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      Ocean Policy News
      December 3, 2020

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      Emissions Growth Slower Than Worst-Case Projections

      New research reveals that emissions are not growing as fast as the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's assessments have indicated -- and that the IPCC is not using the most up-to-date ...

      Strengthening the Climate Change Scenario Framework

      Over the past decade, the climate change research community developed a scenario framework that combines alternative futures of climate and society to facilitate integrated research and consistent ...

      There Are Microplastics Near the Top of Mount Everest Too

      Researchers analyzing snow and stream samples have found evidence of microplastic pollution on Mount Everest. While the highest concentrations of microplastics were around Base Camp where hikers and ...

      Blue Whales Return to Sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia After Near Local Extinction

      Scientists have revealed the return of critically endangered Antarctic blue whales to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia, 50 years after ...
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      No Poaching Occurring Within Most Channel Islands Marine Protected Areas

      Fish are thriving and poachers are staying out of marine protected areas around California's Channel Islands, a new population analysis ...

      Report Assesses Promises and Pitfalls of Private Investment in Conservation

      Scientists, lawyers, investors and economists explore how privately financed conservation projects can generate both financial returns and positive conservation ...

      After Election: Making the Endangered Species Act More Effective

      Following the presidential election, a leading group of scientists are making the case that a 'rule reversal' will not be sufficient to allow the Endangered Species Act to do its job. ...

      Large-Scale Study: Congolese Fishermen Report Decline in Fish Stocks on Lake Tanganyika

      Fishermen working on Lake Tanganyika in eastern Congo experience a lack of safety and want better enforcement of existing regulations. They also report a decline in the lake's fish ...

      Study First to Tally Biomass from Oceanic Plastic Debris Using Visualization Method

      Scientists examined cell abundances, size, cellular carbon mass, and how photosynthetic cells differ on polymeric and glass substrates over time, exploring nanoparticle generation from plastic like ...

      People Can Do More Than Use Less Plastic to Help Save the Great Barrier Reef

      There are many threats to Australia's Great Barrier Reef - cyclones, shipping, crown-of-thorns starfish - but QUT researchers say climate change is its worst enemy. Yet a survey they conducted ...

      Broken Promises: Almost 80 Percent of Threatened Species Lack Sufficient Protection

      A failure by governments to deliver on commitments under a global nature conservation treaty, the Convention on Biological Diversity, could have devastating effects. The warning comes after a ...

      Coastal Flooding Will Disproportionately Impact 31 Million People Globally

      Researchers analyzed these geographic regions, which include cities like New Orleans, Bangkok, and Shanghai, using a new global dataset to determine how many people live on river deltas, how many are ...

      Achieving Clean Air for All Is Possible, Experts Say

      A new study however shows that it is possible to achieve clean air worldwide with fundamental transformations of today's practices in many sectors, supported by strong political ...

      Natural Capital a Missing Piece in Climate Policy

      Clean air, clean water and a functioning ecosystem are considered priceless. Yet accounting for the economic value of nature has large implications for climate policy, a new study ...

      Marine Heatwaves Are Human-Made

      Heatwaves in the world's oceans have become over 20 times more frequent due to human influence. This is what researchers are now able to demonstrate. Marine heatwaves destroy ecosystems and ...

      40% of O'ahu, Hawai'i Beaches Could Be Lost by Mid-Century

      The reactive and piecemeal approach historically used to manage beaches in Hawai'i has failed to protect them. If policies are not changed, as much as 40% of all beaches on O'ahu, ...

      Corona-Induced CO2 Emission Reductions Are Not Yet Detectable in the Atmosphere

      The impact of the corona pandemic will reduce worldwide carbon dioxide emissions by up to eight percent in 2020. Cumulative reductions of about this magnitude would be required every year to reach ...

      Indigenous Knowledge Still Undervalued

      New research has found that Indigenous knowledge is regularly underutilised and misunderstood when making important environmental ...

      Nature Conservation Policy Rarely Changes People's Behavior

      Too rarely do nature conservation initiatives or strategies announced by politicians lead to people changing their everyday behaviour. A research team has investigated the reasons for this. According ...

      Humans' Construction 'Footprint' on Ocean Quantified for First Time

      In a world-first, the extent of human development in oceans has been mapped. An area totaling approximately 30,000 square kilometers - the equivalent of 0.008 percent of the ocean - has been modified ...

      Using the Past to Maintain Future Biodiversity

      New research shows that safeguarding species and ecosystems and the benefits they provide for society against future climatic change requires effective solutions which can only be formulated from ...

      New Study Warns: We Have Underestimated the Pace at Which the Arctic Is Melting

      Arctic sea ice is melting more quickly than once assumed. Today's climate models have yet to incorporate the steep rise in temperatures that have occurred over the past 40 ...

      Heating Our Climate Damages Our Economies: Study Reveals Greater Costs Than Expected

      Rising temperatures due to our greenhouse gas emissions can cause greater damages to our economies than previous research suggested, a new study ...

      There Is at Least 10 Times More Plastic in the Atlantic Than Previously Thought

      Scientists measured 12-21 million tons of three of the most common types of plastic in the top 200 meters of the Atlantic. By assuming the concentration of plastic in the whole Atlantic is the same ...

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