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      World Development News
      December 3, 2020

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      Satellite Images Confirm Uneven Impact of Climate Change

      Researchers have been following vegetation trends across the planet's driest areas using satellite imagery from recent decades. They have identified a troubling trend: Too little vegetation is ...

      Starved, Stuffed and Squandered: Consequences of Decades of Global Nutrition Transition

      Just a handful of rice and beans - a part of our world is starved. Hawaiian Pizza and ice-cream - another part of our world is stuffed, throwing away ...

      Marine Fisheries Will Not Offset Farm Losses After Nuclear War

      After a nuclear war, wild-catch marine fisheries will not offset the loss of food grown on land, especially if widespread overfishing continues, according to a new study. But effective pre-war ...
      While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to threaten millions of lives around the world, the first half of 2020 saw ...
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      Fraction of Money Earmarked for COVID-19 Recovery Could Boost Climate Efforts

      Global stimulus plans for economic recovery after the pandemic could easily cover climate-friendly policies, suggests a new ...

      A New, Comprehensive Approach to Measure Inequality in Preventable Child Mortality

      A new model can more accurately and efficiently assess which children are at highest risk of preventable death, according to a new ...

      Men Less Likely to See Food as National Security Issue Amid Pandemic, Study Finds

      On average, men not only showed less empathy toward temporary agricultural laborers but also were less likely to see food supply and production as national security issues, according to a new ...

      Trust and Income Inequality Fueling the Spread of COVID-19

      Trust in public institutions is linked to fewer COVID-19 deaths, but trust and belonging to groups is associated with more deaths, according to a wide-ranging study of 30-day COVID-19 mortality rates ...

      Counties With Persistent Poverty Rates Experience Higher Rates of Cancer Deaths

      Residents of counties that experience persistent poverty face a disproportionately high risk of cancer ...

      COVID-19 Shapes Political Approval Ratings

      During the early days of the pandemic, COVID-19 created a rally effect around political leaders, according to new study. The rise of COVID-19 cases was associated with a 15- to 20-point boost in ...

      Climate Pledges 'Like Tackling COVID-19 Without Social Distancing'

      Current global pledges to tackle climate change are the equivalent of declaring a pandemic without a plan for social distancing, researchers ...

      One Quarter of Prescription Drugs in Canada May Be in Short Supply

      Research sheds new light on the factors behind drug shortages in Canada, a common problem across the ...

      Food Safety Model May Help Pandemic Management

      No precedent exists for managing the COVID-19 pandemic, although a plan for working through major public food scares may point to the best ways of alerting and communicating with the ...

      Agtech to the Rescue in a Pandemic: Adapting Plant Labs for Human Testing

      Sophisticated agtech labs and equipment used for crop and animal breeding, seed testing, and monitoring of plant and animal diseases could easily be adapted for diagnostic testing and tracing in a ...

      Free Trade Can Prevent Hunger Caused by Climate Change

      Researchers investigated the effects of trade on hunger in the world as a result of climate change. The conclusion is clear: international trade can compensate for regional food shortages and reduce ...

      Global Economic Stability Could Be Difficult to Recover in the Wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, Finds Study

      New analysis suggests that the economies of countries such as America, the United Kingdom and Germany should prepare for a long slow recovery with prolonged periods of ...

      COVID-19 Will Affect the Food and Financial Security of Many for Years to Come

      The complex food shopping patterns that financially insecure families employ have been upended by COVID-19. To facilitate advocacy and policy change around this food insecurity crisis, researchers ...

      Protecting Scientific Diversity

      The COVID-19 pandemic means that scientists face great challenges because they have to reorient, interrupt or even cancel research and teaching. A team of international scientists are highlighting ...

      Impact of COVID-19 on Air Transport Sector

      Research has assessed the initial impact of COVID-19 on air transport and found that it is likely to lead to a smaller, consolidated sector in the ...

      Two Billion People Without Proper Sanitation at High Risk for Coronavirus

      Without access to soap and clean water, more than 2 billion people in low- and middle-income nations -- a quarter of the world's population -- have a greater likelihood of acquiring and ...

      Scarcity Reduces Consumers' Concerns About Prices, Even During a Pandemic, Research Shows

      New research finds that scarcity actually decreases consumers' tendency to use price to judge a product's ...

      Navigating the Clean Energy Transition During the COVID-19 Crisis

      In a Commentary published April 29 in the journal Joule, energy and climate policy researchers in Switzerland and Germany provide a framework for responsibly and meaningfully integrating policies ...

      COVID-19: The Downside of Social Distancing

      When faced with danger, humans draw closer together. Social distancing thwarts this impulse. Researchers argue that this dilemma poses a greater threat to society than overtly antisocial ...

      No Time to Waste to Avoid Future Food Shortages

      Plant scientists are working on improving photosynthesis on different fronts, from finding crop varieties that need less water, to tweaking parts of the process in order to capture more carbon ...

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