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      December 3, 2020

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      Marine Fisheries Will Not Offset Farm Losses After Nuclear War

      After a nuclear war, wild-catch marine fisheries will not offset the loss of food grown on land, especially if widespread overfishing continues, according to a new study. But effective pre-war ...

      Effective Government Saves Lives in Cyclones, Other Disasters

      Effective national and local governments are associated with fewer deaths from tropical cyclone disasters -- even in countries with similar levels of wealth and ...

      Congress Must Clarify Limits of Gene-Editing Technologies

      How the next Congress decides to handle the issue editing human sperm and eggs will affect the science, ethics and financing of genomic editing for decades to come, said a law professor who studies ...

      Who Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine First?

      Nineteen global health experts from around the world have proposed a new, three-phase plan for vaccine distribution -- called the Fair Priority Model -- which aims to reduce premature deaths and ...
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      COVID-19 Shutdowns Disproportionately Affected Low-Income Black Households

      Researchers report that low-income Black households experienced greater job loss, more food and medicine insecurity, and higher indebtedness in the early months of COVID-19 compared to white or ...

      Geographic Shift in U.S. Social Mobility

      Social mobility differs considerably from country to country. The United States was once exceptional when it came to social mobility but is not anymore compared with other countries, like Canada, ...

      Racial Attitudes in a Community Affect COVID-19 Numbers

      Implicit racial attitudes within a community can effectively explain racial disparities seen in rates of COVID-19 in the United States, according to a new ...

      Teacher Quality Scores Change Depending on Students, School

      School districts across the U.S. are increasingly using student test scores to rate the effectiveness of teachers, but a new study found that the scores have less to do with individual teachers and ...

      Demolishing Abandoned Houses Does Not Reduce Nearby Crime, Study Finds

      A study compared crime rates near abandoned houses that were demolished and similar properties that were not, finding no reduction in violent or property crime near those torn down. Findings suggest ...

      Pay People to Get COVID-19 Jab to Ensure Widespread Coverage, Says Leading Ethicist

      Governments should consider incentivising people to get a COVID-19 jab, when the vaccine becomes available, to achieve the required level of herd immunity -- which could be up to 80%+ of the ...

      Discrimination Increases Against Asian and Asian American Population, Affecting Health

      Reports of racial discrimination against Asians and Asian-Americans have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, coinciding with an increase in reported negative ...

      How People Would Choose Who Gets Scarce COVID-19 Treatment

      As COVID-19 cases begin climbing again in the United States, the possibility arises of a grim moral dilemma: Which patients should be prioritized if medical resources are scarce? A study of more than ...

      COVID-19 Interventions Can Cut Virus Infections, Severe Outcomes, and Healthcare Needs

      Non-pharmaceutical interventions such as voluntary shelter-in-place, quarantines, and other steps taken to control the SARS-CoV-2 virus can reduce the peak number of infections, daily infection ...

      A New Toolkit for Capturing How COVID-19 Impacts Crime

      A new set of assessment tools shows promise in capturing how the COVID-19 pandemic affects patterns of criminal ...

      Trust and Income Inequality Fueling the Spread of COVID-19

      Trust in public institutions is linked to fewer COVID-19 deaths, but trust and belonging to groups is associated with more deaths, according to a wide-ranging study of 30-day COVID-19 mortality rates ...

      COVID-19: Social Dilemmas About Protective Measures

      The psychosocial profile of people who resist adopting suitable protective behaviors against the transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus provides valuable information about preventing ...

      COVID-19 Pandemic Has Created Flood of Potentially Substandard Research, Expert Says

      The COVID-19 pandemic has created a flood of potentially substandard research amid the rush to publish, with a string of papers retracted or under a cloud and a surge in submissions to pre-print ...

      Counties With Persistent Poverty Rates Experience Higher Rates of Cancer Deaths

      Residents of counties that experience persistent poverty face a disproportionately high risk of cancer ...

      Historical Racial and Ethnic Health Inequities Account for Disproportionate COVID-19 Impact

      A new article examines the ways in which COVID-19 disproportionately impacts historically disadvantaged communities of color in the United States, and how baseline inequalities in our health system ...

      During Pandemic, Racism Puts Additional Stress on Asian Americans

      People of Asian ancestry face yet another set of challenges posed by racism and xenophobia which has soared during the COVID-19 ...

      Do-It-Yourself COVID-19 Vaccines Fraught With Public Health Problems

      'Citizen scientists' developing homemade COVID-19 vaccines may believe they're inoculating themselves against the ongoing pandemic, but the practice of self-experimentation with ...

      Hoarding and Herding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

      Understanding the psychology behind economic decision-making, and how and why a pandemic might trigger responses such as hoarding, is the focus of a new ...

      COVID-19 Deaths Among Black Essential Workers Linked to Racial Disparities

      Racial disparities among essential workers could be a key reason that Black Americans are more likely than whites to contract and die of COVID-19, according to researchers. They found that Blacks ...

      An Embedded Ethics Approach for AI Development

      The increasing use of AI (artificial intelligence) in the development of new medical technologies demands greater attention to ethical aspects. An interdisciplinary team advocates the integration of ...

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