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      December 3, 2020

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      Game 'Pre-Bunks' Political Misinformation by Letting Players Undermine Democracy

      An online game helps 'inoculate' players against fake news by showing them how political misinformation is created and circulated. Launched today, ...

      Forecasting Elections With a Model of Infectious Diseases

      Election forecasting is an innately challenging endeavor, with results that can be difficult to interpret and may leave many questions unanswered after close races unfold. Researchers have now ...
      Researchers have linked a brain region to what they call neural polarization, offering a glimpse into the partisan brain in the weeks leading up to what is arguably the most ...

      Clean and Clear: How Being More Transparent Over Resources Helps Cut Carbon Emissions

      Countries that sign up to improved financial transparency over oil, gas, and mining revenues benefit from significant reductions in carbon emissions, ...
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      Here's Why Conservatives and Liberals Differ on COVID-19

      New research finds that the differences between conservative and liberal responses to COVID-19 are mitigated when people perceive the virus itself to have agency -- the ability to control its own ...

      Conservatives and Liberals Motivated by Different Psychological Factors, New Study Shows

      Liberalism and conservatism are associated with qualitatively different psychological concerns, notably those linked to morality, shows a new study that explores how political ideology and moral ...

      After Election: Making the Endangered Species Act More Effective

      Following the presidential election, a leading group of scientists are making the case that a 'rule reversal' will not be sufficient to allow the Endangered Species Act to do its job. ...

      Personality Traits Affect Shelter at Home Compliance

      A worldwide survey conducted during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic found that people with certain common personality traits were less likely to shelter at home when government policies were ...

      Men Less Likely to See Food as National Security Issue Amid Pandemic, Study Finds

      On average, men not only showed less empathy toward temporary agricultural laborers but also were less likely to see food supply and production as national security issues, according to a new ...

      Women Are More Concerned About COVID-19 Than Men, Study Finds

      A new study finds that women are more concerned about COVID-19 than men, a difference that transcends party lines. This female perspective towards the pandemic may be overlooked due to the ...

      New Model Examines How Societal Influences Affect U.S. Political Opinions

      Northwestern University researchers have developed the first quantitative model that captures how politicized environments affect U.S. political opinion formation and ...

      Higher Narcissism May Be Linked With More Political Participation

      A politically engaged electorate is key to any thriving democracy, but not everyone participates in elections and other political activities. New research found that people who are narcissistic may ...

      COVID-19 Shapes Political Approval Ratings

      During the early days of the pandemic, COVID-19 created a rally effect around political leaders, according to new study. The rise of COVID-19 cases was associated with a 15- to 20-point boost in ...

      COVID-19 Opens a Partisan Gap on Voting by Mail

      A new study documents a growing divide in the United States on preferences for absentee ballots. Before the pandemic, there wasn't any difference in the rates at which Democratic and Republican ...

      Political Ads Have Little Persuasive Power, Study Finds

      Every four years, U.S. presidential campaigns collectively spend billions of dollars flooding TV screens across the country with political ads. But a new study shows that, regardless of content, ...

      U.S. Political Parties Become Extremist to Get More Votes

      New mathematical modeling shows that U.S. political parties are becoming increasingly polarized due to their quest for voters -- not because voters themselves are becoming more ...

      When It Comes to Supporting Candidates, Ideology Trumps Race and Gender

      Voters who express prejudice against minorities and women are still more likely to support candidates who most closely align with their ideologies, regardless of the race or sex of such candidates, ...

      Affirmative Action Incentivizes High Schoolers to Perform Better, New Research Shows

      Affirmative action is a contentious issue across the globe, hotly debated in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria and Brazil, as well as in the United States. While the direct ...

      Desire to Be in a Group Leads to Harsher Judgment of Others

      In a time where political affiliations can feel like they're leading to tribal warfare, a research team has found that the desire to be part of a group is what makes some of us more likely to ...

      Food Safety Model May Help Pandemic Management

      No precedent exists for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, although a plan for working through major public food scares may point to the best ways of alerting and communicating with the ...

      What the Rest of the World Can Learn from South Korea's COVID-19 Response

      As the world continues to closely monitor the newest coronavirus outbreak, the government of South Korea has been able to keep the disease under control without paralyzing the national health and ...

      Coronavirus: Social Distancing Accepted When People Understand Exponential Growth

      When people fail to see the need for restrictions on public life, explaining the exponential increase of infections creates greater acceptance for measures taken to slow down the infection rate, ...

      Twitter Posts Reveal Polarization in Congress on COVID-19

      The rapid politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen in messages members of the US Congress sent about the issue on the social media site Twitter, a new analysis found. Using artificial ...

      How Stimulus Dollars Are Spent Will Affect Emissions for Decades

      The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have led to a record crash in emissions. But it will be emission levels during the ...

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