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      December 3, 2020

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      Shuttering Fossil Fuel Power Plants May Cost Less Than Expected

      Decarbonizing US electricity production will require both construction of renewable energy sources and retirement of power plants now operated by fossil fuels. A generator-level model suggests that ...

      Hydrogen-Powered Heavy Duty Vehicles Could Contribute Significantly to Achieving Climate Goals

      A partial transition of German road transport to hydrogen energy is among the possibilities being discussed to help meet national climate targets. ...

      Emissions Growth Slower Than Worst-Case Projections

      New research reveals that emissions are not growing as fast as the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's assessments have indicated -- and that the IPCC is not using the most up-to-date ...

      Growing Interest in Moon Resources Could Cause Tension

      An international team of scientists has identified a problem with the growing interest in extractable resources on the moon: there aren't enough of them to go around. With no international policies ...
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      Implementing Carbon Pricing During the Pandemic Could Help Countries Recover Greener, Smarter

      As economies 'build back better,' it may be an opportune time to introduce carbon pricing to tackle climate change, according to new ...

      India's Clean Fuel Transition Slowed by Belief That Firewood Is Better for Well-Being

      India's transition to clean cooking fuels may be hampered by users' belief that using firewood is better for their families' wellbeing than switching to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), ...

      Energy System 2050: Solutions for the Energy Transition

      To contribute to global climate protection, Germany has to rapidly and comprehensively minimize the use of fossil energy sources and to transform the energy system ...

      Fraction of Money Earmarked for COVID-19 Recovery Could Boost Climate Efforts

      Global stimulus plans for economic recovery after the pandemic could easily cover climate-friendly policies, suggests a new ...

      Mental Accounting Is Impacting Sustainable Behavior

      Human beings tend to create separate mental budget compartments where specific acts of consumption and payments are linked. This mechanism can be counter-productive when it comes to energy ...

      People Can Do More Than Use Less Plastic to Help Save the Great Barrier Reef

      There are many threats to Australia's Great Barrier Reef - cyclones, shipping, crown-of-thorns starfish - but QUT researchers say climate change is its worst enemy. Yet a survey they conducted ...

      A Circular Economy Could Save the World's Economy Post-COVID-19

      The world's economy is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with many industries under threat. Researchers have concluded that adopting circular economy strategies would be the best way ...

      Climate-Friendly Cooling to Help Ease Global Warming

      A new study shows that coordinated international action on energy-efficient, climate-friendly cooling could avoid as much as 600 billion tons CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions in this ...

      Two's a Crowd: Nuclear and Renewables Don't Mix

      If countries want to lower emissions as substantially, rapidly and cost-effectively as possible, they should prioritize support for renewables, rather than nuclear power, the findings of a major new ...

      Decent Living for All Does Not Have to Cost the Earth

      A new study reveals that decent living standards could be provided to the entire global population of 10 billion that is expected to be reached by 2050, for less than 40% of today's global ...

      Smart Cruise Control Steers Drivers Toward Better Decisions

      Smart cruise control, better human decisions. Engineers study how cars and trucks move cooperatively on the road, respond to each other's environmental sensors and react as a group to lessen ...

      Achieving Clean Air for All Is Possible, Experts Say

      A new study however shows that it is possible to achieve clean air worldwide with fundamental transformations of today's practices in many sectors, supported by strong political ...

      Climate Pledges 'Like Tackling COVID-19 Without Social Distancing'

      Current global pledges to tackle climate change are the equivalent of declaring a pandemic without a plan for social distancing, researchers ...

      Better Catalysts for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

      Researchers want to make so-called zeolites more efficient. Today, these compounds are already indispensable additives in the chemical industry and have been used as catalysts in oil refineries since ...

      Solar Storm Forecasts for Earth Improved With Help from the Public

      Scientists used observations recorded by members of the public to increase accuracy of computer model predictions of when harmful CMEs will hit ...

      ARPA-Type Funding Gives Green Technology an 'Innovation Advantage', Study Finds

      Startups funded by the U.S. agency ARPA-E file patents at twice the rate of similar cleantech firms. The United Kingdom should trial its own climate-focused ARPA as part of COVID-19 recovery package, ...

      Comprehensive Look at US Fuel Economy Standards Show Big Savings on Fuel and Emissions

      A new study finds that over their 40-year history, fuel economy standards in the United States have helped reduce reliance on foreign oil producers, saved $5 trillion in fuel costs and prevented 14 ...

      Humans' Construction 'Footprint' on Ocean Quantified for First Time

      In a world-first, the extent of human development in oceans has been mapped. An area totaling approximately 30,000 square kilometers - the equivalent of 0.008 percent of the ocean - has been modified ...

      Researchers Introduce New Theory to Calculate Emissions Liability

      A new study questions conventional methods of calculating carbon emissions liability based on point source pollution by introducing new 'bottleneck' ...

      Bold Proposal to Tackle One of the Biggest Barriers to More Renewable Energy

      The phrase 'too much of a good thing' may sound like a contradiction, but it encapsulates one of the key hurdles preventing the expansion of renewable energy generation. Too much of a ...

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