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      Zoology News
      December 3, 2020

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      Octogenarian Snapper Found Off Australia Becomes Oldest Tropical Reef Fish by Two Decades

      An 81-year-old midnight snapper caught off the coast of Western Australia has taken the title of the oldest tropical reef fish recorded anywhere in ...

      Caribbean Coral Reefs Under Siege from Aggressive Algae

      Human activity endangers coral health around the world. A new algal threat is taking advantage of coral's already precarious situation in the Caribbean and making it even harder for reef ecosystems ...

      Getting to the Core of Nuclear Speckles

      Scientists have identified the molecules that form the scaffold of nuclear speckles. The two proteins in question are SON and SRRM2, which are present in different variations throughout the entire ...
      Scientists have discovered that young alligators have the ability to regrow their tails up to three-quarters of a foot -- about 18 percent of their total body length. The ...
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      Pets, Touch and COVID-19: Why Our Furry Friends Are Lifesavers

      A new study points to the lifesaving role that pets have played in 2020 and why governments need to sit up and take ...

      Researchers Find How Stress and the Circadian Clock Affect Sleep

      Researchers have found a new neural pathway that links the circadian clock, stress, and wakefulness in mammals. They identified a neuron that becomes excessively active when the mammal is under ...

      To Push or to Pull? How Many-Limbed Marine Organisms Swim

      Couinter-intuitively, small marine animals don't use their limbs or propulsors to push themselves through the water while swimming. Instead, their appendages create negative pressure behind them ...

      Pesticide Deadly to Bees Now Easily Detected in Honey

      A common insecticide that is a major hazard for honeybees is now effectively detected in honey thanks to a simple new ...

      Clean Air Act Saved 1.5 Billion birds

      US pollution regulations meant to protect humans from dirty air are also saving birds. So concludes a new continent-wide study. Study authors found that improved air quality under a federal program ...

      Decoding Gigantic Insect Genome Could Help Tackle Devastating Locust Crises

      A 'game changing' study deciphering the genetic material of the desert locust could help combat the crop-ravaging behavior of the notorious insect pest which currently exacerbates a hunger ...

      Areas Where the Next Pandemic Could Emerge Are Revealed

      A team of experts has incorporated environmental, social and economic considerations -- including air transit centrality -- to identify key areas at risk of leading to the next pandemic. The research ...

      Global Warming Likely to Increase Disease Risk for Animals Worldwide

      Changes in climate can increase infectious disease risk in animals, researchers found -- with the possibility that these diseases could spread to humans, they ...

      True Origin of Oldest Evidence of Animals

      Scientists have resolved a longstanding controversy surrounding the origins of complex life on Earth. The studies found molecular fossils extracted from 635-million-year-old rocks aren't the ...

      Changes in Fire Activity Are Threatening More Than 4,400 Species Globally

      More than 4,400 species across the globe are at risk from extinction because of changes in fire activity says a new ...

      Identical Evolution of Isolated Organisms

      Palaeontologists have provided new proof of parallel evolution: conodonts, early vertebrates from the Permian period, adapted to new habitats in almost identical ways despite living in different ...

      How Ancient Fish May Have Prepared for Life on Land

      A new study adds another layer to the remarkable evolutionary transition of life from water to land on Earth. The international study of the prehistoric 'relic' tetrapods, including ...

      Like humans who can instantly tell which friend or relative is calling by the timbre of the person's voice, zebra finches have a near-human capacity for language ...

      Plant Research Seals Importance of Microbes for Survival and Growth

      Scientists have revealed that plants have a 'sealing' mechanism supported by microbes in the root that are vital for the intake of nutrients for survival and ...

      Glyphosate May Affect Human Gut Microbiota

      More than half of bacterial species in the core of the human gut microbiome are potentially sensitive to glyphosate, shows new research. Researchers introduced the first bioinformatics resource to ...

      Alternative Gene Control Mechanism Based on Organization of DNA Within Nucleus

      Researchers have identified how the architecture of the cell nucleus can change gene activity in plants. This discovery reveals fundamental knowledge about genome regulation and points towards future ...

      Sexual Lineage Plays Key Role in Transgenerational Plasticity

      A new pair of articles has shown that sexual lineage matters for how offspring receive adaptations from parents in stickleback fish. Researchers studied how parents who were exposed to predators ...

      First Map of Bee Species Around the Globe

      There are over 20,000 species of bee, but accurate data about how these species are spread across the globe are sparse. However, researchers have now created a map of bee diversity by combining the ...

      Very Hungry and Angry, Caterpillars Head-Butt to Get What They Want

      When food is scarce, monarch butterfly caterpillars go from docile to domineering. The results look something like a combination of boxing and 'bumper' cars. The less food, the more likely ...

      The Secret Social Lives of Giant Poisonous Rats

      The African crested rat is the only mammal known to sequester plant toxins for chemical defense. A new study confirmed that the rabbit-sized rodent licks poison from the bark of Acokanthera ...

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