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      December 3, 2020

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      The Secretive Networks Used to Move Money Offshore

      In 2016, the world's largest ever data leak dubbed "The Panama Papers" exposed a scandal, uncovering a vast global network of people -- including celebrities and world leaders, who used offshore tax ...

      Revolutionary Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for Safer Online Communication

      The world is one step closer to having a totally secure internet and an answer to the growing threat of cyber-attacks, thanks to a team of international scientists who have created a unique prototype ...

      A Surprising Opportunity for Telehealth in Shaping the Future of Medicine

      Expanded telehealth services at UT Southwestern have proved effective at safely delivering patient care during the pandemic, leading to an increase in patients even in specialties such as plastic ...

      'Deepfakes' Ranked as Most Serious AI Crime Threat

      Fake audio or video content has been ranked by experts as the most worrying use of artificial intelligence in terms of its potential applications for crime or terrorism, according to a new ...
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      Individuals May Legitimize Hacking When Angry With System or Authority

      New research has found that when individuals feel that a system or authority is unresponsive to their demands, they are more likely to legitimize hacker activity at an organization's ...

      COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created Flood of Potentially Substandard Research, Expert Says

      The COVID-19 pandemic has created a flood of potentially substandard research amid the rush to publish, with a string of papers retracted or under a cloud and a surge in submissions to pre-print ...

      Job Security, Finances Strongly Related to Increased Anxiety During Pandemic

      For people still employed during the COVID-19 pandemic, job insecurity and financial concern are associated with greater symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to a new ...

      How Do People Prefer Coronavirus Contact Tracing to Be Carried Out?

      New research shows that people prefer coronavirus contact tracing to be carried out by a combination of apps and ...

      Pandemic Accelerated Remote Work, a Trend Likely to Remain

      The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly changed workplaces and the nature of work itself, according to a new article published by an international panel of management ...

      Contact Tracing Apps Unlikely to Contain COVID-19 Spread: UK Researchers

      Contract tracing apps used to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are unlikely to be effective without proper uptake and support from concurrent control measures, finds a new study by researchers in the ...

      Digital Contact Tracing Alone May Not Be Miracle Answer for COVID-19

      In infectious disease outbreaks, digital contact tracing alone could reduce the number of cases, but not as much as manual contract tracing, new research ...

      COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Ensures Privacy During Isolation

      An online COVID-19 symptom tracking tool developed by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center ensures a person's confidentiality while being able to actively monitor their symptoms. ...

      What the Rest of the World Can Learn from South Korea's COVID-19 Response

      As the world continues to closely monitor the newest coronavirus outbreak, the government of South Korea has been able to keep the disease under control without paralyzing the national health and ...

      Consumers Don't Fully Trust Smart Home Technologies

      Smart home technologies are marketed to enhance your home and make life easier. However, consumers are not convinced that they can trust the privacy and security of these technologies, a new study ...

      New Machine Learning Method Allows Hospitals to Share Patient Data -- Privately

      Researchers have shown that an approach called federated learning is successful in the context of brain imaging, by being able to analyze magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of brain tumor ...

      Why Governments Have the Right to Require Masks in Public

      Requirements for consumers to wear masks at public places like retail stores and restaurants are very similar to smoking bans, according to a group of experts who argue that mask requirements to stop ...

      Recognizing Fake Images Using Frequency Analysis

      They look deceptively real, but they are made by computers: so-called deep-fake images are generated by machine learning algorithms, and humans are pretty much unable to distinguish them from real ...

      Tool to Protect Children's Online Privacy

      A new study of 100 mobile apps for kids found that 72 violated a federal law aimed at protecting children's online privacy. Researchers developed a tool that can determine whether an Android ...

      COVID-19 Affects Adolescent and Young Adults Sexual and Reproductive Health

      Social distancing and limited access to contraceptive and abortion care during the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young adults according to a new ...

      Age Discrimination Laws Don't Protect Older Women as They Do Older Men

      Older women in the workforce should be considered collectively as a unique demographic group that includes both gender and age if they're to receive adequate protection against workplace ...

      Behavioral Science Perspectives on an Alternative Internet

      Polarization, conspiracy theories, fake news: What people see on the Internet is largely determined by the opaque algorithms of just a few corporations. That's a worrying development for ...

      Do COVID-19 Apps Protect Your Privacy?

      Many mobile apps that track the spread of COVID-19 ask for personal data but don't indicate the information will be ...

      Researchers Evaluate 2020 Census Data Privacy Changes

      After the US Census Bureau announced that it was changing how it protects the identities of individuals for the 2020 Census, researchers began to evaluate how these changes may affect census data ...

      High Tech Printing Makes Checking Banknotes Possible in the Blink of an Eye

      New '3D micro-optic' security features in banknotes enable the general public to detect counterfeits reliably within a fraction of a second, according to new ...

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