials

      Magnetic bacteria might soon be used for the production of novel biomaterials. A team of microbiologists developed a modular system for the genetic reprogramming of bacteria, thereby turning the ...

      New Viable CRISPR-Cas12b System for Plant Genome Engineering

      A new CRISPR genome engineering system is viable in plants: CRISPR-Cas12b. The system is versatile, customizable, and ultimately provides effective gene editing, activation, and repression all in one ...

      Genome Editing Strategy Could Improve Rice, Other Crops

      Scientists have used CRISPR technology to genetically engineer rice with high levels of beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. The technique they used provides a promising strategy for ...

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