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      Fisheries News
      December 3, 2020

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      Tire-Related Chemical Is Largely Responsible for Adult Coho Salmon Deaths in Urban Streams

      Scientists have discovered a chemical that kills coho salmon in urban streams before the fish can ...

      Octogenarian Snapper Found Off Australia Becomes Oldest Tropical Reef Fish by Two Decades

      An 81-year-old midnight snapper caught off the coast of Western Australia has taken the title of the oldest tropical reef fish recorded anywhere in ...

      Ghost Fishing Threatens Endangered River Dolphins, Critically Endangered Turtles, Otters

      Waste fishing gear in the River Ganges poses a threat to wildlife including otters, turtles and dolphins, new research ...

      To Push or to Pull? How Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Swim

      Couinter-intuitively, small marine animals don't use their limbs or propulsors to push themselves through the water while swimming. Instead, their appendages create negative pressure behind them that ...
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      Shifts in Water Temperatures Affect Eating Habits of Larval Tuna at Critical Life Stage

      Small shifts in ocean temperature can have significant effects on the eating habits of blackfin tuna during the larval stage of development, when finding food and growing quickly are critical to ...

      DNA in Seawater Can Reveal Fish Diversity in the Deep Ocean

      A new study demonstrates the effectiveness of a novel method for using DNA in seawater samples to determine which fish species are present in a given part of the deep ...

      Large-Scale Study: Congolese Fishermen Report Decline in Fish Stocks on Lake Tanganyika

      Fishermen working on Lake Tanganyika in eastern Congo experience a lack of safety and want better enforcement of existing regulations. They also report a decline in the lake's fish ...

      The Cement for Coral Reefs

      Coral reefs are hotspots of biodiversity. As they can withstand heavy storms, they offer many species a safe home. A team has now discovered that a very specific type of 'cement' is ...

      Dolphins Ride out Dietary Ups and Downs

      More evidence has emerged to support stricter coastal management, this time focusing on pollution and overfishing in the picturesque tourist waters off Auckland in New Zealand. A study of common ...

      Future Lake Food Webs in Subarctic Have More Biomass and Contain More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

      Subarctic regions are facing rapid changes in climate and land-use intensity. An international research team recently completed an investigation to see how these changes are affecting the food webs ...

      Spring-Run and Fall-Run Chinook Salmon Aren't as Different as They Seem

      Historically, spring-run and fall-run Chinook salmon have been considered as separate subspecies, races, ecotypes, or even as separate species of fish. A new genetic analysis, however, shows that the ...

      Boo! How Do Mexican Cavefish Escape Predators?

      When startled, do all fish respond the same way? A few fish, like Mexican cavefish, have evolved in unique environments without any predators. To see how this lack of predation impacts escape ...

      Leaving More Big Fish in the Sea Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions

      Leaving more big fish -- like tuna, sharks, mackerel and swordfish -- in the sea reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the Earth's atmosphere. This is because when a fish dies in ...

      Smart Solution to Detect Seafood Spoilage

      Existing methods for detecting seafood spoilage are far from satisfactory for ensuring food safety and security. To solve this problem, researchers have constructed and tested a solid-state ...

      How Marine Reserves Can Benefit Fisheries Across the Globe

      Society will require more food in the coming years to feed a growing population, and seafood will likely make up a significant portion of it. At the same time, we need to conserve natural habitats to ...

      Large Tides May Have Driven Evolution of Fish Towards Life on Land

      Big tidal ranges some 400 million years ago may have initiated the evolution of bony fish and land vertebrates. This theory is now supported by researchers who, for the first time, have used ...

      Robots Help to Answer Age-Old Question of Why Fish School

      A new study using biomimetic fish-like robots shows that swimming closely together offers fish hydrodynamic ...

      Fish Exposed to Even Small Amounts of Estrogen Produce Fewer Males

      A biologist conducted experiments with North American freshwater fish called least killifish. She found that fish exposed to estrogen in concentrations of 5 nanograms per liter in controlled lab ...

      Management of Exploited Transboundary Fish Stocks Requires International Cooperation

      Marine fish species are migratory in nature and not respectful of human-made territorial boundaries, which represents a challenge for fisheries management as policies tend to focus at the national ...

      Management of a Popular Game Fish, the Smallmouth Bass

      For recreational fishing enthusiasts, the thrill of snagging their next catch comes with discovering what's hooked on the end of the line. In many freshwater streams and rivers -- across the ...

      Neurons in a Visual Brain Area of Zebrafish Are Arranged as a Map for Catching Prey

      Spotting, pursuing and catching prey - for many animals this is an essential task for survival. Scientists now show in zebrafish that the localization of neurons in the midbrain is adapted to a ...

      Early-Arriving Endangered Chinook Salmon Take the Brunt of Sea Lion Predation

      A new study found that sea lions have the largest negative effect on early-arriving endangered Chinook salmon in the lower Columbia ...

      Mystery Over Decline in Sea Turtle Sightings

      The number of sea turtles spotted along the coasts of the UK and Ireland has declined in recent years, researchers ...

      Protecting Ecologically Important Krill in the Southern Ocean from Overfishing

      Although the krill catch is regulated, caution is required to avoid endangering the population itself and the species that depend on it, warns a group of krill ...

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