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      Marine Biology News
      December 3, 2020

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      What's Killing Killer Whales?

      Pathology reports on more than 50 killer whales stranded over nearly a decade in the northeast Pacific and Hawaii show that orcas face a variety of mortal threats -- many stemming from human ...

      Researchers Discover Life in Deep Ocean Sediments at or Above Water's Boiling Point

      Biologists found single-celled organisms living in sediments 1180 meters beneath the ocean at temperatures of 120 degrees ...

      Incredible Vision in Ancient Marine Creatures Drove an Evolutionary Arms Race

      Ancient deep sea creatures called radiodonts had incredible vision that likely drove an evolutionary arms race according to new ...

      Octogenarian Snapper Found Off Australia Becomes Oldest Tropical Reef Fish by Two Decades

      An 81-year-old midnight snapper caught off the coast of Western Australia has taken the title of the oldest tropical reef fish recorded anywhere in ...
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      It's Not Too Late to Save 102 Species at Risk of Extinction

      The Fraser River estuary in British Columbia is home to 102 species at risk of extinction. A new study says it's not too late to save these species if action is taken ...

      Ghost Fishing Threatens Endangered River Dolphins, Critically Endangered Turtles, Otters

      Waste fishing gear in the River Ganges poses a threat to wildlife including otters, turtles and dolphins, new research ...

      To Push or to Pull? How Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Swim

      Couinter-intuitively, small marine animals don't use their limbs or propulsors to push themselves through the water while swimming. Instead, their appendages create negative pressure behind them ...

      Researchers Go Underwater to Study How Sponge Species Vanished

      Researchers embarked on an underwater journey to solve a mystery: Why did sponges of the Agelas oroides species, which used to be common in the shallow waters along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, ...

      Largest Aggregation of Fishes in Abyssal Deep Sea

      The largest aggregation of fishes ever recorded in the abyssal deep sea was discovered by a team of oceanographers during an expedition in the Clarion Clipperton ...

      True Origin of Oldest Evidence of Animals

      Scientists have resolved a longstanding controversy surrounding the origins of complex life on Earth. The studies found molecular fossils extracted from 635-million-year-old rocks aren't the ...

      Scientists Organize to Tackle Crisis of Coral Bleaching

      An international consortium of scientists has created the first-ever common framework for increasing comparability of research findings on coral ...

      New Report Projects Severe Coral Bleaching Globally in This Century

      The United Nations recently released a new report projecting future coral reef bleaching ...

      Could Kelp Help Relieve Ocean Acidification?

      A new analysis of California's Monterey Bay evaluates kelp's potential to reduce ocean acidification, the harmful fallout from climate change on marine ecosystems and the food they produce ...

      New Effective and Safe Antifungal Isolated from Sea Squirt Microbiome

      By combing the ocean for antimicrobials, scientists have discovered a new antifungal compound that efficiently targets multi-drug-resistant strains of deadly fungi without toxic side effects in ...

      Blue Whales Return to Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia After Near Local Extinction

      Scientists have revealed the return of critically endangered Antarctic blue whales to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, 50 years after whaling all but wiped them out. The new study follows ...

      Study Improves Ability to Predict How Whales Travel Through Their Ocean Habitat

      Scientists recently published a study that could help researchers learn where protections are needed the most for bowhead ...

      Large Predatory Fish Thrive on WWII Shipwrecks Off North Carolina Coast

      Results of an expedition to a sunken U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer a detailed glimpse into unexpected 'islands of ...

      Extremely Rare Parasitic Crustacean Discovered in Museum Shark Collection

      Scientists have discovered an extremely rare species of cymothoid from the mouth of a museum specimen of a deep-sea shark caught from the East China Sea, suggesting its wide distribution around the ...

      Some Sport Fish Are Caught Repeatedly, Which May Throw Off Population Count

      A new study reports that, for several species of oceanic sport fish, individual fish that are caught, released and recaught are more likely to be caught again than scientists anticipated. The ...

      Fish Carcasses Deliver Toxic Mercury Pollution to the Deepest Ocean Trenches

      The sinking carcasses of fish from near-surface waters deliver toxic mercury pollution to the most remote and inaccessible parts of the world's oceans, including the deepest spot of them all: ...

      Paleontologists Uncover Three New Species of Extinct Walruses in Orange County, California

      Millions of years ago, in the warm Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California, walrus species without tusks lived abundantly. But in a new study, paleontologists have identified three new ...

      Applying Environmental Genomics to Coral Conservation

      Coral reefs are extremely sensitive to temperature, making them particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. But some corals seem able to adapt. Researchers studied a reef in New ...

      Late-Season Arctic Research Cruise Reveals Warm Ocean Temperatures, Active Ecosystem

      Arctic researchers have been visiting the Bering and Chukchi seas off Alaska for nearly 30 years, collecting information about the biological diversity of the watery world under the sea ice. This ...

      New Fossil Seal Species Rewrites History

      An international team of biologists has discovered a new species of extinct monk seal from the Southern Hemisphere -- describing it as the biggest breakthrough in seal evolution in 70 ...

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