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      Genetically Modified News
      December 3, 2020

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      Tweaking Carotenoid Genes Helps Tomatoes Bring Their A-Game

      Researchers led by the University of Tsukuba demonstrated that Target-AID gene editing technology can be used to simultaneously introduce single-base changes into multiple genes in tomatoes. Using ...

      Engineered Immune Cells Elicit Broad Response to HIV in Mice, Offering Hope for Vaccine

      Unlike so many other deadly viruses, HIV still lacks a vaccine. The virus has proven especially tricky to prevent with conventional antibodies, in ...

      Swedish, Finnish and Russian Wolves Closely Related

      The Scandinavian wolf originally came from Finland and Russia, and unlike many other European wolf populations its genetic constitution is virtually free from dog admixture. In addition, individuals ...

      Engineering Speciation Events in Insects May Be Used to Control Harmful Pests

      This research provides the foundations for scientists to be able to prevent genetically modified organisms from reproducing with wild organisms. ...
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      Tackling Food Allergies at the Source

      Food allergies cost billions of dollars and cause enormous suffering for people. Researchers are trying to remove the source of food allergies altogether -- troublesome proteins made by our favorite ...

      Scientists Uncover Prophage Defense Mechanisms Against Phage Attacks in Mycobacteria

      Researchers have uncovered a two-component system of Butters prophage genes that encode proteins that 'collaborate' to block entry and subsequent infection of some phages, but not others. ...

      Grafting With Epigenetically-Modified Rootstock Yields Surprise

      Novel grafted plants -- consisting of rootstock epigenetically modified to 'believe' it has been under stress -- joined to an unmodified scion, or above-ground shoot, give rise to progeny ...

      Delivering Proteins to Testes Could Someday Treat Male Infertility

      According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15% of couples are infertile, and male infertility plays a role in over one-third of these cases. Often, problems with sperm development are to blame. Now, ...

      Artificial Cyanobacterial Biofilm Can Sustain Green Ethylene Production for Over a Month

      Ethylene is one of the most important and widely used organic chemicals. A research group has designed a thin-layer artificial biofilm with embedded cyanobacterial cell factories which were ...

      Why Do Identical Cells Act Differently? Team Unravels Sources of Cellular 'Noise'

      Researchers have taken an important step toward explaining why genetically identical cells can produce varying amounts of the same protein associated with the same gene. Researchers demonstrated that ...

      Stopping Lethal Lung Damage from the Flu With a Natural Human Protein

      The raging lung inflammation that can contribute to death from the flu can be stopped in its tracks by a drug derived from a naturally occurring human protein, a new animal study ...

      Fighting Intestinal Infections With the Body's Own Endocannabinoids

      Endocannabinoids, signaling molecules produced in the body that share features with chemicals found in marijuana, can shut down genes needed for some pathogenic intestinal bacteria to colonize, ...

      E. Coli Engineered to Grow on CO2 and Formic Acid as Sole Carbon Sources

      A metabolic engineering research group has developed a strategy to grow an E. coli strain to higher cell density solely on CO2 and formic acid. Formic acid is a one carbon carboxylic acid, and can be ...

      New Mouse Model of Tau Propagation

      Accumulation of assembled tau protein in the central nervous system is characteristic of Alzheimer's disease and several other neurodegenerative diseases, called tauopathies. Researchers have ...

      New Treatment for Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infections

      A new antibacterial agent that has been engineered to essentially hide from the human immune system may treat life-threatening MRSA infections. A new article provides details on the agent, which is ...

      Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Further Linked to Regulating a Cell 'Suicide' Gene

      Researchers have added to evidence that a gene responsible for turning off a cell's natural 'suicide' signals may also be the culprit in making breast cancer and melanoma cells ...

      Japanese Sake: The New Pick-Me-Up? Yeast Strain Makes Fatigue-Fighting Ornithine

      Researchers have found that that a mutant strain of sake yeast produces high levels of the amino acid ornithine. Ornithine has been found to reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality, and the ...

      Native Desert Bighorn Sheep in Ecologically Intact Areas Are Less Vulnerable to Climate Change

      In the American Southwest, native desert bighorn sheep populations found in landscapes with minimal human disturbance, including several national parks, are less likely to be vulnerable to climate ...

      New Tool for Identifying Endangered Corals Could Aid Conservation Efforts

      A newly developed genotyping 'chip' -- the first of its kind for corals -- allows researchers to genetically identify corals and the symbiotic algae that live within the coral's cells, ...

      Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Prevents Severe Disease in Mice

      Researchers have created a COVID-19 vaccine candidate from a replicating virus. This experimental vaccine has proven effective at preventing pneumonia in ...

      Fireflies Shed Light on the Function of Mitochondria

      By making mice bioluminescent, scientists have found a way to monitor the activity of mitochondria in living ...

      Researchers Develop New Mouse Model for SARS-CoV-2

      Researchers have developed a new mouse model to study SARS-CoV-2 infection and disease and to accelerate testing of novel treatments and vaccines against the novel coronavirus. The study also ...

      Returning to Farming's Roots in the Battle Against the 'Billion-Dollar Beetle'

      Entomologists reaffirm the importance of crop rotation and diversification in combating the western corn rootworm's resistance to biotech ...

      Two Paths of Aging: New Insights on Promoting Healthspan

      Scientists have unraveled key mechanisms behind the mysteries of aging. They isolated two distinct paths that cells travel during aging and engineered a new way to genetically program these processes ...

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