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      December 3, 2020

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      Tire-Related Chemical Is Largely Responsible for Adult Coho Salmon Deaths in Urban Streams

      Scientists have discovered a chemical that kills coho salmon in urban streams before the fish can ...

      Incredible Vision in Ancient Marine Creatures Drove an Evolutionary Arms Race

      Ancient deep sea creatures called radiodonts had incredible vision that likely drove an evolutionary arms race according to new ...

      Jaguars Robust to Climate Extremes but Lack of Food Threatens Species

      Researchers lead a world-first investigation into the chances of wild jaguars surviving climate extremes with six scenarios modelling the behavior, mating, births of cubs, competition, illegal ...

      Ancient Blanket Made With 11,500 Turkey Feathers

      New research sheds light on the production of an 800-year-old turkey feather blanket and explores the economic and cultural aspects of raising turkeys to supply feathers in the ancient ...
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      3D Protein Modeling Suggests Why COVID-19 Infects Some Animals, but Not Others

      Some animals are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection than others, and new research suggests this may be due to distinctive structural features of a protein found on the surface of animal ...

      Areas Where the Next Pandemic Could Emerge Are Revealed

      A team of experts has incorporated environmental, social and economic considerations -- including air transit centrality -- to identify key areas at risk of leading to the next pandemic. The research ...

      Global Warming Likely to Increase Disease Risk for Animals Worldwide

      Changes in climate can increase infectious disease risk in animals, researchers found -- with the possibility that these diseases could spread to humans, they ...

      Changes in Fire Activity Are Threatening More Than 4,400 Species Globally

      More than 4,400 species across the globe are at risk from extinction because of changes in fire activity says a new ...

      Plant Evolves to Stay Hidden from Harvesting Humans

      A plant used in traditional Chinese medicine has evolved to become less visible to humans, new research ...

      Rare Species of Small Cats Inadequately Protected

      The Indian subcontinent is a hotspot for wild felines. A new study now shows that only 6-11 per cent of the areas where three rare cat species have their habitat are protected. Lack of knowledge ...

      Elephant Genetics Guide Conservation

      A large-scale study of African elephant genetics in Tanzania reveals the history of elephant populations, how they interact, and what areas may be critical to conserve in order to preserve genetic ...

      Truffle Munching Wallabies Shed New Light on Forest Conservation

      Scientists have studied how swamp wallabies spread truffle spores around the environment. Results of the research demonstrate the importance of these animals to the survival of the ...

      Vertebrate Biodiversity: A Glimmer of Hope

      A team of biologists found that the picture of dramatically declining vertebrate populations of all kinds is driven by a small number of outlier populations whose numbers are dropping at extreme ...

      Health Trade-Offs for Wildlife as Urbanization Expands

      City living appears to improve reproductive success for migratory tree swallows compared to breeding in more environmentally protected areas, a new five-year study suggests. But urban life comes with ...

      Review Examines Sexual Aggression in Mammals

      A recent review of published studies in non-human mammals examines 'sexual disturbance,' or male behavior towards a female around mating that can be costly for the female -- for example, ...

      Study Improves Ability to Predict How Whales Travel Through Their Ocean Habitat

      Scientists recently published a study that could help researchers learn where protections are needed the most for bowhead ...

      Large Predatory Fish Thrive on WWII Shipwrecks Off North Carolina Coast

      Results of an expedition to a sunken U-boat and Nicaraguan freighter offer a detailed glimpse into unexpected 'islands of ...

      COVID-19 Highlights Risks of Wildlife Trade

      Researchers say that more epidemics resulting from animal hosts are inevitable unless urgent action is taken. To protect against future pandemics, they call for governments to establish effective ...

      Abundance of Prey Species Is Key to Bird Diversity in Cities

      A team of scientists collaborated to analyze breeding bird data gathered by citizen scientists. They found that the abundance of invertebrates such as insects or spiders as prey is a key factor ...

      Some Sport Fish Are Caught Repeatedly, Which May Throw Off Population Count

      A new study reports that, for several species of oceanic sport fish, individual fish that are caught, released and recaught are more likely to be caught again than scientists anticipated. The ...

      Tropical Peatland Conservation Could Protect Humans from New Diseases

      Conservation of tropical peatlands could reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the likelihood of new diseases jumping from animals to humans, researchers ...

      Spiny Dogfish Eat Atlantic Cod: DNA May Provide Some Answers

      As dogfish populations recover from overfishing, questions remain about how much Atlantic cod they are eating and its impact on the struggling cod population. Researchers used innovative genetic ...

      Deafening Insects Mask True Biodiversity Assessed Via Acoustic Surveys in Japan

      Ecologists have been using recordings of animal noises to assess biodiversity in sub-tropical Japan. The team assessed how effective these acoustic surveys were for pinpointing Okinawa's wild ...

      What Does the Fox Say to a Puma?

      Researchers have found that in the Chilean Andes, two predator species -- the puma and the culpeo fox -- can successfully share a landscape and hunt for food over the same nighttime hours because ...

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