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      Dark Matter News
      December 3, 2020

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      Astronomers developed a new method to calibrate detectors to the light from dust in our Galaxy, thereby describing a new physics, with 99.2 percent accuracy, that may show ...
      The missing dark matter in certain galaxies can be explained by the effects of tidal disruption: the gravity forces of a neighboring massive galaxy, literally tearing the ...

      Galaxy Encounter Violently Disturbed Milky Way

      The long-held belief that the Milky Way, the galaxy containing Earth and the solar system, is relatively static has been ruptured by fresh cosmic insight. The spiral-shaped disc of stars and planets ...

      Building Blocks of Life Can Form Long Before Stars

      An international team of scientists have shown that glycine, the simplest amino acid and an important building block of life, can form under the harsh conditions that govern chemistry in ...
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      Astrophysicist Probes Cosmic 'Dark Matter Detector'

      An astrophysicist is searching the light coming from a distant, and extremely powerful celestial object, for what may be the most elusive substance in the universe: dark ...

      Scientists Precisely Measure Total Amount of Matter in the Universe

      A top goal in cosmology is to precisely measure the total amount of matter in the universe, a daunting exercise for even the most mathematically proficient. Scientists have now done just ...

      Big Answers from Tiny Particles

      Physicists demonstrate a theoretical mechanism that would explain the tiny value for the mass of neutrinos and point out that key operators of the mechanism can be probed by current and future ...

      New Hubble Data Suggests There Is an Ingredient Missing from Current Dark Matter Theories

      Recent observations have found that something may be missing from the theories of how dark matter behaves. This missing ingredient may explain why researchers have uncovered an unexpected discrepancy ...

      Unique Supernova Explosion

      Astronomers have discovered a supernova that could help uncover the origins of the group of supernovae this star belongs ...

      Researchers Predict Location of Novel Candidate for Mysterious Dark Energy

      New research explains what may be the cause of the universe's accelerating ...

      Study Rules out Dark Matter Destruction as Origin of Extra Radiation in Galaxy Center

      Through an analysis of the Fermi data and an exhaustive series of modeling exercises, researchers were able to determine that an observed excess of gamma rays could not have been produced by what are ...

      Spectacular Ultraviolet Flash May Finally Explain How White Dwarfs Explode

      For just the second time ever, astrophysicists have spotted a spectacular flash of ultraviolet (UV) light accompanying a white dwarf explosion. An extremely rare type of supernova, the event is ...

      Scientists Propose Plan to Determine If Planet Nine Is a Primordial Black Hole

      Scientists have developed a new method to find black holes in the outer solar system, and along with it, determine once-and-for-all the true nature of the hypothesized Planet ...

      Case for Axion Origin of Dark Matter Gains Traction

      In a new study of axion motion, researchers propose a scenario known as ''kinetic misalignment'' that greatly strengthens the case for axion/dark matter equivalence. The novel ...

      Thinking Small: New Ideas in the Search for Dark Matter

      Magnetic 'quasiparticles' called magnons may help scientists detect dark ...

      New Distance Measurements Bolster Challenge to Basic Model of Universe

      A cosmic measurement technique independent of all others adds strong evidence pointing to a problem with the current theoretical model describing the composition and evolution of the ...

      New Test of Dark Energy and Expansion from Cosmic Structures

      A new paper has shown how large structures in the distribution of galaxies in the Universe provide the most precise tests of dark energy and cosmic expansion ...

      Cosmic Bursts Unveil Universe's Missing Matter

      Astronomers have used mysterious fast radio bursts to solve a decades-old mystery of 'missing matter', long predicted to exist in the Universe but never detected -- until now. The ...

      Exoplanet Climate 'Decoder' Aids Search for Life

      After examining a dozen types of suns and a roster of planet surfaces, astronomers have developed a practical model - an environmental color ''decoder'' - to tease out climate ...

      No Evidence of an Influence of Dark Matter on the Force Between Nuclei

      Although most of the universe is made up of dark matter, very little is known about it. Physicists have used a high-precision experiment to look for interaction between dark matter and normal ...

      Seeing the Universe Through New Lenses

      A new study revealed hundreds of new strong gravitational lensing candidates based on a deep dive into data. The study benefited from the winning machine-learning algorithm in an international ...

      Hayabusa2 Reveals More Secrets from Ryugu

      In February and July of 2019, the Hayabusa2 spacecraft briefly touched down on the surface of near-Earth asteroid Ryugu. The readings it took with various instruments at those times have given ...

      Could Dark Matter Be Hiding in Existing Data?

      A new study suggests new paths for catching the signals of dark matter particles that have their energy absorbed by atomic ...

      Satellite Galaxies of the Milky Way Help Test Dark Matter Theory

      Physicists report tiny satellite galaxies of the Milky Way can be used to test fundamental properties of 'dark matter' -- nonluminous material thought to constitute 85% of matter in the ...

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