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      Extreme Survival News
      December 3, 2020

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      Researchers Discover Life in Deep Ocean Sediments at or Above Water's Boiling Point

      Biologists found single-celled organisms living in sediments 1180 meters beneath the ocean at temperatures of 120 degrees ...

      Researchers Overcome Barriers for Bio-Inspired Solar Energy Harvesting Materials

      Inspired by nature, researchers can demonstrate a synthetic strategy to stabilize bio-inspired solar energy harvesting materials. Their findings ...

      Late-Season Arctic Research Cruise Reveals Warm Ocean Temperatures, Active Ecosystem

      Arctic researchers have been visiting the Bering and Chukchi seas off Alaska for nearly 30 years, collecting information about the biological ...

      Geologists Simulate Soil Conditions to Help Grow Plants on Mars

      Humankind's next giant step may be onto Mars. But before those missions can begin, scientists need to make scores of breakthrough advances, including learning how to grow crops on the red ...
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      Those Funky Cheese Smells Allow Microbes to 'Talk' to and Feed Each Other

      Researchers found that bacteria essential to ripening cheese can sense and respond to compounds produced by fungi in the rind and released into the air, enhancing the growth of some species of ...

      World First Study Shows That Some Microorganisms Can Bend the Rules of Evolution

      The dominant thinking in evolution focuses on inheritance between parent and offspring - or 'vertical gene transfer (VGT)'. But now scientists are paying more attention to 'horizontal ...

      Past Tropical Forest Changes Drove Megafauna and Hominin Extinctions

      Researchers have discovered that Southeast Asia, today renowned for its lush rainforests, was at various points in the past covered by sweeping grasslands. The expansion and reduction of these ...

      Living in an Anoxic World: Microbes Using Arsenic Are a Link to Early Life

      Much of life on planet Earth today relies on oxygen to exist, but before oxygen was present on our blue planet, lifeforms likely used arsenic ...

      Discovery of Microbes With Mixed Membranes Sheds New Light on Early Evolution of Life

      Current research suggests that more complex life-forms, including humans, evolved from a symbiosis event between bacteria and another single-celled organism known as archaea. However, evidence of a ...

      Scientists Explaining How Diverse Species Coexist in Microbial Communities

      Researchers use mathematical modeling to explore how species diversity in a bacterial community is affected when the nutrients the microbes depend upon are only seasonally ...

      Mediterranean and Tropical Biodiversity Most Vulnerable to Human Pressures

      Animals in tropical and Mediterranean areas are the most sensitive to climate change and land use pressures, finds a new ...

      Animals' Magnetic 'Sixth' Sense May Come from Bacteria

      A researcher may help answer why some animals have a magnetic 'sixth' sense, such as sea turtles' ability to return to the beach where they were born. The researchers proposes that the ...

      Scientists Unlock Crops' Power to Resist Floods

      Foundational science has discovered the molecular structure of plant enzymes that could be manipulated to create flood-resistant crops, vital as weather events become more extreme due to global ...

      Two Major Microbial Groups Living Deep Underground Can't Breathe

      A new scientific study has revealed unique life strategies of two major groups of microbes that live below Earth's surface. These groups, originally thought to rely on symbiotic relationships ...

      Researchers to Investigate Wind Power Effects on Bats in the Baltic Sea Region

      Despite the increasing numbers of wind turbines, their impacts on the environment are poorly known. A new study focuses on wind turbines in the Baltic Sea region and their impact on bats and their ...

      Nutrients Make Coral Bleaching Worse

      Nutrients can aggravate the already negative effects of climate change on corals to trigger mass coral bleaching. A study suggests ecosystem managers can reduce the impacts of coral bleaching by ...

      Why Doesn't Ebola Cause Disease in Bats, as It Does in People?

      A new study uncovered new information on why the Ebola virus can live within bats without causing them harm, while the same virus wreaks deadly havoc to ...

      Oxygen Therapy Harms Lung Microbiome in Mice

      A new mouse study hints that oxygen therapy may have unintended consequences via an unexpected source -- the ...

      Discovery Transforms Understanding of Hydrogen Depletion at the Seafloor

      Results of a new study contradict the assumption that hydrogen depletions at the seafloor are caused by microbiological communities. Researchers found that these shifts in chemistry are driven by ...

      Deep-Sea Misconceptions Cause Underestimation of Seabed-Mining Impacts

      A new publication on the impacts of deep-seabed mining by 13 prominent deep-sea biologists seeks to dispel scientific misconceptions that have led to miscalculations of the likely effects of ...

      Oldest Enzyme in Cellular Respiration Isolated

      Researchers have found what is perhaps the oldest enzyme in cellular respiration. They have been able to isolate the extremely fragile 'Rnf' protein complex from the heat-loving bacterium ...

      A New Tool for Modeling the Human Gut Microbiome

      Engineers have designed a device that replicates the lining of the colon. With the device, they can grow human colon cells along with oxygen-intolerant bacteria that normally live in the human ...

      How Growth Rates Influence the Fitness of Bacteria

      Bacteria are survival artists: When they get nutrition, they multiply rapidly, albeit they can also survive periods of hunger. But, when they grow too quickly, their ability to survive is hampered. ...

      Nanostructures Modeled on Moth Eyes Effective for Anti-Icing

      Researchers have been working for decades on improving the anti-icing performance of functional surfaces and new work investigates a unique nanostructure, modeled on moth eyes, that has anti-icing ...

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