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      STEM Education News
      December 3, 2020

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      Classes Set by Ability Are Hitting Children's Self-Confidence

      The way a vast amount of schools are setup, with classes grouping children based on their ability, is severely affecting pupil's ...

      No Single Solution Helps All Students Complete MOOCs

      In one of the largest educational field experiments ever conducted, researchers found that promising interventions to help students complete online courses were not effective on a massive scale -- ...

      Brains of Girls and Boys Are Similar, Producing Equal Math Ability

      New research comprehensively examined the brain development of young boys and girls. Their research shows no gender difference in brain function or math ...

      Kids in Poor, Urban Schools Learn Just as Much as Others

      Schools serving disadvantaged and minority children teach as much to their students as those serving more advantaged kids, according to a new nationwide US study. Test scores speak more to what ...
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      Teacher Quality Scores Change Depending on Students, School

      School districts across the U.S. are increasingly using student test scores to rate the effectiveness of teachers, but a new study found that the scores have less to do with individual teachers and ...

      Remote Learning Adds Pressure for Teachers Who Work Second Shift as Mothers

      The transition to remote learning coupled with an unequal distribution of second-shift responsibilities has placed teachers who are also mothers under immense stress, according to new ...

      Does Classroom Indoor Environmental Quality Affect Teaching and Learning?

      What impact does a classroom's indoor environment have on teaching, learning, and students' academic achievement in colleges and universities? This is the question researchers set out to ...

      Research Network Aims to Improve Learning Outcomes for Students Underrepresented in STEM

      A recent report lays out gaps in the biology education field and proposes leveraging an existing research coordination network called Equity and Diversity in Undergraduate STEM (EDU-STEM) to tackle ...

      How Is STEM Children's Programming Prioritizing Diversity?

      The first large-scale analysis of characters featured in STEM-related educational programming revealed that of the characters appearing in STEM television programming for kids ages 3 to 6, Latinx and ...

      Which Is More Creative, the Arts or the Sciences?

      An expert in creativity and innovation is calling for schools and universities to increase their emphasis on teaching creativity, as new research shows it is a core competency across all disciplines ...

      New Education 'Hubs' for Deaf Children Needed to Replace Social Spaces Lost When Specialist Schools Close

      New dedicated hubs for deaf children are needed around the country to provide new social spaces, education and support, an expert has ...

      Enrolling in Health Education Courses May Help Change Student's Beliefs About Stress

      College students are under a lot of stress, even more so lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New research finds that college health courses could help students develop a more positive stress ...

      Operation Outbreak Simulation Teaches Students How Pandemics Spread

      A new article highlights Operation Outbreak, an educational platform and simulation intended to teach high school and college students the fundamentals of responses to ...

      Affirmative Action Incentivizes High Schoolers to Perform Better, New Research Shows

      Affirmative action is a contentious issue across the globe, hotly debated in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria and Brazil, as well as in the United States. While the direct ...

      Experts Recommend Strict, Costly Approaches for Reopening Schools

      The American Academy of Pediatrics recently highlighted the importance of students' returning to the classroom in its COVID-19 return-to-school guidance. Jason Wang, MD, PhD, of Stanford Health ...

      Link Between Education, Income Inequality Has Existed for a Century

      Income is inextricably linked to access to education in America and it has been for a century, according to a new ...

      Teen Museum Educators Increase Engagement, Learning, in Tween Visitors

      A new study finds that youth docents have an overall positive effect on visitors' experiences, learning and information retention at informal learning sites -- like museums. The positive effects ...

      Science Education Community Should Withdraw from International Tests, Experts Urge

      The science community should withdraw from involvement in international tests such as PISA because they have forced schools to adopt 'narrow' curricula and pedagogies, a study ...

      Study: More Than Half of US Students Experience Summer Learning Losses Five Years in a Row

      Following U.S. students across five summers between grades 1 and 6, a little more than half (52 percent) experienced learning losses in all five summers, according to a large national study. Students ...

      Achievement Isn't Why More Men Are Majoring in Physics, Engineering and Computer Science

      Researchers have found that the reason there are more undergraduate men than women majoring in physics, engineering and computer science is not because men are higher achievers. On the contrary, the ...

      COVID-19 Pandemic Could Decimate Outdoor Environmental, Science Education Programs

      A survey of 1,000 outdoor education programs nationwide finds that nearly two-thirds are in danger of folding because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such programs connect youth with the world around them ...

      Passing Challenging Introductory Chemistry Course Gives Biggest Boost to Underrepresented Students

      A study of University of Washington undergraduate records shows that underrepresented students received lower grades in general chemistry -- an introductory-level course series for many STEM degrees ...

      Media Stereotypes Confound Kids' Science Ambitions

      White lab coats and dangerous experiments all epitomize the 'mad scientist' from many a Hollywood blockbuster but, even beyond the silver screen, the stereotype lives on, and according to ...

      Surging Numbers of First-Generation Learners Being Left Behind in Global Education

      'First-generation learners' -- a substantial number of pupils around the world who represent the first generation in their families to receive an education - are also significantly more ...

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