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      Trees News
      December 2, 2020

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      Area Burned by Severe Fire Increased 8-Fold in Western US Over Past Four Decades

      The number of wildfires and the amount of land they consume in the western US has substantially increased since the 1980s, a trend often attributed ...

      Warbler Coloration Shaped by Evolution Via Distinct Paths

      Two genes that are important for the diverse colors and patterns of warbler plumage have evolved through two very different processes, according to a new study. These evolutionary processes could ...
      Researchers have identified a self-regulating mechanism in European deciduous trees that limits their growing-season length: Trees that photosynthesize more in spring and ...

      Guam's Most Endangered Tree Species Reveals Universal Biological Concept

      Newly published research has used a critically endangered species to show how trees modify leaf function to best exploit prevailing light conditions. The findings revealed numerous leaf traits that ...
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      Trees Set Sixth-Graders Up for Success

      The transition to middle school is undeniably tough for many sixth-graders, even in the best of times. Mounting academic demands, along with changes in peer dynamics and the onset of puberty, result ...

      Beetles Cooperate in Brood Care

      Ambrosia beetles are fascinating: they practice agriculture with fungi and they live in a highly developed social system. A biologist has now discovered new facts about ...

      Drones That Patrol Forests Could Monitor Environmental and Ecological Changes

      Researchers have created drones that can attach sensors to trees to monitor environmental and ecological changes in ...

      Lizard Skull Fossil Is New and 'Perplexing' Extinct Species

      A new species of extinct lizard, Kopidosaurus perplexus, has just been described. The first part of the name references the lizard's distinct teeth; a 'kopis' is a curved blade used in ...

      China's Most Important Trees Are Hiding in Plain Sight

      Scientists have synthesized long-term biodiversity data from 12 immense forest study plots spanning 1,500 miles, from China's far north to its southern tropics. Their results point to maple ...

      Decades-Long Effort Revives Ancient Oak Woodland

      Vestal Grove in Cook County, Illinois, looks nothing like the scrubby, buckthorn-choked tangle that first confronted restoration ecologists 37 years ago. Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated team ...

      Shining a (UV) Light on the Glow-in-the-Dark Platypus

      The fur of the platypus - an Australian species threatened with extinction - glows green under ultraviolet light, a new study finds. This is the first observation of biofluorescence in an egg-laying ...

      Reforestation Plans in Africa Could Go Awry

      An international team publishes the findings of a study on the biogeographical history of sub-Saharan ...

      Discovery Adds New Species a Lab's Ghoulish Insect Menagerie

      A horrifying insect soap opera with vampires, mummies and infant-eating parasites plays out on the stems and leaves of oak trees every day, and an evolutionary biologist found the latest player, a ...

      Soil Fungi Act Like a Support Network for Trees

      New research is first to show that growth rate of adult trees is linked to fungal networks colonizing their ...

      The Effects of Wildfires and Spruce Beetle Outbreaks on Forest Temperatures

      Results indicate that wildfires may play a role in accelerating climate-driven species changes in mountain forests by compounding regional warming ...

      Trees Bring Benefits to Society, Regardless of Their Origin

      Trees planted in urban spaces provide a multitude of ecosystem and social services. At the same time, trees can be a source of inconveniences. Scientists have analyzed trees found in the Geneva ...

      Supercomputing Study Breaks Ground for Tree Mapping, Carbon Research

      A new method for mapping the location and size of trees growing outside of forests helped scientists discover billions of trees in arid and semi-arid regions and lays the groundwork for more accurate ...

      Red Maples Doing Better in the City

      A new study examines how trees respond to different urban intensities by comparing tree size and age, foliage nitrogen signature, nutrient and heavy metal content and other factors in forests. Not ...

      Laser Technology Measures Biomass in World's Largest Trees

      Laser technology has been used to measure the volume and biomass of giant Californian redwood trees for the first time, records a new ...

      Fuels, Not Fire Weather, Control Carbon Emissions in Boreal Forest

      A team has found that the amount of carbon that burns in wildfires in western boreal forests depends more on available fuels than on fire weather such as drought conditions, temperature, or ...

      More Diversity Needed in Oil Palm Plantations

      Growing global demand for palm oil has led to a rapid spread of oil palm monoculture plantations in South East Asia, often associated with the loss of habitats and biodiversity. Plantations are ...

      The Effects of Repeated Droughts on Different Kinds of Forests

      Drought is endemic to the American West along with heatwaves and intense wildfires. But scientists are only beginning to understand how the effects of multiple droughts can compound to affect forests ...

      Climate Patterns Linked in Amazon, North and South America, Study Shows

      Researchers have developed a tree-ring chronology from the Amazon River basin that established a link between climate patterns in the Amazon and the ...

      Dietary Migration of Impala Rivals the Geographical Migration of Serengeti Wildebeest

      A new study shows the Impala's migration is a 'dietary migration', where they switch from eating mostly grass in the wet season, to eating more tree leaves or 'browse' during ...

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